Legal Boxing Betting

Boxing BettingLegal Boxing betting has been occurring in the country for many decades. Boxing is a sport that lends itself multiple opportunities for sports bettors to wager on. In a single match, you can bet on the overall outcome of the fight, how many rounds the fight will go, if the fight will go to decision, and much more. The best part about betting on boxing is the act that sportsbooks all over will have betting lines available. Meaning even if you aren’t in a state with regulated sports betting, online sportsbooks will allow sports bettors to bet on boxing online.

Sportsbooks will have betting lines available for all upcoming major boxing matches allowing sports bettors a wide array of options to bet on. Sports bettors can even pool together multiple fights and betting lines into parlays, allowing for increased risk but also increased reward. With betting sites offer more and more boxing betting lines, there is no reason not to get started. If you are looking to bet on boxing matches, here are the best options.

How The Coronavirus Affects Boxing

The March 14th boxing card at MSG will be held without spectators amid growing concerns of the coronavirus spreading. This follows a slew of other sporting events to either run without fans in attendance or suspend operations altogether. Going forward, events like the upcoming Anthony Joshua fight may also be affected. As of now, other planned matches have not been postponed and are expected to continue as usual.

Is It Legal To Bet On Boxing In The USA?

It is indeed legal to bet on boxing in the United States. There are however many states who do not have regulated sports betting. If you are in a state with regulated sports betting then the state’s local and online sportsbooks will have a multitude of betting lines surrounding boxing matches. The upcoming Wilder vs Fury fight is sure to have sportsbooks hosting major promos and events surrounding it whether you wish to go to a land-based location or bet from the comfort of your home or mobile device, there will be betting lines available for you.

If you are in a state that as not regulated sports betting you can still place bets legally at online sportsbooks. This allows sports bettors in all 50 states to participate in betting and makes it so here are endless betting opportunities out there. Anywhere in the states as long as you are the states’ legal betting age, you can engage with legal betting on boxing matches.

Betting On Boxing Online

One of the best parts about betting on boxing is the ability to wager online. This allows sports bettors to place bets on the outcome of a fight without having to travel to a land-based betting operator. Online sportsbooks have the same and sometimes better odds than at land-based locations and online sports betting allows for shopping the lines. Betting on boxing online is also great for residents in states who don’t have regulated sports betting as it allows them to still be able to bet on a fight legally. There is no reason to miss out on the betting on the biggest fights with online boxing betting.

Current Boxing Odds

Bet on BoxingStaying up to date with the most current and accurate boxing odds is a great way for sports bettors to ensure they are making the best and most educated betting decisions before placing their bets. Knowing how the odds are being presented helps you not only understand which fighter is favored in the fight but also understand how much money you stand to win depending on who you bet on.

For the upcoming Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury fight, the odds favor Wilder at -125 while Fury is the underdog at +105. The odds for Wilder winning by decision are +1000 while Fury winning by decision is +155.

What this shows is that sports bettors believe that Wilder will either knock Fury out for the win or lose if the fight goes the distance and is left to a decision. Information like this is important when placing bets on boxing matches and understanding what the odds say.

How To Find The Best Boxing Odds

It is always good practice to search over multiple different sportsbooks in order to find the best betting odds. This process is known as shopping the lines. When shopping lines, sports bettors are able to search and compare over various real money online sportsbooks to see which is the best option for wagering. Shopping the lines also allows for doubling down on bets you feel completely confident towards in order to make more money on a victorious outcome. Another strategy would be hedging your bets where if done strategically you can go home winning regardless of the outcome of the fight. Boxing matches allow for a lot of different betting lines so this is a good practice when looking for the best odds.

The Best Boxing Sports Betting Sites

There are a lot of offshore betting sites that offer some of the best boxing bets available. Sports bettors who bet on boxing at any of these sites will find some of the best odds, prop bets, and parlays for them to benefit from. Offshore sportsbooks are also one for the best ways to shop lines and be able to find the best possible odds across multiple sportsbooks in an instant.

Bovada - Boxing Lines From Events All Over The World

Bovada SportsbookBovada is one of the biggest sportsbooks for betting on boxing. At Bovada, sports bettors will find a bevy of betting lines and odds available to ensure the best possible boxing betting experience. Bovada also has a slew of bonuses for sports bettors. For first time bettors, Bovada will match 50% of your first-time deposit. This promotion has a max value of $250. This means upon your first deposit into your online betting account, Bovada will essentially give you free money. This money allows you to place more bets or even a higher wager then you initially wished to without risk. Bovada is a premier boxing betting outlet.

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MyBookie - Possesses The Most Extensive Boxing Prop Bets
MyBookie is a very popular site when it comes to betting on boxing matches. MyBookie hosts some of the best odds for the biggest fights as well as a wide variety of betting lines and prop bets to give sports bettors seemingly endless possible options for a fight. MyBookie is also home to a good amount of promotions and bonuses to benefit patrons of the sportsbook. Upon creating a betting account at MyBookie, entering promo code MYB100 will see all first-time bettors getting a 100% match bonus on their deposit. This bonus is valued at up to $1,000.

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How To Bet On Boxing

Boxing matches allow for many betting options. Sports bettors can bet on the moneyline, props, total rounds and much more including parlays and betting on the scoring. With boxing, you will not run out of betting lines for a particular fight so it is best to understand how each wager type operates so that you are well equipped when placing your bets both before and during the bout.


Betting on the moneyline during a boxing match is essentially playing a bet on who you think will win the fight. Similar to the process with betting on other sports, the favorite to win will usually be represented with a (-) while the underdog will have a (+). For example, odds for the Leigh Woods vs James Dickens fight have Leigh Woods with the shortest odds at -700 while the underdog Dickens is at +450.

The odds are based on the number of wagers being placed in favor of a particular fighter. The odds also represent how you will get paid if you win. For example, betting on the favorite (Woods at -700), you must bet $700 in order to win $100 whereas betting on the underdog Dickens (+450), you must bet $100 to win $450.

Prop Betting

Prop bets in boxing are bets that on surround specifically who will win the fight but instead are about other things happening both during and around the fight. For example, instead of betting specifically on if boxer A will beat boxer B, a prop bet may have odds around if boxer A wins by knock out or not. Another example would be what boxer A and B will be wearing during the fight, or if anyone will be disqualified during the fight. Prop bets give an almost endless option of betting lines to sports bettors throughout the fight.

Over/Under Total Rounds

A popular form of boxing betting is betting the Over/Under or how long the fight will last for. For example, betting odds have the upcoming Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury fight set at O/U 11.5 rounds. What you will be wagering is on if you believe the fight will last long. Bettors can see which option is favored by watching how the line moves or what the sportsbooks set the odds at.

Betting On Boxing From My Phone

Mobile Sports BettingOne of the best parts of betting on boxing is the ability to place your wagers on your mobile devices. Online sportsbooks give this option and there are a lot of states that have regulated online sports betting. If you are not in a state with regulated online sports betting there are still mobile betting options available as online sportsbooks allow for residents of all 50 states to be able to bet on upcoming fights. Since these sportsbooks are not based on US soil, they are not restricted by American legislation allowing for sports bettors in any state to legally be able to place their bets.