Bovada Sportsbook Review - Legal For US Players

Welcome to our review of Bovada's online sportsbook here at USAOnlineSportsbooks. As you might already know, Bovada is one of the most popular sportsbooks for USA players looking to legally bet on sports. Bovada has cemented its place as one of the best online gambling websites on the planet thanks to constant innovation across the platform. Bovada has been serving American bettors since 2011 and is an industry leader thanks to its cutting-edge features, competitive betting odds, and customer service.

Bovada is a legal, safe online sports betting platform that accepts bettors from all US states except Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, and New Jersey. Bovada is based internationally out of Canada and is outside the jurisdiction of certain US sports betting laws that prevent online books from offering their service to US residents. By basing its operations internationally, Bovada is able to legally offer their sportsbook to US bettors.

If you were at all familiar with Bodog, the parent company of Bovada, you will already know what is in store at Bovada. Those new to this brand will quickly see why Bovada is a leader in the online sports betting world. Bovada’s platform has use in all aspects of betting, whether it be sports wagering, horse racing betting, online casino play, or online poker play. This Bovada sportsbook review has everything you need to know regarding Bovada, like how to sign up, deposit and withdraw funds, and how to get the most out of your online betting experience.

Bovada Line Shopping Spotlight - Best NFL Odds

NFL LogoOne great example of the benefits of line shopping comes from Bovada’s sportsbook for the Colts vs. Lions game. Compare Bovada’s spread to the Bet365 spread.

  • Lions @ Bovada: +3.0
  • Lions @ Bet365 +2.5

Obviously, if you wanted to wager on the Bengals, you could get a decently more beneficial spread wagering at Bovada compared to wagering at Bet365. A half of a point off of the spread can be a big deal in NFL betting, especially when it’s going from 2.5 to 3.0, considering field goals as a factor. If you want to bet on the underdog, Bovada’s the place.

Bovada Basics

Bovada Website:
Bovada Location: Quebec, Canada
Where is Bovada Legal? All US States - Except DE, MD, NJ, NV
Bovada Deposit Methods:
Deposit Options: Minimum Maximum
CREDIT CARDS: $20 $1,500
BITCOIN: $10 $5,000
VOUCHER: $10 $3,000
Bovada Payout Methods:
Payout Options Minimum Maximum
BITCOIN: $10 No Limit
COURIER CHECK: $50 $3,000
VOUCHER: $10 $3,000
Bovada Bonuses: 50% up to $250; 75% up to $750 with BTCSWB750
Bovada Customer Service:
Bovada Telephone: 1-888-263-0000

Does Bovada Sportsbook Accept US Players?

Absolutely! Bovada was created specifically for USA bettors and has been successfully hosting and serving American users for over nine years. Unfortunately, due to some local restrictions, not all U.S. players will be able to join Bovada. Players from New Jersey, Nevada, Maryland, and Delaware are not allowed to join this sportsbook due to current gambling legislation in those states.

However, players outside of those states are completely good to go, and the status of Bovada in states that have had problems with it has changed before. If there are any updates on this front (Bovada was reopened to New York, for example), we'll post them right here! If you are from one of the four states in which Bovada is unavailable, we recommend that you visit BetOnline, SportsBetting, MyBookie, or another top US sports betting site.

Registration - Signing Up For A Bovada Sports Betting Account

Bovada has a very simple sign up process. You simply log onto their site, click the sign-up tab and you’re well on your way. The information needed in order to create your account is your name, your address, and your age. This information is to prove you are who you say you are and are legally old enough to participate in sports betting within your country. This information is to help protect users from potential fraud and allows users to bet on a wide array of sports.

Bovada is viewed as one of the most trustworthy offshore sportsbooks and is a safe and respected place to place your bets. You can confidently place your bets without worrying about fraud or potential identity theft. During the sign-up process, it is worth noting that you aren't required to verify your address or identity. However, we recommend doing so in order to expedite your payout request process - they need to know you are verified in order to send you money.

Is Bovada Legal In The United States + Is It Legal to Bet Sports at Bovada?

We wanted to make sure to cover legalities in our Bovada review for USA players. To answer this, let us first say that there is nothing stopping you from joining Bovada as long as you are of age and the bookmaker accepts residents of your state. There are no federal laws that make Bovada illegal, as it is an offshore sports betting operator.

State laws tend to differ on a state to state basis, but not many governments have opted to regulate online gambling. Basically, this means that they do not sanction sports betting in the state - and people are not allowed to run state-based sports betting parlors. Bovada is not based in any state, however. As such, you can place bets at Bovada without having to worry about breaking laws. Read more about legal sports betting in the United States here.

Is Bovada Sportsbook Safe For USA Players?

Not only is Bovada one of the safest online sportsbooks available, but it is also among the most trusted. Unlike some online sportsbooks, Bovada goes out of its way to keep its players safe when using their site. They have state of the art software to protect players accounts as well as their personal information. You do not have to worry about them selling your information, contacting you multiple times, or anything else that makes you uncomfortable.

Additionally, there is no danger of legal recourse when using Bovada. There is currently no US law that prohibits the use of international online sportsbooks, and no one has ever been arrested or prosecuted for using a sportsbook like Bovada. We want to make it clear in our Bovada sportsbook review that the site is safe for USA players to bet at and we consider them to be one of the most trusted sportsbooks available.

Minimum Age To Bet On Sports At Bovada

For Bovada, you must be at least 18 years or older to make bets on this website. But that is not all. Bovada is a great online offshore sportsbook and they adhere to local state laws when it comes to determining the legal age to play on the site. Because of that, if your state says you need to be 21 years or older to bet on sports or be in a casino, you need to be 21 to bet on sports at Bovada. To be safe, we usually say default to your state’s laws to bet on sports on Bovada or any of our recommended online offshore sportsbooks.

Bovada Sportsbook Bonuses, Promos, And Promotional Codes

Bovada has a great range of bonuses that start with a $250 deposit bonus when you make your first deposit. In this case, the site will give you a 50% bonus of your initial deposit to bet on your favorite sports, make ridiculous parlay bets, whatever else you want to do here. This bonus carries a low rollover (5X), and players can convert those bonus dollars into real cash pretty quickly. This bonus gets bumped up to $1,000 in free play if you sign up before the first month of the NFL season. Use the codes “BVNFL1000” or “BVNCAAF1000” for the increased welcome bonus.

Another way to increase the Bovada bonuses for sports betting you get is by referring friends. When you tell someone to join, and they do, you will receive a 100% bonus of your friend’s deposit up to $100. This helps both the bettor and the book work in harmony. It’s not a huge difference for big bettors but could allow you to add a small piece extra to each bet, and that could eventually roll over into big money.

The latest promotional offer at Bovada's online sportsbook is their $5,000 Welcome Bitcoin Bonus. The online cashier will give you a 75% match on your first-ever Bitcoin deposit, up to $750. The code to redeem the sportsbook promo is BTCSWB750. You also have the option to claim a 125% casino match bonus that can be redeemed three times, giving that part of the offer a $4,500 value. Use code BTCCW1250 for the first deposit and BTC2NDCWB for the next two deposits.

Rollover Requirements For Bovada's First Time Deposit Bonus

The rollover requirement at Bovada for their Welcome Bonus is only 5X. This means that the deposit amount and the bonus will have to be played a minimum of five times before a withdrawal can be made. Otherwise, Bovada would just be handing out free money to be paid out. The 5X rollover is actually quite low when considering that other sportsbooks have 10-time rollover requirements on similar deposit bonuses.

Here is an example for how rollover works (and it’s the same at all sportsbooks for the most part, though you should always read each site’s promo FAQs and TOS to make sure you understand all the intricacies):

Let’s say you deposit $500 and accept the 50% welcome bonus. This means that your account will show a total deposit of $500 + $250, or $750. The 5X rollover requirement means that you have to wager a total amount of $750 X 5 (or $3750) before you can withdraw any winnings earned off of this deposit.

Bonus Code: Bonus:
NEWWELCOME 100% Match Bonus up to $1,000 1X
BV2NDCWB 100% Second Casino Bonus up to $1000 2X

Bovada Betting Lines And Sports Available To Bet On

Sports betting options found at Bovada range across sports like UFC, European soccer, auto racing, tennis, golf, rugby and more. Betting on NFL football and wagering on NBA basketball games are probably the two most popular sports betting pastimes at Bovada, but they offer a large variety of betting experiences and opportunities.

Each sport available has a subset of betting options like prop betting, player props, and futures which makes it easy to find the bet you are looking for or discover a new bet that interests you. Bovada is known for having some of the best futures odds in the business that update pretty frequently.

Additionally, they also allow bettors to place wagers on current events that aren’t exactly sports, like celebrity marriages, reality TV shows, and even political elections. These types of specials often rotate on a seasonal basis, or when a new pop culture event occurs.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, a lot of sports had to suspend their season. Right now, some of the biggest sporting events are UFC fights, NASCAR races, and Premier League soccer in England. More sporting leagues are working on reopening plans as you read this, however.

Bovada Sports To Bet On:

  • NFL
  • NCAA Football
  • NBA
  • NCAA Basketball
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • English Premier League soccer
  • Bundesliga soccer
  • Primeira Liga soccer
  • La Liga soccer
  • Serie A Soccer
  • MLS
  • UFC
  • Esports
  • Virtual sports betting
  • Boxing
  • PGA Golf
  • Tennis
  • + More

Bovada Wager Types:

  • Moneyline
  • Spread
  • Totals
  • Parlays
  • Teasers
  • Player Props
  • Game Props
  • Futures
  • First Half Spreads
  • Second Half Spreads
  • First Half Totals
  • Second Half Totals
  • Quarter Lines

Bovada Betting Limits

Betting limits at Bovada are pretty standard, as the most popular sports see the highest betting handles and payouts available. Some bets will only accept as much as $500 in action, while others (the NFL spread bets) can see up to $5,000 per line.

Bet Type: NFL: NCAA Football: NBA: NCAA Basketbal:
Spreads: $5,000 $2,500 $2,000 $2,000
Moneylines: $2,500 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
Totals: $2,500 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
Parlays: $2,500 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
Teasers: $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
Player Props: $500 $500 $500 $500
Game Props: $1,000 $500 $500 $500
Futures: $1,000 $500 $500 $500
1H/2H Spreads: $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
1H/2H Totals: $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
Quarter Lines: $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $500
Bet Type: MLB: NHL: CFL & AFL: WNBA: Soccer:
Spreads: $1,000 $2,000 $1,000 $500 $500-$3,000
Moneylines: $2,000 $2,000 $1,000 $500 $500-$3,000
Totals: $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $500 $500-$3,000
Parlays: $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $500 $500-$3,000
Teasers: N/A N/A $1,000 $500 N/A
Player Props: $500 $500 $500 N/A N/A
Game Props: $1,000 $500 $500 $250 $500-$3,000
Futures: $500 $500 $500 $500 $5000-$20,000 Payout
1H/2H Spreads: $500 N/A $1,000 N/A $500-$3,000
1H/2H Totals: $500 N/A $1,000 N/A $500-$3,000

Bovada Parlay Payouts

When it comes to betting on parlays at Bovada, there is no shortage of odds to put in your bet slip. Bovada makes parlays very easy, as their bet slip is designed to show sports bettors their payout before they must submit their action. When looking at off the board parlays, the odds come standard, and the Bovada parlay payouts move up the chain dearly doubling each time.

# of Teams: Payout:
2 teams: 2.645/1
3 teams: 5.958/1
4 teams: 12.283/1
5 teams: 24.359/1
6 teams: 47.413/1
7 teams: 91.424/1
8 teams: 175.446/1
9 teams: 335.852/1
10 teams: 642.082/1
11 teams: 1226.701/1
12 teams: 2342.793/1

Football Season At Bovada Sportsbook

If you're looking for a go-to sportsbook for NFL + College Football season, Bovada really kicks it up a notch to ensure that bettors have all of the lines and information at their disposal. Throughout Bovada's football season, bettors will have the chance to wager on a ton of game action. This includes full sections for both college football and the NFL.

It's not just game lines which can be found at Bovada however, as they also offer team props and game props each week that comes along with the games as well. Futures wagers like for events like the Super Bowl will be up all season long in the NFL, while NCAA FBS Championship lines can be found for college football.

Outside of the standard game odds and other betting lines that can be found when betting on football at Bovada, various promotions are on offer as well. These promotions can be different every season. Bovada likes to give their bettors new and unique opportunities every year. Each season there are plenty of great things to expect, certainly making for an exciting time for Bovada account holders.

Unique Features Found At Bovada:

Bovada Mobile Sports Betting

If you ran out of the house today without placing your wagers and think you are out of luck, think again. That is because Bovada Sportsbook runs flawlessly on several mobile platforms including Apple's iPhone, any smartphone running Android, as well as tablets like the iPad, Kindle Fire, or Galaxy Tab. This is great because you no longer need to be tethered to your laptop or desktop PC in order to place a wager.

One thing to note about Bovada's mobile betting option, it is not an actual app you can download from the App Store or anything like that. It is simply a well optimized mobile version of their website that basically functions much the same way a dedicated app would. Furthermore, Bovada will provide you instructions (if needed) to add their icon to your home screen. Going this route will allow Bovada users to tap one icon to go straight into the sportsbook in order to log-in.

In-Game + Live Online Sports Wagering

Betting on sports online has more options than ever before, with new and exciting ways to create betting lines never before seen. One such area Bovada has is live in-game sports wagering. It's pretty much how it sounds; a simple enough concept. But the technology and ingenuity of Bovada to allow this is fascinating. Bettors now have the capability to place bets in the live betting section at Bovada, which supports many games on which to bet.

Bovada live betting won't have a full schedule of every game in every league going, but there will be plenty of choices. Clicking into the different games available will throw you into the mix, where the betting odds and payouts on a bet slip can be filled out. Wagering on games as they play out in real-time is one of the most popular ways to gamble on sports in this day and age, and Bovada is the absolute market leader.

Bovada Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

Bovada is a brand built upon reliability and dependability, which is why you can count on their deposit and withdrawal methods. Bovada knows that USA bettors have unique needs when it comes to banking at an online sportsbook, which is why they only accept certain methods. There are just a handful of payment options at Bovada, but they are all 100% secure so that you can bank with confidence. Another perk is that the sportsbook will cover withdrawal fees once a month, which comes to huge cost savings. The funding methods at Bovada include Bitcoin and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, various international gift cards), while the withdrawal methods supported are Bitcoin and courier checks.



Bitcoin is the digital currency that has taken the sports betting industry by storm. It is extremely fast and even more reliable than using a credit card. Your Bitcoin payments are guaranteed to be processed and applied to your sports betting account almost instantaneously. Rather than the headache of having to enter account information, all you have to do is send your Bitcoin to the wallet address supplied by the Bovada cashier. The cashier never charges any fees, and the amount of the deposit does not affect the speed of delivery. Bovada also accepts Bitcoin Cash in addition to Bitcoin. Make sure you are aware that, despite the similar names, these are two different cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Cash is not the same thing as Bitcoin, and they have separate values on cryptocurrency exchanges. Think of them like the French Franc and the Swiss Franc. Same name, not the same currency.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
None $10 $5,000 Instant


The basic way Zelle works on Bovada is that you are going to use it in order to purchase bitcoins, then use the bitcoins in order to deposit your money into Bovada. It serves as a bit of an intermediary between Bovada itself and, which works with Zelle. You simply find a seller on while using Zelle, purchase the bitcoins, and go right to Bovada with them.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
No fee $10 $5,000 Instant

Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard)

Credit cards are a staple on the Bovada banking methods list. You can use your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card to make an instant payment to be credited to your account. Bovada even accepts Visa gift cards, which can be a better option than your standard credit card in terms of approval rate. Just make sure that the card specifies that it is good for international purchases.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
None $20 $1,500 Instant



Bitcoin withdrawals at Bovada are faster than the speeds of other sportsbooks. While others allot 48 hours for processing, you can receive your Bovada Bitcoin payout within 15 minutes of being approved. There are no complicated transfer instructions; just give your BTC wallet address to the cashier for processing. Bitcoin is the only banking method that is relatively anonymous, which is just another perk of using this banking method. There are also no fees. (Bitcoin Cash is also available for withdrawals at Bovada.)

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
None $10 No Limit 1-6 hours

Check by Courier

Bovada delivers checks much faster than other sportsbook cashiers, with some sites taking more than a week just to process the request. This is one of the oldest payout methods around, but it proves to be reliable time and time again. Just verify your address with the cashier and have your cash sent to your mailbox. The cashier will cover your deposit fee once every 90 days, but there is a $100 processing fee for additional withdrawals.

Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
$50 $100 $3,000 Within 1 week

Bovada Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, And Contact Information

Contacting a representative at Bovada is easy – just click on the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page! You can send an in-site email with a generally fast response time, or you can call to speak with a representative at 1-888-263-0000 for general support. Bovada also offers live chat, where you can be directly connected via chat to a customer care representative. Click here if you would like to contact Bovada's support.

Bovada FAQ's

How Do I Use Bovada To Bet On Sports?

Bovada is one of the most well-designed websites in the sports betting world, and it should come as no surprise that their website is easy to use. All you have to do is click on Sports when you enter the website, and you’ll be taken to a menu that shows live and trending events. If you want to bet on something in that menu, it’s right in front of you. If not, click on “All Sports” in the top bar, and you’ll be able to choose what sport you want to bet on. Once you do that, it’s as simple as finding the bet and placing your wager, which Bovada lets you do with the click of a mouse button.

Is regulated in the USA?

Bovada is not regulated in the USA, though they accept American sports bettors. If Bovada wanted to obtain US licensure, it would have to go meet individual state requirements. The site was once licensed in Canada, though the operator now is based primarily out of Costa Rica. In other words, it has, at various times, been subject to the laws of both sovereign nations - just not the to laws of the United States. Both locations have thriving remote gaming industries, which is why the Bovada brand holds itself to such high standards.

Does accept players from my state?

Bovada accepts players from almost every state in the USA. The exceptions are New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Nevada. These restrictions are due to conflicting laws in these states, though none of the states specifically ban the use of sports betting sites. As long as you live outside of these four states, you can create an account at Bovada. If you do live in one of those four states, you might have to check into another sports betting website - and those states tend to have plenty of options in this regard.

Can be trusted?

Bovada can be trusted with your financial and personal information. When you create your sports betting account, all of your information is confidential. The site uses SSL technology to ensure that all monetary transactions are transmitted through a secure connection. You can definitely trust Bovada with your money, contact information, and your valuable time.

Are scams an issue I have to worry about?

No, Bovada scams are not an issue that you have to worry about. Many bettors are aware that the CEO of Bodog once ran into some legal trouble for operating in the US without proper licensure, but this was not in any way a scam that impacted bettors. In fact, this was an “issue” that arose from the site not working quickly enough to comply with new federal regulations that were foisted upon it after it was already established and up and running.

What’s more, the Bodog CEO famously went out-of-pocket to pay out every single customer who had their accounts affected by federal holds. That says a lot, as the CEO could have simply absconded with no legal recourse for anyone. Instead, the CEO paid out more than $100 million to his customers, making every last one of them 100% whole. If you can’t trust that, you can’t trust anything. Bottom line: Bovada is great with payouts, is totally reliable, and is the absolute best option for players wanting an online sports betting experience.

Does have a mobile betting app?

Yes, but not in the traditional sense. Rather than having to download a mobile sports betting app from the App Store or Google Play, bettors can visit the mobile-friendly sportsbook from their handheld device. This gets rid of compatibility issues, taking up space, and pesky updates that come along with apps. Bovada’s mobile betting site features a similar layout with just as many betting options.

Can I call in bets at from a phone?

In the olden days, sports betting was done via shady bookies that you would call on a telephone in order to place your wagers. This is still the preferred method for some old school sports bettors, but it is just that - old school. Bovada is a website built on a fundamentally different model, and it should come as no surprise that Bovada does not allow players to call in bets. If you want to bet on sports at Bovada, you will need to place wagers from their desktop or mobile site. This is remarkably easy to do - there’s not much of a need to call in bets anymore.

Does payout to USA players?

Yes, you can count on Bovada to pay out its USA players. In fact, the online sportsbook has based its withdrawal methods on those most reliable for American sports bettors. Players can request their winnings via Bitcoin or courier check, with the cryptocurrency being the fastest payout option at Bovada.

Does accept PayPal?

Bovada does not accept PayPal, nor does any other offshore sports betting site for USA players. This is because PayPal has its own gambling policy that prohibits offshore gambling transactions via its platform. Right now, the closest option to an eWallet service at Bovada is Bitcoin.