Online Sportsbooks Accepting MatchPay

Matchpay SportsbooksMatchPay allows players to join online sports betting sites using person-to-person payment platforms. The platforms that MatchPay users may use include PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp, along with many more. MatchPay, which is exclusive to Bovada, allows players to deposit and withdraw with no fees and is one of the safest transaction methods available. With MatchPay players effectively buy or sell credits from someone's sports betting account, and use Bovada as an intermediary to maintain safety and accuracy. MatchPay transactions take only a few minutes, but players do have to be matched with a MatchPay user that is looking to complete a transaction with a similar transaction. Bovada suggests that players have multiple person-to-person transaction methods available to them so that they can get a match as quickly as possible. The most common MatchPay person-to-person services are:

  • Venmo
  • Cash App
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Zelle
  • Chime

Online Sportsbooks That Accept MatchPay In The US

Bovada is currently the only online sportsbook that uses the MatchPay option, but the online sportsbook has enough odds and credibly to be the only book needed.

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Bovada Sportsbook

No Fees For Betting With MatchPay

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada is one of the most popular online sportsbooks in the US because they allow bettors to wager big without charging fees for MatchPay transactions. The online sportsbook allows P2P deposits and withdrawals through MatchPay and allows all the funds to go straight to the sports betting lines and odds. Whether betting on the Super Bowl or placing smaller wagers on college football lines, Bovada charges no fees for large or small MatchPay transactions through popular services like Venmo.

Why Should I Use MatchPay At Bovada?

MatchPay is an excellent option for any player that wants to gain access to a top online sportsbook, Bovada, and wants to do so using a peer-to-peer trading or exchange platform. The non-existent fees and quick transactions are also both helpful to sports bettors. Whether it is online sports bettors asking us or players that are looking to transition out of the state-regulated sports betting scene to the internationally recognized sportsbooks because of their trouble with peer-to-peer platforms, Bovada's MatchPay feature answers all of these questions for us:

What Questions Is MatchPay The Answer To?

  • Can I use PayPal to bet on sports online? Answer: MatchPay at Bovada
  • What deposit method has the lowest fees at online sportsbooks? Answer: MatchPay at Bovada
  • Can I use my Venmo balance to join an online sportsbook? Answer: MatchPay at Bovada
  • What online sportsbooks accept Cash App and Zelle deposits? Answer: Bovada using MatchPay
  • Do any sports betting sites accept Apple Pay or Chime? Answer: Bovada using MatchPay

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Betting With MatchPay

Benefits Of Betting With MatchPay

  • No deposit fees
  • No withdrawal fees
  • Wide range for min/max transactions
  • No third-party banks involved
  • Up to 15-minute transfers
  • Many payment services options available through MatchPay

Disadvantages Of Using MatchPay With Online Sportsbooks

  • Not accepted by all online sportsbooks
  • Another sportsbook player must be found for transfer

Creating A MatchPay Account

The first step for betting with MatchPay is creating or logging into an account with Bovada sportsbook. Once logged in and verified, there is a deposit button in the top right corner that can be clicked on. Under the deposit options, there is one called “MatchPay” and this will connect a Bovada player to a “Join Now” link. MatchPay requires minimal personal information and will connect Bovada players to each other for transferring Bovada credits.

How To Make MatchPay Online Sportsbook Deposits

  1. Log into Bovada and go to the MatchPay deposit option.
  2. Decide which sports betting payment method will be used (Venmo as an example) and find a Bovada player looking to withdraw.
  3. The player looking to deposit will use Venmo (or any other P2P service) to send money to the player trying to withdraw.
  4. Once the Venmo transfer between players is verified and processed, Bovada will transfer the betting credits between the two accounts.
  5. Once this is complete, the MatchPay transaction through any of the six available P2P services can be used to bet on any current lines and odds that Bovada has to offer.

Requesting Payouts Through MatchPay At Bovada

The withdrawal process is essentially the same, but the player roles are reversed. A person looking to be paid out through MatchPay will simply find another Bovada player through the MatchPay marketplace and find somebody wanting to purchase their Bovada betting credits.

MatchPay Deposits And Withdrawal Info With Bovada

  • $20 minimum deposits/withdrawals
  • $1,000 maximum deposits/withdrawals
  • No fees for either transaction
  • Bovada takes 15 minutes to transfer credits between player accounts

Online Sports Betting Bonuses With MatchPay

When making a MatchPay deposit at Bovada, the online sportsbook has a “claim bonus” option when entering the amount being deposited. For MatchPay deposits, the current best bonus is their welcome bonus which is only available for first-time players of the site. This sportsbook bonus code does have a rollover that dictates how much must be bet/won at the sportsbook before any payouts can be requested.

This sportsbook bonus is great for any new player that wants to consistently keep their bankroll funded, but might not be the move of new players who want to place one big Super Bowl future bet and then cash out.

Bovada Welcome Bonus Info

  • 50% Deposit Match
  • $250 Maximum Bonus
  • 5x rollover requirement
  • 30-minute window to place a wager after redemption

Can I Trust MatchPay For Deposits?

The MatchPay process is reliable and uses secure payment services like Venmo and Cash App to help Bovada players transfer their betting credits. However, Bovada does not regulate the P2P transfers, but will not transfer the betting credits until the transfer between players has been verified and completed.

Why Do I Not See MatchPay As An Option At Bovada?

Bovada delivers a personable experience and has individual deposit and withdrawal options for each bettor. MatchPay will typically be a deposit option for all sportsbook players but if it is not listed, a quick live chat with Bovada’s 24/7 customer service can deliver a clear answer. In some cases, MatchPay is not offered for Bovada account members who have never deposited into the online sportsbook before.  Betting with Bitcoin is another great option if MatchPay is not available. Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals have no fees and have the general same processing time as MatchPay transactions.

Are Online Sportsbooks That Accept MatchPay Legal In The US?

Yes, all online sportsbooks that offer MatchPay for payouts and deposits are fully legal in the US. These sportsbooks are licensed internationally and MatchPay uses US regulated P2P services to fund the sportsbook accounts.

MatchPay vs. Person2Person

MatchPay and Person2Person are both services that perform the same function – they allow you to move money overseas by effectively paying someone else to serve as a middleman. International sportsbooks prefer this due to various regulatory issues. The difference between Person2Person and MatchPay in the context of online sports betting is simply which sportsbooks accept them.

Bovada accepts MatchPay, but not Person2Person. BetOnline and accept Person2Person, but not MatchPay. This is the only functional difference between the sportsbooks and payment methods is which is accepted where. This means that you can use them both in similar fashion.