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Boxing BettingOnline boxing sportsbooks have been taking action for bouts inside the ring for decades. Boxing is a sport that lends itself to multiple opportunities for sports bettors to wager on. In a single match, you can bet on the overall outcome of the fight, how many rounds the fight will go, if the fight will go to decision, and much more. The best part about betting on boxing is the fact that sportsbooks all over will have betting lines available. Meaning even if you aren’t in a state with regulated sports betting, boxing online sportsbooks will allow sports bettors to gain access to all the odds.

Boxing online sportsbooks taking players from the US will have betting lines available for all upcoming major boxing matches allowing sports bettors a wide array of options to bet on. Sports bettors can even pool together multiple fights and betting lines into parlays, allowing for increased risk but also increased reward. With betting sites offering more and more boxing betting lines, there is no reason not to get started. If you are looking for the best boxing sportsbooks in the US, here are the best options.

Online Boxing Sportsbooks

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Is It Legal To Bet On Boxing Online In The USA?

Yes, you can bet on boxing online without any concern or fear of getting in trouble with the law. That is because there are no laws by the federal government that would prohibit you from doing so with these online betting sites. These boxing betting sites, while not based in the United States, are not subject to sports betting laws in the United States.

One of the great things about these online sportsbooks is that any boxing odds that you’d find at retail sportsbooks can always be found online. Betting on boxing online is also great for residents in states who don’t have regulated sports betting as it allows them to still be able to bet on a fight regardless of where your home state stands on regulation.

How To Find The Best Boxing Odds

It is always good practice to search odds over multiple online sportsbooks to find the best online boxing betting odds. This process is known as shopping the lines. When shopping lines, sports bettors can search and compare odds at various real money online sportsbooks to see which is the best option for wagering. Shopping the lines also allows for doubling down on bets you feel completely confident about to make more money on a victorious outcome. This is because some boxing betting sites have wagering limits, and the only way to exceed them is to use another online sportsbook as well. Luckily, sportsbook wagering limits tend to be high - you might not actually need to do this.

Another strategy would be hedging your bets. This strategy, if done strategically, can send you home as a winner regardless of the outcome of the fight. Generally, online boxing odds tend to be lopsided - there are a lot of tin can bouts - so opportunities to middle and hedge are few and far between, but they do exist. Boxing matches allow for a lot of different betting lines so this is a good practice when looking for the best odds on boxing sportsbooks.

The Best Boxing Sportsbooks

There are a lot of excellent online boxing sports betting sites that offer odds on pretty much any fight that is out there. Sports bettors who bet on boxing online will find some of the best boxing props, fight lines, and much more for them to benefit from. The online boxing betting sites on this page are also generally regarded as perhaps the best way to shop lines on various boxing matches. Basically, they enable you to find the best possible odds across multiple boxing sportsbooks in an instant. This can lead to great profits, especially on the margins of bets that you make.

Bovada Sportsbook

Boxing Lines From Events All Over The World

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada is one of the biggest sportsbooks for betting on boxing. At Bovada, sports bettors will find a bevy of betting lines and odds available to ensure the best possible boxing betting experience. Bovada also has a slew of bonuses for sports bettors. For first time bettors, Bovada will match 50% of your first-time deposit. This promotion has a max value of $250. This means upon your first deposit into your online betting account, Bovada will essentially give you free money. This money allows you to place more bets or even a higher wager then you initially wished to without risk. Bovada is a premier boxing betting outlet.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Boxing Sportsbook With The Best History

BetOnline Sports Betting

BetOnline began operation as a world-renowned boxing sportsbook the same year that Andre Ward won the Olympic gold medal and kicked off his undefeated professional boxing career, in 2004. Since then, BetOnline has proven to offer the most odds, banking solutions, and the largest bonuses in the world. Players signing up to use BetOnline are all eligible to receive up to $1,000 in bonuses. Cryptocurrency players receive a 100% match on their deposit up to $1,000, while non-crypto players are eligible for bonuses at a 50% match rate up to $1,000. Bonuses can be used for all of BetOnline's boxing odds, no matter if it is a smaller bout or a world-famous championship unification match.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Possesses The Most Extensive Boxing Prop Bets

MyBookie Sports Betting

MyBookie is a very popular site when it comes to betting on boxing matches. MyBookie hosts some of the best odds for the biggest fights as well as a wide variety of betting lines and prop bets to give sports bettors seemingly endless possible options for a fight. MyBookie is also home to a good amount of promotions and bonuses to benefit patrons of the sportsbook. Upon creating a betting account at MyBookie, entering promo code MYB100 will see all first-time bettors getting a 100% match bonus on their deposit. This bonus is valued at up to $1,000.

How To Bet On Boxing Online

It is easy to learn how to bet on boxing because there are so many matches for players to bet on. Boxing online sportsbooks allow for many betting options. Sports bettors can bet on the moneyline, props, total rounds, and much more including parlays and betting on the scoring. With boxing, you will not run out of betting lines for a particular fight so it is best to understand how each wager type operates so that you are well equipped when placing your bets both before and during the bout. Bettors can pay attention to boxing schedules online to see which bouts are upcoming.


Betting on the moneyline in any sport, including boxing, is a bet on which participant will win. Moneyline bets in boxing vary in payouts depending on the perceived abilities of each fighter. Favorites are listed with a (-) and underdogs with a (+). Using the famous Buster Douglas vs Mike Tyson fight as an example, Douglas had +4200 odds to beat the legend. Those odds mean a bettor would win $4,200 off a $100 bet on Douglas plus they would get their bet back as well, bringing their total payout to $4,300. Tyson's odds were -4200, meaning bettors would have to wager $4,200 to win $100. A successful bet on Tyson at sportsbooks for boxing would have paid out $4,300 (bet + payout).

Prop Betting

Prop bets in boxing are bets that on surround specifically who will win the fight but instead are about other things happening both during and around the fight. For example, instead of betting specifically on if boxer A will beat boxer B, a prop bet may have odds around if boxer A wins by knockout or not. Another example would be what boxer A and B will be wearing during the fight, or if anyone will be disqualified during the fight. Prop bets give an almost endless option of betting lines to sports bettors throughout the fight.

Over/Under Total Rounds

A popular form of boxing betting is betting the Over/Under or how long the fight will last. For example, betting odds had the Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury fight set at an O/U of 11.5 rounds. What you will be wagering on, basically, is if you believe the fight will last that long. An O/U of 11.5 is effectively a bet on whether or not the fight will be a decision win or a KO/TKO win. Bettors can see which option is favored by watching how the line moves or what the boxing sportsbooks set the odds at.

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Mobile Boxing Sportsbooks

Mobile Sports BettingOne of the best parts of betting on boxing matches online is that you can access these online boxing sportsbooks right from your mobile device. These betting sites optimize their platforms so that you can access any online boxing odds with ease at any given moment from wherever you are. All of the perks you get from betting on boxing online with a computer can be taken advantage of from a smartphone or smart device as long as you have access to the internet. Some of those online mobile sportsbooks include:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Google Pixel
  • iPad
  • LG Wing
  • Microsoft Surface

Boxing Live Betting

Live betting on boxing is one of the best ways to get ahead of the game when you place wagers on your favorite boxers. Any boxing fan knows that sometimes, the outcome of a fight is apparent before the fight is over, simply from watching how the two fighters matched up in earlier rounds. Live in game betting odds allow you to capitalize on knowledge like this, and to use your knowledge of boxing to win real money.

Betting on boxing live is quite simple. At many of the major online sportsbooks, boxing lines will be updated on a day-to-day basis. However, while events are running, the lines will be constantly updating. Whether you want to bet on the favorite with better odds after they take a hard fall, or want to hedge your bet on an underdog that’s looking good, live betting on boxing can add a seriously useful tool to your arsenal.

Can I Bet On A Tie In Boxing?

Yes, boxing sportsbooks will almost always have some form of bet available that allows players to bet on a tie. Some boxing betting sites may have three-way money lines that allow players to outright bet on a tie from their home page, while others, such as Bovada, will have players bet on a tie within their "Round Betting" Section. Betting on a tie can come with huge payouts, with odds specifically tied to the perceived likelihood that a bout goes the distance.

Odds On Upcoming Notable Boxing Matches

May 18, 2024: Tyson Furry vs Oleksandr Usyk

July 20, 2024: Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson

May 4, 2024: Canelo vs Jaime Munguia

Betting On Boxing Exhibition Matches

Every reputable boxing online sportsbook will offer odds on all the big-name boxing exhibitions, no matter if the participants include Jake Paul, Mike Tyson, or Le’Veon Bell. One way that the popular boxing sportsbook BetOnline has separated itself from other sports betting sites is by offering odds on possible boxing exhibition bouts that have not even been announced yet. Some past examples of their exhibition boxing odds have been:

Jake Paul vs Andrew Tate

Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul

Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

Betting On Unannounced Boxing Matches

Just like the sportsbook offers odds on prospective boxing exhibition matches, BetOnline also offers odds on prospective professional boxing matches. The odds on these matches almost always feature the biggest names in the sport, with many possible matches created off the basis of prior call-outs or top-ranked challengers versus division champions. The current prospective professional boxing odds at BetOnline include:

Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao

Jake Paul vs Sean Strickland

Best Boxing Sportsbook Deposit Methods

When you bet at an online boxing sportsbook, it’s important to keep an eye on deposit methods as you put your money into the sportsbook. These deposit methods can govern everything from what bonuses you are eligible for to the time your deposit takes to the amount of fees applied to your deposit. Generally speaking, each sportsbook takes different deposit methods, but most of them accept the following:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Wire Transfers
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash

Picking the right sportsbook deposit method is important. Each of these methods will have different transaction times as well as different fees applicable to them. It is worth highlighting the cryptocurrencies here - these will have not only the lowest transaction times, but also the lowest fees. In addition, these cryptocurrencies also make you eligible for some of the best deposit bonuses on online sportsbooks. These books want you to use cryptocurrency, and they’ll incentivize you to do so by offering big crypto bonuses on deposit for those who use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or other cryptocurrencies that they accept. Make sure the sportsbook you choose accepts your preferred form of cryptocurrency, and then double-check the bonus section, and you should be ready to go.

Best Boxing Sportsbook Withdrawal Methods

When it comes to getting your money out of your preferred boxing sportsbooks, there are a couple of major things to consider. First, you want to consider possible wait times - you don’t want to have to wait to get your money after a successful bet on boxing. Then, you’ll want to consider possible fees. Some transaction methods require that you pay a fee, and nobody likes having their money taken away simply to get access to it. Let’s take a look at some of the major ways to make fast sportsbook payouts:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Check by Courier
  • Wire Transfer
  • Vouchers

Not all online boxing sportsbooks will offer all of these methods, but most are available regardless of what sportsbook you go to. One withdrawal method that is especially worth highlighting is Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies along with it. These cryptocurrencies are some of the best ways to get your money out of sportsbooks for boxing without paying fees on it and promptly. If you prefer physical representations of your money, you can get a check by courier at most of the boxing betting sites as well. There will be fees, and it might take a bit longer than using cryptos, but doing so does plug you directly into the mainstream financial system.

Do Weight Classes Matter When Betting On Boxing?

One of the most confusing aspects for people that are new to betting on boxing is the wide variety of weight classes and how they affect betting odds. Weight classes themselves are easy to understand because they even the playing field for each fighter, but when applying that to betting odds on boxing bouts it is a little more difficult. The heavier the boxer the more power they possess is the typical rule of thumb to follow when betting on all combat sports, including boxing. Online sportsbooks are aware of that, with fights at lighter weights offering higher payouts for knockouts and shorter odds to go longer or go the distance.

The differences in weight class is also important to note when researching boxing betting odds, specifically if either boxer is making a change from their previous weight class. Consider that rule of thumb regarding bigger boxers punching harder, if a boxer is moving up in weight, then they may be surprised by how much harder their competition is punching and how much less their punches may be damaging their opponents at the heavier weight. When moving down in weight classes, heavier boxers will have to put themselves through strenuous weight cuts that tire themselves out before even fighting when dropping weight. With so many variables influencing odds at boxing online sportsbooks, it is important to not overlook the importance of weight classes.

Weight Classes In Boxing:

  • Strawweight (105 Pounds)
  • Junior Flyweight (108 Pounds)
  • Flyweight (112 Pounds)
  • Junior Bantamweight (115 Pounds)
  • Bantamweight (118 Pounds)
  • Junior Featherweight/Super Bantamweight (122 Pounds)
  • Featherweight (126 Pounds)
  • Junior Lightweight/Super Featherweight (130 Pounds)
  • Lightweight (135 Pounds)
  • Junior Welterweight/Super Lightweight (140 Pounds)
  • Welterweight (147 Pounds)
  • Junior Middleweight/Super Welterweight/Light Middleweight (154 Pounds)
  • Middleweight (160 Pounds)
  • Super Middleweight (168 Pounds)
  • Light Heavyweight (175 Pounds)
  • Cruiserweight (200 Pounds)
  • Heavyweight (No Limit)

Boxing Betting FAQ’s