Nebraska Sportsbooks + Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting is a favorite pastime of many Nebraska gamers, despite it not yet being regulated in the Cornhusker State. Make no mistake about it, though: If you are a Nebraska resident, and you are looking for sports betting in Nebraska right now, you can find it, legally and safely, so long as you know where to look! Licensed online sportsbooks such as Bovada, BetOnline and MyBookie are common, and they offer myriad opportunities to Nebraska’s gaming enthusiasts. This page is meant to provide some basic information to those interested in finding Nebraska sports wagering opportunities and comments about the nature of gambling laws and regulations in the State of Nebraska.

Using Bovada In Nebraska

Bovada is easy to use in Nebraska, as it is an offshore sportsbook that is free to operate across the United States. No matter what changes in Nebraska’s laws, Bovada will remain available in Nebraska, and remain serving the citizens of the state even while their government refuses to. There are currently no state regulated sportsbooks in Nebraska, but Bovada - even being regulated offshore - fills that niche admirably. You can bet on anything at Bovada, from traditional sports wagers to political bets and entertainment bets, and that allows Bovada to be one of the best possible places to bet in the United States, and easily the best for Nebraska.

Where Can Nebraska Residents Bet Sports Online?

Where is the best place for Nebraska residents to bet on sporting events online? We have already said that betting through a reputable, Nebraska online bookmaker is the best option for players. We've written up some brief reviews of these terrific sportsbooks in case you are unsure where to start.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Nebraska Residents

Bovada Sportsbook Bovada Sportsbook – $250 Sportsbook Bonus For First Time NE Customers

The first online sportsbook on our list is Bovada Sportsbook—long a favorite of players across the country, and especially recommendable to players in Nebraska. Why is this such a highly recommended sportsbook? For one thing, it is safe and secure; Nebraska residents can place wagers here and not fear legal consequences. Aside from being safe and secure, they also offer odds on sports such as football, basketball, hockey, and beyond. New members who sign up today can even get $250 in free-plays to get their wagering off on the right track.

BetOnline Sportsbook BetOnline Sportsbook – All Deposit Methods Accepted Here!

Betting on sports in Nebraska on BetOnline should come very easy being that they have such a wide range of deposit methods available to cater to everyone. They have ten total deposit methods to choose from that include everyday credit/debit cards, money orders, wire transfers, and cashier checks. You can also choose from a variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash. They offer plenty of deposit bonuses as well for new Nebraska users where you can earn a $1,000 match when depositing with crypto or any other method by using their BOL1000 code or CRYPTO100 code.

MyBookie Sport Betting MyBookie Sportsbook – Best Odds For College Football

MyBookie has been around for 14 years and has quickly become an easy-to-use sportsbook that can be used from almost anywhere in the world. It is a great place to bet on the Nebraska Cornhuskers and all things college football. MyBookie has many betting options including lines, parlays, teasers and many others. They also have live betting that can be used during football season, to take a chance on a Cornhuskers comeback.


Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Nebraska Residents

Nebraska Sports Betting Sites New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site

Bovada SportsbookReview50% Up To $250
BetOnline SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
MyBookie SportsbookReview50% New Member Bonus!
BetUS Sportsbook125% Up To $3,125
XbetSportsbookReview100% Up To $300
Sportsbetting SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!

Betting On The NFL In Nebraska

NFL Logo

While Nebraska does not have an NFL team to speak of, many bettors in the state choose to wager on the Kansas City Chiefs and other near-local sports teams with recent high levels of success. Nebraska's NFL betting community is best served by using the online sportsbooks located outside of the state - these books are international, which means there's no hometown bias making the lines on local or near-local teams worse. Notably, this is also very useful for wagering on the Nebraska Cornhuskers in college football.

Is it Legal to Bet on Sports in Nebraska?

Sports betting was originally approved via voter referendum in November 2020; however, sports betting did not officially become legalized and regulated in Nebraska until Governor Pete Ricketts’ signing of LB 561 in May of 2021. Despite sportsbooks not yet officially launching, it is completely legal to bet on sports in Nebraska. Until state-regulated sportsbooks begin to appear, Nebraska’s sports bettors will have to utilize internationally-based online sportsbooks. These sportsbooks operate outside the jurisdiction of the US legal system and can therefore legally and safely offer online sportsbook services to Nebraskans.

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Nebraska Betting Mistakes

Betting On Impulse

Betting on impulse is one of the worst Nebraska betting mistakes you could make. Seeing a line that looks too good to be true, or trying to bet to make up for losses, are betting on impulse and it’s a dangerous thing. Avoid that at all costs and make educated bets.

Greedy Betting

Greedy betting is a dangerous game to play and it usually doesn’t pay off. On the contrary, it actually can cause you to lose big money. Don’t get too cocky while betting because you will most likely regret it after it's all said and done.

Are Online Sportsbooks Accepting Nebraska Residents Regulated?

There are currently no state-regulated sportsbooks available in Nebraska - until there are, bettors will have to use internationally-based online sportsbooks, which are regulated by their home nations.

Current State Of Online Sports Betting In Nebraska

The bottom line is that sports betting in Nebraska is not a pipe dream, nor is it all totally illegal. While the state does frown on it, there are ways for Nebraska gamers to place bets safely and in full compliance with the law. The trick is simply to find a reputable and above-board bookmaker—one based outside of the US. Betting with a street-level Nebraska bookmaker is not advised, but using any of the offshore sportsbooks listed herein is a safe and secure option for any Nebraska gaming enthusiast!

Major 2022 Sports Betting Events In Nebraska

University Of Nebraska Cornhuskers Athletics (Football August 27—December 10) (Basketball November 9—April 4)
Creighton University Bluejays Athletics (Basketball November 9—April 4)

Best Nebraska Sportsbook Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

When discussing Nebraska sportsbooks, that discussion must take place in the context of online sportsbooks located offshore. This is because Nebraska does not operate any sportsbooks that are regulated by the state, so the only real option is to go offshore to the sportsbooks that operate out of other countries, but are still accessible in the US.

These sportsbooks are big fans of cryptocurrency, and their withdrawal options are set up such that crypto options are the best way to get your money out of their coffers. However, many of these sportsbooks also limit crypto withdrawals to those that deposited in crypto, so if you want to access the best withdrawals at online sportsbooks, you’ll need to deposit in crypto as well.

Nebraska Sportsbook Deposit Methods

Nebraska’s sportsbook deposit methods are all offshore related - since the offshore sportsbooks are the only ones that operate in the state. The best deposit methods for Nebraska sportsbooks tend to be cryptocurrency related, but there are plenty of other options such as credit and debit cards that are available for those that do not wish to be involved with crypto. These options do come with the downside of limiting your withdrawal options to non-crypto as well, and withdrawal options without crypto are far more limited than deposit options. Let’s take a look at BetOnline’s deposit options for Nebraska players to see an example.

BetOnline Deposit Methods In NE:

Method Minimum Maximum Deposit Fees Time Frame
Visa/ Mastercard/ American Express/ Discover $25 $5,000 7.50% Up to 48 hours
Bitcoin $20 $500,000 0% Up to 15 minutes
Bitcoin Cash $20 $100,000 0% Up to 2 hours
Cardano $20 $100,000 0% Up to 2 hours
Chainlink $20 $100,000 0% Up to 2 hours
Dogecoin $20 $100,000 0% Up to 2 hours
Litecoin $20 $100,000 0% Up to 2 hours
Ethereum $50 $100,000 0% Up to 2 hours
Ripple $20 $100,000 0% Up to 2 hours
Solana $20 $100,000 0% Up to 2 hours
Stellar $20 $100,000 0% Up to 2 hours
Tether $20 $100,000 0% Up to 2 hours
USD Coin $20 $100,000 0% Up to 2 hours
Money Order $300 $9,000 Variable Variable
Wire Transfer $500 $10,000 3-5 Days N/A
Person to Person $100 $600 No fee for deposit over $300 Next Business Day

Nebraska Sportsbook Withdrawal Methods

When it comes to getting your money out of Nebraska’s online sportsbooks, you can access the best options via cryptocurrency. It will have the best combination of frequency, maximum withdrawals, speed, and low fees. You can only access crypto withdrawals if you deposited in crypto. Other withdrawal methods will lag in one of the categories mentioned, but they are still easily usable, and generally reliable in terms of sportsbook withdrawal options in NE.

BetOnline Withdrawal Methods In NE

Method Maximum Payout Frequency Time Frame Fees
Bitcoin $100,000 Max Per Week 48 Hours 0
Bitcoin Cash $100,000 Max Per Week 48 Hours 0
Cardano $100,000 Max Per Week 48 Hours 0
Chainlink $100,000 Max Per Week 48 Hours 0
Litecoin $100,000 Max Per Week 48 Hours 0
Ethereum $100,000 Max Per Week 48 Hours 0
Ripple $100,000 Max Per Week 48 Hours 0
Solana $100,000 Max Per Week 48 Hours 0
Stellar $100,000 Max Per Week 48 Hours 0
USD Coin $100,000 Max Per Week 48 Hours 0
Player Transfer $15,000 Max Per Week Up to 15 minutes 0
Money Order $4,500 Max Per Week Up to 7 Business Days $80
Wire Transfer $25,000 Max Per Week Up to 15 Business Days $45 Flat fee or 3%
Person to Person $400 Max Per Week Up to 10 Business Days $26-$51
Check by Courier $2,500 Max Per Week Up to 7 Business Days $50 on payouts below $1500, 3% on payouts of $1500+
Person to Person $100 $600 No fee for deposit over $300 Next Business Day

Nebraska Sportsbook Bonuses

Sportsbooks offer a lot of bonuses for you to sign up at their specific sportsbook, and these bonuses can be a big draw. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the top sportsbook bonuses available to Nebraska’s players, as well as their total value, rollover requirements, and bonus codes if you are interested in apply these bonuses to your account - or opening a new one.

Best Sportsbook Bonuses In Nebraska:

Online Sportsbook Bonus Code Maximum Bonus Value Percent Bonus Value Rollover Requirements
Bovada BVSBITCOIN50 $500 50.00% 5x
BetOnline BOL1000 $1,000 50% 10x
MyBookie MYB100 $1,000 100% 10x
SportsBetting SB1000 $1,000 50% 10x
BetUS JOIN200 $2,500 150% Sports + 50% Casino 15x

Sportsbook Bonus Rollover In Nebraska

Rollover requirements are something that not everyone is familiar with when it comes to Nebraska sports betting bonuses. They are a requirement that is attached to bonuses, and what they mean is that you have to play through the value of the bonus X amount of times, where X is the rollover number. Bovada’s bonus on the table above has a 5x rollover, while BetUS’s has a 15x rollover. This means that you have to wager the total value of Bovada’s bonus five times before they let you withdraw it, and for BetUS, you have to wager the total bonus value a whopping fifteen times before withdrawal. Note also that BetUS’s bonus is bigger than Bovada’s, which reflects an industry trend – bonuses with higher value tend to have higher rollover.

Sportsbook Taxes In Nebraska

Nebraska does not have any specific taxes related to gambling, and as such does not have any specific sportsbook taxes. That said, if your sports betting income was more than the reporting threshold, you will have to report it on your taxes when you file at the state and federal level. The tax you have to pay is about 24% at the federal level, and an additional five percent might be tacked on by the state.

Esports Betting In Nebraska

Esports betting is available in Nebraska at many of the online sportsbooks that are located offshore. These sportsbooks are able to offer odds on many things that are not traditionally regarded as sports, and esports - competitive videogames - are one of those things. It is unlikely that any regulated Nebraska sportsbooks appear soon, and even more unlikely that any of them end up regulating the esports world, so it seems like it will remain purely the purview of online sportsbooks located offshore for now.

Politics Betting In Nebraska

Politics betting is easy to access in Nebraska, as many of the offshore sportsbooks which are the only way to wager on sports in Nebraska also offer politics betting. Politics betting is only allowed at these sportsbooks. Even after Nebraska gets to the point of regulating sports betting at the state level, politics betting will still be only available at online sportsbooks located offshore, due to regulations preventing wagering on politics at any state regulated sportsbooks in the United States.

Nebraska Sports Betting FAQ’s

If I have a question that is not answered in the FAQ, what should I do?

The best thing to do when you have a question that is not addressed in your sportsbook’s FAQ section is to contact the sportsbook you are using. These top sites all offer 24/7 customer service options that are extremely helpful. They usually have a phone number, email address, fax number, and even a live chat feature that you can use to contact an attentive and helpful rep.

Is it legal to bet online?

As long as you are using one of the sites we review on this page, you will enjoy a legal, secure, and safe gambling experience. The key for legal online sports betting in Nebraska is to only use reputable offshore sportsbooks that operate outside of state and US jurisdiction.

How old must I be to wager at a Nebraska Sportsbook?

The legal gambling age in Nebraska is 21 years old, but the online sportsbooks we discuss here only require players to be 18. That being said, you should stick with the state’s legal age just to be on the safe side. If you sign up for these books underage, however, you aren’t breaking any laws. Just know that if you’re younger than 18, these sportsbooks will shut down your account and confiscate your winnings and bankroll. Don’t risk it!

Can I be arrested for betting on sports over the Internet in Nebraska?

No Nebraska resident has ever been arrested, cited, fined, or otherwise inconvenienced by authorities for betting on sports over the Internet. While NE does include wagering on the outcomes of games as part of its gambling definition, there is no mention whatsoever of “online” gambling or “Internet” gambling of any sort. Further, state law penalizes only operators of betting services, not individual bettors. As such, as a bettor and not a bookmaker, you can legally wager online at offshore sports betting sites.

What are the best sports to bet on in Nebraska?

Cornhuskers football is, hands down, the biggest club for sports betting in all of Nebraska. Other NCAA teams and sports are well-represented, too, but nothing comes close to the action that the University of Nebraska gets. While there are no pro teams of note in the state, NFL betting is still extremely popular, with residents favoring the Kansas City Chiefs. Nebraska also turns a big handle betting on the Royals, Bulls, and Avalanche.

When will Nebraska legalize in-state sports betting?

Nebraska tribal nations have exclusive rights to offer gambling amusements in Nebraska, and any addition of sports betting to the state’s legally-approved industry pastimes will likely require new compacts. This means that in-state sports betting will almost certainly take several years to be offered in NE, as new laws and compacts will both have to be written. A conservative estimate thus pegs in-state sports wagering to be legalized sometime within the next 2-5 years.

What is the best way to fund my Nebraska sports betting account?

The best way to fund your NE sports wagering account depends on your personal needs. If you wish to deposit a few dollars immediately, credit or debit cards (or international Visa gift cards) are the way to go. However, if you wish to preserve your anonymity and take banking institutions completely out of the equation, Bitcoin (or another supported cryptocurrency like Litecoin or Ethereum) is recommended. Withdrawing payouts is also much easier and quicker via crypto.

Does Nebraska ban private sports betting?

No, Nebraska does not ban private sports wagering. However, like most states with “social betting” carve-outs, for this to be legal, nobody can be operating in the capacity of a “house.” Essentially, as long as nobody is offering odds and taking a cut, you can make bets with your friends in private. This is commonplace, but make sure it stays friendly. Social sports betting isn’t worth losing friends over, and if you think that’s a real risk, stick to online books. Actually, you should probably stick to online sportsbooks anyways. Real friends go halfsies on big-money bets, after all!