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Korean Baseball OrganizationThe Korean Baseball Organization really took off in the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, those looking to bet at online KBO sportsbooks have more of a background into the sport. For those who are still learning, we will go over everything you need to know to bet on the KBO at US online sportsbooks. KBO bets are on games that are full of bat flips, crowd chants, mascot fights, and everything else that some other baseball leagues frown upon. Talent is in no short order either, with the KBO having the third-highest average salary of any professional baseball league. It doesn’t take much to find an online KBO betting site, lock in some wagers, and watch your bets unfold. This page will cover all of the best online sportsbooks for the KBO that accept US players.

Online Sportsbooks For KBO Betting

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The Best Online Sportsbooks For Betting On The KBO

When it comes to betting on the KBO, there are plenty of options in the form of online sportsbooks. Betting on KBO is similar to betting on the MLB, with a few unique caveats. When picking from various KBO sportsbooks, be sure to take into account things like availability, trustworthiness, and accuracy. The KBO betting sites that we recommend will have everything you need.

Bovada Sportsbook

Best Sportsbook For The KBO

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada is one of the industry leaders across all online sports betting and that is no different when it comes to betting on the KBO. Bovada offers tons of different lines on games, including full spreads and moneylines, 5 inning lines, game props, total hits, runs, 1st inning props, team total, and many more. Bovada also offers future bets for KBO once you decide on your favorite teams. You will be sure to have the best user interface and the most updated KBO odds at Bovada. For those into live betting, that is also a prominent option when using Bovada.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Fast and Fun KBO Betting

MyBookie Sports Betting

MyBookie expanded their international baseball section to include a full suite of betting on KBO. The KBO odds at MyBookie offer some of the most competitive lines with many prop bets on their board. MyBookie is constantly updating to include the latest developments and KBO betting lines. They will be sure to provide fast and accurate lines for all KBO bets each and every day,

How To Bet On KBO

There are a few differences when betting on the KBO compared to American baseball. However, most of the betting lines will be the same across all baseball betting sites. These are the most popular KBO bets at online sportsbooks.


Betting the spread for the KBO is no different than the MLB. Lines will see a 1 ½ edge giving to one team with odds typically sitting around the -120 to +120 range depending on the teams. After a few games, be sure to take note of scoring margins and big wins in the KBO and you will be hitting spread bets in no time.


Moneylines bets in the KBO come from team knowledge with a heavy influence on pitching. This South Korean league tends to be high scoring, so a bad pitcher can mean doom for a team looking to win. Additionally, there is a slightly higher home win percentage in the KBO than in the MLB, with the home team coming out on top .546 percent in 2019.


The KBO tends to see higher scoring than when compared against other baseball leagues, leading the oddsmakers to nudge the over/under total a little higher than most bettors are used to. Don’t let this deter you, as KBO games regularly go into the double digits. Expect to see totals around the 9 to 11 run range on most major sportsbooks.


With five games a day, there is a high potential for winning a major parlay in the KBO. Popular baseball parlays like the 5-game over or home-team sweep are as viable in the KBO as other leagues. As with any parlay, strategy be sure to take note and adjust the more you bet, and the more you figure out the tendency of the league.


Once you have gotten to be a little more familiar with the KBO schedule, teams, and the league itself, feel free to check out the futures section. With a 144-game season, the KBO has a full scheduled season ready to take place. The earlier you find a dominating team, the more potential there is to win big betting on the KBO.

KBO Odds And Upcoming Events

Most KBO games begin airing at 5:30 am EST in the United States. They will be rebroadcasted in the afternoons, so be sure to avoid your betting site until then if you aren’t a fan of spoilers. Looking at the season as a whole, you can find odds to which team will win the 2024 KBO season. As the odds sit now, the SSG Landers are favored to win their first KBO Championship in team history.

Odds to Win the KBO 2024 Championship

  • KIA Tigers+400
  • NC Dinos+500
  • SSG Landers+600
  • Kiwoom Heroes+900

Depositing Into An Online KBO Sportsbook

When it comes time to bet on the KBO, you will first need to deposit funds into a sportsbook account. There are multiple ways to do this, but the most popular forms of deposit are by credit or debit card, and by cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. While most users have a card handy, there is typically an extended wait period for deposit via card, in addition to the possibility of deposit fees, depending on the site and bank used. We recommend using cryptocurrency, simply due to its ease and safety when depositing.

Withdrawing My KBO Winnings From Online Betting

After your KBO bets hit, it will be time to withdraw your money. There are a few different forms of withdrawing available, but we again recommend you use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. This is mostly due to the speed which KBO sportsbooks can process Bitcoin withdrawals. The other forms of withdrawing are via mail by order check and money voucher as well as a few other methods depending on the site.

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