Bitcoin SV Sportsbooks

Bitcoin SVBitcoin SV online sportsbooks are limited to just one trusted option at this point – Bovada. Bovada founder Calvin Ayre has been a large advocate for the crypto token ever since it forked off of Bitcoin Cash in 2018. The token claims to be bringing Bitcoin back to the vision of the founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, hence the name Bitcoin SV – Satoshi Vision. While Ayre isn't involved with Bovada, they site is still the only online sportsbook that accepts Bitcoin SV deposits.

Top Sportsbooks That Take Bitcoin SV (BSV)

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Bovada Sportsbook

$750 Bitcoin SV Deposit Bonus

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada, one of the top sportsbooks in the world, is the sole proprietor of Bitcoin SV betting. Indeed, in the sports betting world, Bovada would be the one sportsbook providing bettors with the incentive to use Bitcoin SV. Bovada features an astonishing range of odds, and excellent bonuses with low rollover, the best of which (a $750 crypto deposit bonus with 5x rollover) is only available with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, or Bitcoin SV.

Step By Step Guide To Betting On Sports With Bitcoin SV

  1. Purchase your Bitcoin SV on a crypto exchange
  2. Send your Bitcoin SV to your crypto wallet
  3. Use that wallet to start the deposit process at Bovada
  4. Select the bonuses you want to apply, then link your wallet for deposit in Bitcoin SV
  5. Start betting!

Online Sports Betting With Bitcoin SV From Your Phone

You have the ability to bet on sports with Bitcoin SV right from the palm of your hand with any mobile betting device that has access to the internet. These mobile sports betting sites are also compatible with the crypto wallet of your choosing and can be linked to your betting account right from your phone or smart device as well. All of the devices that you could be with Bitcoin SV with all have the capability to download different crypto wallets. Those devices include:

  • iPhone
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Android
  • Google Pixel
  • iPad
  • LG Wing

Depositing Into A Bitcoin SV Sportsbook

Bovada is currently the only sportsbook accepting BSV, and their deposit process is very easy to engage with. You simply choose Bitcoin SV from the list of online sportsbook deposit methods, and go from there. There’s not exactly a reason to choose Bitcoin SV over other cryptos at Bovada, but anyone currently holding BSV could likely be incentivized to use it to bet on sports if those interests overlapped.

Bovada Bitcoin SV Deposit Info

Minimum Maximum Deposit Time Limits Fees
$20 $5,000 No No Fees

Bitcoin SV Sports Betting Bonuses

Bovada offers a few deposit bonuses for Bitcoin SV, and these online sportsbook bonuses are used for a variety of their cryptocurrency deposits as well. The best sportsbook bonus for Bitcoin SV on Bovada is a $750 deposit bonus for using crypto that has Bovada match your deposit at a 75% rate and has only a 5x rollover.

Bovada Bitcoin Bonuses

Deposit Bonus: Rollover: Matching Bonus:
$750 Bitcoin Sports Welcome Bonus 5x 75% First Deposit
$250 Sports Welcome Bonus 5x 50% First Deposit
Refer A Friend Bonus $275 For Bitcoin Referrals

Can I Get Sportsbooks Winnings Paid Out In Bitcoin SV?

Getting fast payouts is a huge indicator of the quality of online sportsbooks. You can get Bitcoin SV payouts at Bovada with ease. Bovada offers Bitcoin SV withdrawals along with withdrawals in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. The Bitcoin SV withdrawal process is similar to those cryptos, with similar withdrawal limits as one of the fastest sportsbook payout methods.

Bitcoin SV Withdrawal Info At Bovada

  • Minimum Withdrawal: $10
  • Maximum Withdrawal: Unlimited
  • Withdrawal Limits: Once Per Three Days
  • Withdrawal Fees: No Fees

Can I Deposit Bitcoin SV But Withdraw In A Different Crypto?

You can. Bovada often allows players to deposit in one crypto and withdraw in another. In fact, in some cases, Bitcoin SV has been removed from the withdrawal menu, meaning you had to withdraw in other cryptos, so it’s definitely possible. What is not possible is withdrawing in crypto if you did not deposit in crypto. You want to have a wallet that can take a variety of different cryptos because they will only allow you to withdraw to the wallet you deposited with. Since traditional finance does not use crypto wallets, the only way to get crypto withdrawals is by depositing with crypto.

Other Cryptocurrencies Accepted By Bovada

Bitcoin SV is listed on the following exchanges:

  • KuCoin
  • OKX
  • Huobi Global
  • CoinEx
  • UPbit
  • Bitfinex
  • Poloniex
  • Digifinex

Bitcoin SV can be used with both hardware and software wallets.

Hardware wallets are wallets built in the physical world. Think of them as a thumb drive with your BSV stored on them. This adds a layer of security to them that is not present with browser wallets.

Software/browser wallets are fully digital, just like crypto itself. These include programs like MetaMask and others that are built for storing crypto in a digital space. They’re safe as long as your computer is, which for most people is pretty safe.

Bitcoin SV Vs. Bitcoin And Bitcoin Cash

When it comes to sports betting, all of the various Bitcoin forks have similar usability, although you’ll generally get lower gas fees (fees applied by crypto exchanges rather than sportsbooks) if you use either BCH or BSV. However, there are some important distinctions between the various Bitcoin forks that can inform which of them you would like to use.

Bitcoin SV is a fork of Bitcoin Cash, which is itself a fork of the original Bitcoin blockchain. A fork means that it is directly split from the original, much like a proverbial “fork in the path”. Each of the three is now an established cryptocurrency in its own right.

Bitcoin Cash split from Bitcoin over a desire to become something more than a store of value – hence the “Cash” moniker. BCH is focused on becoming a medium of exchange that can be easily used. This is accomplished by changing the block size of BCH compared to BTC, allowing BCH to handle more transactions on a daily basis.

Bitcoin SV split from Bitcoin Cash due to arguments about what the true intention of cryptocurrency was. SV stands for “Satoshi Vision”, as Bitcoin SV claims to be the true heir to the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin. Bitcoin SV maintains the larger block size from Bitcoin Cash, making transactions cheaper on the BSV blockchain than the BTC blockchain. BSV was founded by Craig Wright, a man claiming to be the original Satoshi Nakamoto.

Pros And Cons For Using Bitcoin SV To Bet On Sports

Pros Of Bitcoin SV Sports Betting

  • Accepted at Bovada
  • Excellent deposit times
  • Solid withdrawal times
  • Access to the best Bovada bonuses

Cons of Bitcoin SV Sports Betting

  • Only accepted at Bovada
  • Nothing much distinguishes it from its peers as a sports betting vehicle

Are Bitcoin SV Online Betting Sites Safe?

Yes 100%, online sportsbooks that let you place your bets with Bitcoin SV are  safe to use. There are several reasons behind that as well. On the sportsbook side of things, all of them use encryptions to secure both your web browser and their servers protecting all of your personal and financial information. Going even further, the wallet that you store your Bitcoin SV in also uses similar encryption to make sure that those funds are safe as well. With that said, you’ll never have to worry about any kinds of safety issues when using Bitcoin SV to place your bets.

Are Online Sportsbooks That Accept BSV Legal?

Online sportsbooks that take Bitcoin SV are 100% legal to use in the US. Bovada, for example, operates in 45 states, and we know of nobody that has ever been prosecuted simply for using Bitcoin SV at Bovada. These trustworthy online sportsbooks are easy to use, and the US is mostly focused on targeting sports betting providers, not sports betting users, so as long as you can use them, you’re usually allowed to.