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With the Supreme Court’s 2018 overturn of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA, 1992), legal sports betting for New Jersey residents has become a reality in a big way. You can wager on sporting events at every major casino in Atlantic City, and the Monmouth Park and Meadowlands racetracks also offer full-service, single-game sports wagering (with Freehold Raceway’s book coming soon). Additionally, New Jersey also offers Internet-based sportsbooks, all of which are available to all NJ residents aged 21 and older, and all of which are accessible from anywhere in the state. This adds sports wagering to the list of online-ready pastimes that New Jersey gamblers can enjoy, as NJ was one of the first states – back in 2013 – to formally legalize online poker and casino gaming.

Though legal sports betting now operates throughout the state, there are still some caveats to consider, particularly as pertains to the main competition for in-state sports wagering: legal offshore sportsbooks. This page seeks to clarify the online sports betting legalities for New Jersey residents, especially when it comes to those aforesaid offshore sports betting sites (which have been in use in the Garden State for over two decades now). Besides providing the basic information regarding New Jersey sports betting laws, this page tells residents exactly why it is legal for them to bet on sports when using any of the best USA online sportsbooks shown on this page.

Betting On The NFL In New Jersey

NFL Logo

Although both the New York Jets and the New York Giants represent the Empire State, both teams play in New Jersey. The New York Jets have the longest odds to win the AFC East division at +2000 odds and haven’t won it since 2010. However, their -475 odds to finish last in the division seem rather enticing. Looking into the New York Giants, while they do not have much going for them, they are lucky enough to be in arguably the worst division in the NFL in the NFC East. The Giants last won their division in 2011 and have +450 odds to win the NFC East. They also have +210 odds to make the playoffs which they last made in 2016.

Where Can I Legally Bet On The NFL In New Jersey?

NFLNew Jersey is one of the best places to bet on the NFL in the entire country. Within Atlantic City alone there are several locations like the Book at Bally’s Wild Wild West Casino and Borgata Sportsbook Atlantic City. For players outside of Atlantic City, there are several options William Hill Race and Sportsbook At Monmouth Park or the FanDuel Sportsbook at Meadowlands Racing. There are several options for betting on the NFL in New Jeresy, however, so if you wish to get in on the action you will be able to in New Jersey.

Mobile NFL Betting in New Jersey

New Jersey offers several mobile betting options for its residents looking to bet on the NFL. Including FanDuel, DraftKings, Barstool and Betway, seemingly all of the big names in regulated sports betting are offered in the Garden State. New Jersey also allows players to sign up from anywhere in the state without the need to travel to a land-based location, making for a very convenient mobile sports betting operation. Mobile betting in New Jersey is one of the best ways to bet on the upcoming NFL season.

Live NFL Betting in New Jersey

Live NFL betting is a major draw for many New Jersey sports bettors. You will be able to get in on the action for your favorite sports teams well after the game has become. Every possession, down, drive, time out, or challenge will have a betting line-associated. These betting lines go fast so New Jersey bettors will have to move quickly to capitalize on the winning potential. Live NFL betting in New Jersey is one of the premier ways to get in on the action in the upcoming NFL season. You have many ways to play to win big this NFL season.

Is Sports Betting Now Legal In New Jersey?

With the new addition of online gambling in New Jersey made legal and put into action in November of 2013, it's a reasonable question to inquire about sports betting. Well, thanks to the overturn of PASPA, yes, sports betting is now legal in New Jersey! However, sports wagering is not covered by the same laws that allow online gambling in NJ. Those laws only cover online poker and other online casino games. Sports betting is something that New Jersey has long advocated for, and the state was the winning plaintiff in Murphy vs. NCAA, which was the SCOTUS case that led to the unconstitutional law’s elimination.

Interestingly, of course, even as NJ fought for legal sports betting, residents of the state already had access to that very thing over the Internet. Best of all, they still do! Yes, legal sports betting can take place over the Internet by New Jersey residents at sites that operate outside of the United States. There are several viable and legit sports betting options for you to place real-money wagers, and all of them operate wholly outside of US jurisdiction. Remember, even when PASPA was the law of the land, the only aspect of sports wagering that was criminalized was that of accepting wagers. Individual bettors faced no consequences in placing real-money bets at offshore books, and these books were – and remain to be – completely legal to use.

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Will New Jersey Residents Get into Trouble for Placing Bets Online?

To the best of our knowledge, New Jersey residents will not get into trouble with the law just for betting on sports events online. So far, the state has not prosecuted any of its residents for registering at offshore online sportsbooks and placing bets online. This is because none of the state’s sports betting laws clearly state that it is illegal for New Jersey residents to register at offshore online bookies and place bets online. However, the state has specifically given licenses to multiple online betting retailers that work with the government. Even with PASPA gone and New Jersey having recently introduced a whole new set of laws governing in-state sports betting, the new legislation does not do anything to criminalize individual bettors. This means that NJ residents – even those with nearby local sports betting options – can still safely and legally use offshore online sportsbooks to place all the wagers they wish (with the added benefit that these overseas books almost always have better lines – with less attached vigorish (aka “house take”) – than local NJ solutions). Offshore sportsbooks are thus – financially speaking – still the best bets when it comes to legal sports betting for New Jersey residents.

Where Can New Jersey Residents Bet Sports Online?

There are plenty of legal, licensed, regulated, and safe online sports betting sites that are willing to accept New Jersey residents. Many of them offer excellent betting opportunities on major league sports and collegiate sports. We here at USAOnlineSportsbooks take a lot of pride in our sportsbook reviews. We are gamblers as well, and so we have a unique perspective that can help people find the right sportsbook for them. The following sportsbooks are the ones we have judged to be the best using various criteria, such as regulation, reputation, quality of bonuses and quality of play.

Online Sportsbooks That Accept New Jersey Residents

XBet SportsbookXBet Trusted For Betting On Sports In New Jersey

XBet Sportsbook, which is licensed outside of the US, is one of the best online sportsbooks for New Jersey residents, not only because it is licensed and regulated, but also because it offers an excellent 24-hour customer care service. Users have a wide range of safe, convenient, and reliable banking methods at their disposal, too, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which is catching on with several online betting sites (and the public at large).

The online bookie also has an impressive promotions page, which includes attractive bonuses, season specials, crypto promotions and more, exclusive live betting options, and many more. Registered users of XBet Sportsbook should definitely keep their eyes open for these offers as they keep their eyes focused on XBet’s robust sports wagering options. To that end, XBet Sportsbook offers the best betting odds not only on America’s favorite sports such as football, basketball, hockey, golf, ice hockey, baseball, and others but also on international sports events.

Bookmaker SportsbookBookmaker Sportsbook ReviewN.J. Residents Welcome!

BookMaker Sportsbook should be one of your top choices when deciding on your preferred online sports betting site. They are actually one of the longest-running sites on the web, as they began way back in 1985 and have proven to be one of the most trustworthy and enjoyable sports gambling sites available. From their sportsbook welcome bonus of 15% (up to $600) to their added features like mobile and live betting, BookMaker has everything you need for a lucrative sportsbook wagering experience. Additionally, BookMaker is the last of the major online sports wagering sites to actually give its users cash bonuses instead of the industry-standard free-play bonuses you’ll find everywhere else.

Creating an account at BookMaker is as easy as it gets, and it takes almost no time at all. This site is simply dedicated to getting you started ASAP so you can have fun betting on their plethora of betting lines. All you have to do is decide on your preferred method of payment and then deposit some money into your account after signing up. From there, you’ll be placing bets and claiming payouts in no time!

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept New Jersey Residents

New Jersey Sports Betting Sites New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site

BookMaker SportsbookReview15% Up To $600 NEW!
XbetSportsbookReview100% Up To $300

New Jersey Sports Betting Laws

For nearly 25 years, New Jersey has been at the epicenter of the battle for legal US sports wagering. While their primary interest was in establishing legal sports betting for New Jersey residents, the state’s secondary interest was to return the purview of sports wagering back to each state individual, where it belongs. Amusingly, when PASPA was first passed in 1992, it was explicitly intended to grant NJ (and only NJ) the right to offer full, “Vegas-style” sports betting. This was essentially a gambit to set Atlantic City up as the East Coast Las Vegas.

For reasons unknown, the state legislature failed to enact a law that would allow sports betting within the deadline mandated by the PASPA, and when that window closed on January 1, 1994, New Jersey joined the rest of America (except for Nevada, which was exempt from PASPA) in having sports wagering banned within their borders. In the years since then, there had been several attempts to find a way around PASPA, all of which had failed. Until, in 2012, after a 2011 voter referendum overwhelmingly supported legalizing sports betting in NJ, governor Chris Christie signed the Sports Wagering Act (SB 3113). This led to lawsuits from the NCAA, MLB, NBA, MLB, and NHL, all of whom sought to stop the legalization of sports betting. After six years of legal wrangling, appeals, and escalation, the case made its way to the Supreme Court, where PASPA was formally struck down in a 6-3 vote.

Since then, New Jersey has enacted a robust series of laws to establish legal sports betting for New Jersey residents. Assembly bill 4111, introduced on June 14, 2018 (just three weeks after PASPA’s repeal) sets the current rubric for establishing and policing New Jersey sports betting, both on land and online. All in all, while sports betting legalization trends Democrat in its party support, the initiative to overturn PASPA and legalize NJ sports wagering was bipartisan from top to bottom.

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Who Regulates Online Sportsbooks Accepting New Jersey Residents?

New Jersey has not regulated any of the offshore online sportsbooks accepting its residents, as these sites operate entirely out of both NJ and US legal purview. While the state has passed bills legalizing several forms of online gambling and sports betting, it has not attempted to make using offshore sportsbooks illegal. The state very much wants its residents to utilize state-based sports betting and gambling options, but the legislature wisely (for once) determined that policing its residents’ Internet usage to deter them or penalize them for using overseas sportsbooks is a nonstarter. Such a law would be functionally unenforceable, and the optics of fining or arresting someone for doing overseas what is legal domestically would make for a PR nightmare and damage the burgeoning local sports wagering market at a time when growth is steady and the future is very bright.

Thus, legal sports betting for New Jersey residents is available both locally and at offshore online sportsbooks. Though not licensed in New Jersey, these online bookies do not violate New Jersey’s gambling laws in any way. Besides, they are all licensed and regulated in offshore gambling jurisdictions under their home countries’ mandates and belong to reputed bookmaking brands. These sites operate on good faith and word-of-mouth. They are not going to ever cheat a user, and as long as you follow their basic terms of service (one account per user, no cheating, etc.), you are guaranteed to have fair odds, a huge selection of betting options, and prompt, no-hassle payouts.

New Jersey Sports Betting Markets

New Jersey is home to a number of major league, minor league, and semi-professional teams, as well as collegiate sports teams. Additionally, the local sporting fanbase in NJ also aligns with teams in neighboring states in the northeast, making the state one of the largest sports hubs – and sports betting hubs – in America. New Jersey is, in fact, home to two New York-based NFL franchises: the New York Giants and the New York Jets. These teams play in East Rutherford, NJ, at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in MetLife Stadium.

Other local teams that NJ bettors heavily support include the New York Yankees, the New York Knicks, the New Jersey Devils, the New York Red Bulls, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, and the Princeton Tigers. New Jersey sports fans also tend to pull for various Boston clubs and Pennsylvania clubs, giving the sportsbooks – particularly that at The Meadowlands – a heavy skew on regional teams. This is just one reason that using offshore sportsbooks remains a compelling option, despite the presence of legal sports betting for New Jersey residents at in-state facilities. Another reason is that, in NJ, it is unlawful for bookmakers to accept bets on state-based college teams or college games taking place inside NJ borders. This problem doesn’t exist at overseas books.

Betting Mistakes To Avoid

Betting on a sporting event just for the heck of it – maybe because a game is on TV or because you’re attending the actual contest – isn’t really the best justification for gambling, at least if you want to actually make good, consistent money with the pastime. A few bets for fun here and there, of course, are great, and nobody should begrudge you that. But some people take things too far. For example, a lot of people make this mistake over and over again because they feel it will add to the thrill of the experience. While betting can and does do that (for those who have taken the time to research the numbers and plan a viable strategy), most of the time it just adds insult to injury.

The best example of the above is another betting mistake to avoid: Betting on your favorite team to win no matter what. This is another no-no in the world of online sports gambling. No matter who you are, it’s nearly impossible to not have a bias for your favorite team in big games. Betting with your heart and not your head is never a good idea, so just avoid it altogether. There are two good rules: One, just avoid betting on any games where your favorite team is participating. Two, bet on these games, but bet sparingly, and pick the opponent. That way, if your team wins, it costs you maybe $20 (which you’d gladly give for a victory in the first place), and if your team loses, you at least get a few bucks for your heartache.

Other betting mistakes to avoid include things like not shopping lines across multiple sportsbooks, not researching the numbers, not looking up ATS (“Against The Spread”) stats, not checking injury reports, and not paying attention to odds changes leading up to game time. If you want to get good at sports wagering – and it is definitely possible to do that – then you’ve got to nail down these little details.


Is Shopping Lines Really Worth It?

Shopping lines is absolutely worth it. No matter what you are spending your money on, you want to make sure you are getting the best deal out there, and that is still the case when you are placing wagers. In fact, shopping lines at multiple online sportsbooks is so easy, you’d be silly not to do it as a matter of course with every wager you wish to make. Since you can join as many online sports betting sites as you please, there’s no good reason not to shop lines to maximize your potential payouts.

Do Racebooks Have Mobile Betting Apps For Horse Racing?

Yes, mobile betting apps for horse racing are available at all the top offshore sportsbook websites. As a matter of fact, there are mobile apps (or, more specifically, mobile web-apps, as these are browser-based and don’t require any additional downloads or fees) for sports betting as well. Mobile wagering allows players to bet using their smartphones or tablets, and most sites even provide valuable bonuses just for using their mobile betting options.

How Old do I Have to Be to Use Your Service?

Every sportsbook has their own stipulations for how old you have to be to join their site and start betting. Most of them only require you to be 18 years old. That being said, if you are betting inside the United States, you should abide by state gambling age laws (if your state has them), which typically mandate a 21-year-old minimum. For example, this is the case in NJ. To make sure your participation in legal sports betting for New Jersey residents is smooth sailing, you’ll want to be at least 21 before you sign up at any of the top NJ sports betting sites.

Why can’t I use Bovada if I live in New Jersey?

Bovada does not accept residents from the state of New Jersey. Exactly why the company chose to reject customers from NJ isn’t entirely clear, although Bovada has a reputation of acquiescing to states that have large gambling presences when it comes to barring their product. Similarly to the situation with NJ, Bovada is also currently unavailable to residents of NV, DE, and MD. Depending on Bovada’s commercial strategy going forward, the brand could always start accepting customers from NJ and these other barred states, too. Here’s hoping!

How Much Money Is Bet On Sports In New Jersey?

New Jersey is one of the biggest sports betting markets in the country and has millions of dollars wagered on sports every year. In September 2020 alone, New Jersey broke its domestic record betting handle by hitting $748.6 million in the handle. The majority of the betting activity came from online and mobile sportsbooks. Jersey has several regulated sportsbooks operating in the state, the majority of the betting action comes out of Atlantic City. The Garden State has successfully become the country's leader in online and mobile betting and things are only expected to continue to climb. NJ is one of the biggest sports betting markets out there and hundreds of millions are wagered on sports every month.

Why didn’t NJ make offshore sportsbooks illegal to use?

States with legalized sports wagering seem like they would benefit from making offshore books illegal to use. Fortunately, doing so lies outside of their legal purview. These books operate in a licensed and regulated capacity in their home countries, and because they are not within the reach of NJ or US legal jurisdiction, they can operate with relative impunity. Further, there is legal precedent (via a World Trade Organization ruling on the subject) that as long as the US is not enforcing an existing embargo with a given nation, US residents are free to do business with that nation in accordance with international law.

How old do I have to be to bet on sports in New Jersey?

In order to bet on sports in New Jersey at any of the state’s land-based or domestic online sportsbooks, you have to be at least 21 years old. That said, offshore sportsbooks will accept NJ residents as long as they’re at least 18 years of age. Nevertheless, it is highly advisable that when a state has an explicit sports betting age on the books, you defer to that mandate regardless of where you choose to wager. Thus, if you live in New Jersey, we recommend that you be at least 21 before signing up for and using an offshore sports betting site.

Will sports betting pull Atlantic City out of financial trouble?

One of the primary reasons that New Jersey challenged PASPA in the first place was because Atlantic City was hemorrhaging money and flirting with long-term bankruptcy. Sports wagering, being among the most popular kinds of betting in the world, has long been viewed as a sort of magic pill that would change AC’s fortunes. So far, with most NJ gambling destinations offering sports wagering, that seems to be the case. The long-term effects of sports betting on Atlantic City’s fortunes, of course, are unknown. But the future is very bright for the once-beleaguered gambling mecca.

Which NJ politicians were most responsible for getting PASPA overturned?

While the Supreme Court case history officially dubs the PASPA case Murphy vs. NCAA, former NJ Governor Chris Christie is considered to be the primary architect of the legal challenge from a political perspective. As with most landmark cases, no single person is fully responsible for the challenge and overturn of PASPA, though despite leaving office just a few months before the SCOTUS rendered its verdict, Christie is lauded as the most centralized driving force behind the push. For this achievement, Christie was recently inducted into the international Sports Betting Hall of Fame.