Best Online Sportsbooks For The 2024 Masters

Masters LogoThe annual Masters Tournament is one of the best traditions in American sports, with online sportsbooks for the Masters giving players a chance to be part of the tradition unlike any other. The Masters routinely brings in the best golfers in the world who convene in Augusta, Georgia to play one of the most legendary courses in the sport. The Masters is one of four annual major championships, one of three held on US soil, and is typically the first of the four to be played each year. In 2024 the Masters will be held from April 11 through April 14.

Online Masters sportsbooks that accept US residents already offer odds on the Green Jacket, well in advance of the prestigious tournament. This long-term investment at US online sportsbooks can prove to be extremely valuable, as the odds for the 2024 Masters change after nearly every golf tournament leading up to it. Betting sites for the Masters not only are offering odds for 2024, but they are offering bonuses and mobile betting options for the tournament as well. This page will cover the best online sportsbooks for the 2024 Masters and how they make betting on the Green Jacket so easy.

Online Sportsbooks For Masters Wagering

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Is It Legal To Bet On The Masters?

Betting on the Masters is legal as long as you are using an approved betting platform. In the USA, this means you are either using a state-sponsored sportsbook or a trusted online sportsbook like the ones featured on our site. State-sponsored sportsbooks can be found either physically or online in states that have approved sports betting legislation. These venues will have tons of odds on the Masters and will be perfectly happy to accept all of your golf bets. For those outside of states with online sportsbooks, or looking for line shopping opportunities, online sportsbooks like Bovada or BetOnline are a perfectly legal alternative.

Best Masters Betting Sites And Apps

There are tons of different options for wagering on the Masters, from online sportsbooks to state-sponsored locations. Odds are posted throughout the year on the best Masters betting sites and apps, with the payouts changing with each golfer throughout the season. Live betting, prop bets, and matchup betting is all available when betting on the Masters. While heading down to your closest sportsbook is always an option, know that many come with betting restrictions. Taking a state-regulated sportsbook outside of state lines negates its ability to work; however, online betting sites can offer you more options to get in on the action. These online sportsbook reviews highlight the best Masters betting sites that take US players.

The 2024 Masters

The 2024 Masters is set to begin Apr 11 - Sun, Apr 14, 2024. The top US sports betting sites are offering futures odds for the 2024 Masters.

Odds To Win 2024 Masters

Bovada Sportsbook

Golf Bettor’s Choice For Masters Odds

Bovada Sports Betting

When it comes to betting the biggest golf tournament of the year, Bovada provides the best odds at a safe and legal platform. Bovada has established itself as one of the premier online sportsbooks through years and years of stellar reliability and customer support. Bettors looking to wager online on the Masters can find thousands of odds just for the Masters alone. Bets like outright winner, tournament groups, exotics, and so much more can be found for the Masters at Bovada. So many people recommended Bovada simply because it really is that good. Those looking to bet on the Masters can find hundreds of odds on the tournament throughout the year. Bovada also has live betting available during the tournament, so you can always get some action on that hot golfer shooting up the leaderboard.

BetOnline Sportsbook

The Most Golf Betting Options Online

BetOnline Sports Betting

For those that love to fill up their bet slip, BetOnline offers an insane amount of odds and wagers on golf tournaments including the Masters. On BetOnline’s sportsbook, you will find all the Top 5, Top 10, and Top 20 finish odds for the Masters, as well as exclusive head-to-head matchups and 3-ball groupings. BetOnline is completely legal, and has earned our trust and recommendation over the years for their ability, offerings, and track record. Betting on the Masters at BetOnline is as easy as creating an account, with odds available before and even during the Tournament. BetOnline has everything a golf bettor needs to win big at the Masters.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Best New Online Sportsbook For US Players

MyBookie Sports Betting

MyBookie continues its stellar sports betting offerings with its odds and bets for the Masters. Golf bettors want variety in their bets, and MyBookie provides bettors the ability to bet on nearly every aspect of the tournament. From single-hole prop bets to exclusive player groupings, MyBookie provides elite-level betting services to even the most seasoned of Masters bettors. Players can find all they need at MyBookie, including the ability to bet with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. This year, earn your own green jacket with all of the cash you could win at MyBookie’s online sportsbook.

Tiger Woods Masters Betting Odds

Tiger Woods is a Masters legend with the second most tournament wins in history with five. Betting on Tiger in the Masters has been a profitable bet to make with all of his odds to win coming in at over even odds. His first Masters win came in 1997 at +800 odds while his most recent win came in 2019 at +1200.

Tiger Woods Masters Wins

Mobile Betting Options On The Masters

Whether on your couch listening to Jim Nantz, in the grandstands around Amen Corner, or just at a local bar watching The Masters, excellent mobile betting options are available. Golf sportsbooks such as Bovada and BetOnline have their entire sites available through mobile internet browsers, with each of their sites available to scale. Those international sportsbooks are legal throughout the country, meaning players can bet on The Masters while at Augusta.

Live Betting The Masters

One of the best parts of betting on the Masters is being able to wager on the winner while the event is underway. This is known as live betting and it is one of the most valuable ways to bet on the Masters. Online sportsbooks will have live Masters Tournament odds available throughout the weekend that update in accordance with the action on the course. If a player hits a ball in the water, you can watch live as their odds increase. Live betting sites offer the perfect opportunity to get much better odds on a top favorite who might have had a bad start or to capitalize on a longshot that is shooting up the leaderboard. Be sure to take full advantage of the live betting options presented to you throughout the entire 2024 Masters.

Best Prop Bets At The Masters

Golf prop bets are some of the most fun you can have when looking to bet on golf. This is only increased by the Masters, which easily has the most prop bets available over any other event on the golf calendar. There are thousands of prop bets available throughout the week, and sorting through them all can be an arduous process. Luckily, we collected a few of our favorites that are currently available to wager on:

The Masters – Will There Be A Playoff?

There are few things better than playoff golf, notably when it comes to a major tournament like the Masters. Playoffs occur when two or more players have the same score to win the tournament on the final day of play. While they aren’t common, they have already happened multiple times this year, like at the PGA Championship and the TOUR Championship. At the Masters, players will play an additional sudden-death hole at the 18th and then move to the 10th if need be. While the chances of a playoff are statistically low, it is a very valuable payout in addition to being a fun bet to root for down the stretch.

The Masters – Hole In One

Hitting a hole in one is one of the greatest achievements one can do on a golf course. Naturally, the bookies have made a prop bet for hitting at hole in one at the Masters Tournament. The chances of hitting a hole in one as a pro are about 1 in 3000, so the odds are certainly not in favor of the Yes here. However, hole in ones have been hit 94 times over the history of the Masters, with a record nine occurring in 2016. Jon Rahm has already hit two in practice rounds this week at Augusta, leading many to hammer the yes bet on these odds.

Lowest Round Score 2022 Masters Tournament

The lowest Masters Tournament round score ever recorded at Augusta National Golf Course is a 63 and the record is shared between Nick Price and Greg Norman. An advantage of betting on a prop like this is that all it takes is for one golfer to have a dominant round for this prop to hit.

Will there be a Wire to Wire winner?

There have only been five wire to wire winners of the Masters Tournaments as it is extremely hard to come out and dominate especially in a major championship. The last golfer to win the Masters wire to wire was Jordan Speith in 2015. Before Speith, the last wire to wire winner was Raymond Floyd in 1976.

Winning Margin of the Masters Tournament

Choosing the winning margin of the Masters Tournament is one of the best ways to bet because this prop doesn’t pertain to who wins the Masters, it's how they win it. There have been 23 instances where the Masters has been decided by one stroke. A playoff has occurred 17 times making Augusta National Golf Course home to some of the most memorable wins and even more devastating losses. With the amount of talent in the field for the 2024 Masters expect the race to the top of the leaderboard to be close.

Nationality Prop Bets At The Masters

As the Masters get closer to teeing off and online sportsbooks begin to add to their betting catalog for the event, one of the most popular options is to bet on which golfer from certain nationalities will post the best score. Masters sportsbooks will offer odds that reflect the dominance that certain players may hold over their countryman, although the favorites are no sure thing to win. Some players may even be outright favorites relative to the other players from their homeland, as Rory McIlroy was in 2022 relative to the other Irishmen. Odds on the top Australian, Canadian, and Irish players from 2022 can be used as an example down below.

Top Australian Player

Top Canadian Player

Top Irish Player

Past Masters Winners

Year: Winner: Pre-Tournament Closing Odds:
2023: Jon Rahm +1000
2022: Scottie Scheffler +1600
2021: Hideki Matsuyama +4000
2020: Dustin Johnson +1200
2019: Tiger Woods (5) +1400
2018: Patrick Reed +5000
2017 Sergio Garcia +3000
2016 Danny Willet +10000
2015: Jordan Spieth +700
2014: Bubba Watson (2) +2000
2013: Adam Scott +2500
2012: Bubba Watson +3900
2011: Charl Schwartzel +6600
2010: Phil Mickelson (3) +1000
2009: Angel Cabrera +7500
2008: Trevor Immelman +8000
2007: Zach Johnson +11000
2006: Phil Mickelson (2) +800
2005: Tiger Woods (4) +350
2004: Phil Mickelson +2700
2003: Mike Weir +3000
2002: Tiger Woods (3) +200
2001: Tiger Woods (2) +150
2000: Vijay Singh +1800

2024 Masters TV Coverage - How To Watch The Masters

The Masters will begin with the first round on April 11th, 2024. The Masters will be broadcast on ESPN and ESPN+ for the first rounds, and then transfer to CBS for the later and final round coverage. This means that if you have access to these networks, you will easily be able to watch The Masters.

Masters Fantasy Tournaments

Golf daily fantasy sports has seen a tremendous rise over the last few years and that is no different when it comes to the Masters. Most if not all of the major DFS platforms like FanDuel or DraftKings will have DFS tournaments for the Masters, likely running each day of the tournament. Golf DFS tournaments can vary in format, but generally have you select a team of golfers via an auction-style budget system. You will then track those players throughout the round to try and amass the most points to win your tournament group. DFS betting for the Masters can be a great way to get action on early rounds, or even the final Sunday.

How To Bet On The Masters Tournament

For those new to golf betting, there are a few different bet types that you should familiarize yourself with before jumping in. Betting on the Masters will generally boil down to just a few types of bets: Outright winner, player props, and matchups.

Outright Winner

Betting on this line is just betting on who you think will win the Masters. It's that simple. Just choose who you think will win and then watch the tournament unfold. Bettors will generally pick a handful of golfers from different ranges on the odds board and root for their picks throughout the weekend. Betting the outright winner can be one of the most profitable bets across all sports due to the large odds available.

Odds To Win Masters:

Prop Bets

Prop bets for the Masters will generally deal with the individual performance of a single golfer. This can be a bet for a golfer to shoot above or below a certain score, hit a certain amount of birdie, or most commonly finish in the Top Five, Ten, or Twenty. These bets are great for those who have a favorite player they want to cheer for, or for a longshot that you think could snag a Top 20 finish.

Masters Top 10 Finish Odds:

Matchup Betting

Golf bookies will layout these matchup bets that place certain players against each other. You are in then in charge of deciding which golfer in the pair or group will perform the best across the Masters, or on a certain day. These bets are great for fans of the game who know how players play in specific situations or for those rooting for a player far off the leaderboard. These matchup bets can come as head to head wagers, 3-balls, or even larger groups.

Masters 3-Ball Odds:

Masters FAQs