Betting On The Weather - Reading Charts For Weather Betting

Betting on the WeatherBetting on the weather at online sportsbooks might not be something that you’re incredibly familiar with but it rose in popularity with many people when sports stopped happening during the COVID-19 outbreak back in 2020. Luckily for us, online sportsbooks have continues to offer odds on the weather to feed your habits and thrills. Betting on the weather is one of those elegant solutions. Look, we’ve all watched a meteorologist and said “there’s no way it actually rains tonight” while they tell us there’s a 60% chance of precipitation. Now, with weather online sportsbooks that take players from the U.S., you can do a lot more than just yell at your TV about how wrong the weatherman is. You can now put your money where your mouth is, and bet on weather across the world, from temperatures to rain and everything in between. There’s not a lot of betting to be found out there, and weather betting is ripe for the picking – it’s harvesting season!

Online Sportsbooks for Betting on the Weather

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How To Bet On The Weather

US Temperature MapIf you’re a little interested in online weather betting, let’s talk about how you actually do it – what are the type of bets you can make on the weather, what form do they take, and where can you bet on them at entertainment betting site? These are the kind of questions that will be answered in this section.

Let’s start with what kinds of bets you can make. Weather betting, on a daily basis, generally involves the following format: “Will the temperature in CITY X be above or below TEMPERATURE Y”, with TEMPERATURE Y serving as a an over/under line. Basically, it’s just over/unders, but with temperature. There’s a little more nuance to it, however. Certain cities will have their temperatures taken as maximum temperatures, while some will have them taken at minimum temperature. Therefore, you basically have two kinds of bets – maximum temperature bets and minimum temperature bets – that take the same over/under type of form.

Where can you bet on the weather, though? Well, the best place to bet on the weather is at many of the online sportsbooks. In the wake of the shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the sportsbooks cast about for ways to offer odds on anything that was still going. Most of the time this meant things like table tennis and esports, but eventually many of the online sportsbooks that accept USA players started offering odds on the weather, as it was a simple way to get more volume of betting on the site.

Weather Betting Apps

Betting on the Weather is growing in popularity since many sports worldwide are canceled or postponed due to the coronavirus. The online sportsbook reviews below highlight the only sites that offer legal weather betting, as state-licensed sportsbooks do not have approved regulations for this type of betting. This means that it fits well within our area of expertise - we have used online sportsbooks for a long time, since before the state-licensed sportsbooks even existed. This is good news for you, because it means that we know the best online sportsbooks around, and you can benefit from our knowledge by using them.

Bovada Sportsbook

Win Big on Weather Bets At Bovada!

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada is not only one of the highest-rated overall sportsbooks in the industry and that same quality service can be found on Weather betting odds at Bovada. Typically Bovada’s weather betting props will be on if a city will have above or below a certain temperature. At Bovada you can also bet on the maximum and minimum temperature bets in places. With bonuses and promotions for new customers, Bovada is a great place for first-time bettors to gamble on weather forecasts.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Weather Betting Made Easy with BetOnline

BetOnline Sports Betting

BetOnline has a plethora of odds and props available to bettors who choose their sportsbook. Now BetOnline offers numerous ways to bet on weather forecasts, with a common bet for players on temperatures in their favorite city no matter where they are in the world. The convenience of the BetOnline mobile betting platform can serve bettors' needs and can also aid in getting details on the weather forecasts on possible cities to bet on.

Using Weather Forecasts When Betting On The Weather

Weather Forecast MapOne of the best things you can do if you are checking the weather in order to learn how to bet on the weather is to use the national online forecast maps. There are several different resources that you can use in order to help your weather betting get more accurate, and we will discuss them all here.

Weather.Gov Forecast Maps are an excellent tool when betting on the weather. They are exactly what they sound like – maps of weather patterns all over the United States. Most of the locations where people can bet on the temperatures are within the United States, and as such these maps are very useful when divining which cities temperatures to bet on, and examining previous weather patterns in those cities.

The website of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA, is another useful tool in keeping track of in order to bet on weather. The NOAA is focused on providing information about weather events, from thunderstorms to floods, and this information can be invaluable when examining weather patterns.

The SWPC tracks weather from space, and is a subdivision of NOAA. The maps provided by the SWPC can be additionally useful to those who wish to get an advantage in weather gambling. Space weather maps are, outside of the advantage they can represent to bettors, incredibly interesting regardless.

One final subdivision of the NOAA worth knowing about is the Aviation Weather Center. The AWC, under NOAA, provides weather updates focused on the weather that airplanes will experience. This can be useful, however, for predicting conditions on the ground as well. The website has everything from forecasts to observations, and is a genuinely useful tool for those looking to bet on weather.

Finally, we wanted to end this with some things to take a look at on each of these pages – a sort of “How To” for weather betting. Here is a list of four factors that you can use to start predicting weather based on the information on these pages:

  • High/Low pressure systems
  • Coastal wind and rain
  • Radar weather reports
  • Climate history charts

Obviously there is a lot more to weather betting than this, but these four factors should cover your bases while you get started. Remember that there is always more to learn!

Why Bet On Weather?

Weather betting came to serious prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic, after sports were shut down in the middle of March 2020. Bovada’s head oddsmaker, Pat Morrow, was quoted by the New York Post as saying “We’re trying to cope with the loss of sports,” in reference to the idea of offering odds on the weather. Morrow went on to note that beyond the revenue loss caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is some emotional toll to be paid as well as long as normal life, and the sports that occupy our attention, are disrupted. In Morrow’s own words:

“You’re probably talking about an individual loss of freedom, people are going to start feeling a little cooped up more sooner than later and if we can just have those little breaks, whether it’s betting on something silly … we’re all just trying to find different outlets to forget what’s happening.”

Weather Betting FAQs