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Arkansas is not exactly known as an epicenter of gambling—certainly not on the level of Nevada or New Jersey, or even Iowa or Pennsylvania—so it should come as no surprise that the state offers few opportunities for Arkansas sports betting. Indeed, accepting sports bets in Arkansas is illegal under state law. This ought to come as no big shock, as in truth, there are only a handful of U.S. states in which sports wagers are currently legal (with more on the way all the time, now that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, PASPA, has been overturned by the US Supreme Court). With all of this said, it is worth noting that Arkansas residents can find plenty of ways to bet on sporting events, safely and securely—if only they know where to look!

That’s what this page will seek to address. The page was designed as an educational resource for Arkansas gamblers, and as such, it covers such topics as Arkansas’ gambling laws, its specific stance on sports wagers, and, perhaps most crucially, the various avenues that Arkansas gamers have available to them as they seek to bet on sports. Of particular note are the licensed and above-board online sportsbooks reviewed herein, which AR residents can trust completely to provide them with safe, legal sports betting options.

Is it Legal to Bet on Sports in Arkansas?

First and foremost, we will tackle the question of whether it is legal to place bets on sporting events in the state of Arkansas. We have already noted that, technically, the answer is no—and yet, this is a fairly tricky question to summarize or to answer succinctly. For the law itself, see the Arkansas Code, Section 5-66-114.

Here are the facts: Arkansas’ legislation has made sports gambling nominally illegal from a bookmaking perspective. In other words, you are legally able to place a wager with a local bookie, but that bookie is breaking the law by offering and accepting sports bets. If that bookie is arrested, their funds – along with any outstanding payouts you are owed – will be gone forever. As you can see, seeking to bet on sporting events through a street-level Arkansas bookmaker comes with real financial risks—but rest assured that Arkansas players can still find safe ways to play.

Indeed, opportunities for Arkansas residents to bet on sporting events are abundant. The thing you have to do is to find licensed (and therefore legal), reputable bookmakers who operate offshore, beyond the purview of US law. Placing bets with these bookies is safe for residents of Arkansas, which is why so many Arkansas gaming enthusiasts get what they need through the Internet.

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Will Arkansas Residents Get into Trouble for Placing Bets Online?

Perhaps now we might get to the down-and-dirty question of legal penalties for sports betting. Will Arkansas residents get into trouble for placing bets online? The answer is no, they will not, assuming they are smart enough to place bets through reliable, licensed offshore bookmakers! (Again, placing wagers with street-level Arkansas bookies is where trouble will come.)

You see, most laws that target sports betting really target bookmakers. As such, there is no real legal liability for Arkansas players. Even so, in the interest of avoiding any sign of legal trouble, the recommended avenue is to place bets through reputable, offshore gambling sites.

Where Can Arkansas Residents Bet Sports Online?

This leads us to the important question of where, exactly, Arkansas natives can place online bets on their favorite sporting events. The rule of thumb is to seek out a licensed offshore sportsbook, and not to go through illegitimate, street-level bookmakers. Rest assured that there are numerous online sportsbooks that are not only reputable and fully licensed, but also eager to accept the bets of Arkansas residents. We have done the research for you and found the best online sportsbooks for the needs of Arkansas gamers; they are reviewed below.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Arkansas Residents

Bovada Sportsbook Bovada Sportsbook – $250 Sports Welcome Bonus For Arkansas Bettors!

First among equals is the Bovada Sportsbook—long a favorite of Arkansas gamblers. Why is this the online sportsbook that rises to the top of its field? There are several reasons, but one of the main reasons is flexibility. Simply put, this is an online bookmaker that offers numerous options to its players—including mobile bets, live betting, in-play betting, and more. Whatever kind of play you prefer, you can surely find it here, and the layout and ease-of-use of both Bovada’s desktop website and their mobile betting interface is industry-leading in every way.

Likewise, there are numerous sporting events that you can bet on. These include both pro and college football, which are typically the most popular sports for AR bettors. Basketball, baseball, and hockey are all represented, as well, and most other American sporting events and international sports are readily available to wager on.

We might also note that there are several ways in which players can feel confident that Bovada is safe. Just consider the background of this terrific online sportsbook. It is run by Meadway Leisure Limited, and is licensed by Canada. Moreover, Bovada is known for its stellar customer service offerings—making this a truly essential sportsbook for Arkansas players. New AR customers who sign up now can activate Bovada’s $250 Sports Welcome Bonus, which comes with the industry’s lowest rollover requirements of just 5X!

BetOnline Sportsbook BetOnline Sportsbook – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin Sports Betting!

Another legal online sportsbook that we recommend is BetOnline Sportsbook, which is at once reputable and very welcoming to Arkansas gamblers. This is an online sportsbook that brings with it much prestige. Indeed, it has been around ever since 1991—an astonishing fact to consider! Of course, even in its old age, BetOnline is still on the cutting edge of technology, becoming one of the first sportsbooks to accept not only Bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies as well, like Litecoin, Ethereum, DASH, and Bitcoin Cash.

There are other reasons to recommend BetOnline, too. For example, it has a feature called Betting Edge, which provides players with free picks, match stats, and other helpful information. Additionally, BetOnline provides players with large bonuses, live betting options, secure banking methods, and quick payouts. The bottom line is that this sportsbook—which also offers racing bets and online casino gaming—is well worth considering. Arkansas residents who sign up now can get a 50% welcome bonus worth up to $1000, and returning customers can take advantage of BetOnline’s similar Bonus For Life program that gives them free-plays with every fresh deposit.

5Dimes Sportsbook 5Dimes Sportsbook – Make Your Own Lines At 5Dimes!

5Dimes is another first-class bookmaker for Arkansas residents to consider. 5Dimes is respectable and totally above-board; it is run by the noteworthy 5Dimes Group, and its license comes from Costa Rica. For Arkansas sports fans and gambling enthusiasts, then, this is a very safe option.

Like the other online bookmakers listed on this page, 5Dimes provides access to most any sporting event that you could name. It offers plenty of options for betting—including online and over-the-phone bets—and it also lets players make parlays, monsters, spreads, teaser bets, and beyond. The bottom line is that for Arkansas residents seeking sports wagering options, 5Dimes is tough to beat.

Perhaps the best thing about 5Dimes is their “buying points” system, which essentially lets bettors establish their own terms and payout potentials. Most books offer this feature, but 5Dimes takes it above and beyond, putting these options at the forefront. Make your own lines at 5Dimes, and be sure to take advantage of their lucrative Reduced Juice bonus program to boost your payouts to the next level!

BookMaker Sportsbook Sportsbook – Get Real Cash Bonuses At BookMaker!

BookMaker is a UK-based sports betting site open to bettors from Arkansas all year round. This site provides some of the best lines for all of your favorite sports. BookMaker Sportsbook offers everything from live in-game betting and standard betting lines to props on just about every aspect of the game. They also have some of the fastest payouts of any online sportsbook, even boasting same day withdrawals for players who bank with Bitcoin or other accepted cryptocurrencies.

BookMaker is more than just a fancy way to fill out a bet slip. Here, you’ll have access to the best sports betting resources, like up-to-date articles with handicapping information available for each sport. Want the chance to win $25,000 in cash? Take part in Bookmaker’s streak contest, where if you make 21 correct picks consecutively, you’ll instantly win. There are smaller prizes for shorter streaks and so much more waiting for you at BookMaker. Sign up today and receive a 50% deposit bonus up to $1,000 for banking with Bitcoin, and be sure to check out BookMaker’s unique cash bonuses, which are even more valuable than competing books’ free-play options.

Best Arkansas Online Sportsbooks

Arkansas Sports Betting Sites New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site
Bovada Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $250 Visit Bovada
BetOnline Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $1,000NEW! Visit BetOnline
Sportsbetting Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $1,000NEW! Visit Sportsbetting
Dimes Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $520 Visit 5 Dimes
BetDSI Sportsbook Review 100% Up To $500NEW! Visit BetDSI

Arkansas Sports Betting Laws

Arkansas sports betting laws can be found under Title 5, Subtitle 6, Chapter 66 of the Arkansas Code, which you can find from the state’s official legislative portal here. This section very clearly outlines gambling as the risking of any money or property on a game of chance. This is prohibited in the state of Arkansas. However, the language of the law makes it clear that the offending party in such a transaction is the bookmaker, not the bettor. So where can you find an Arkansas sportsbook that is actually able to legally take your bets?

The answer is simple: online, offshore sportsbooks. These sites provide Arkansas residents with a viable and safe sports betting opportunity. They are regulated and licensed by the gaming commissions in their own countries, making them incredibly safe to use. This is also a part of what makes them legal for Arkansas residents. They’re not regulated in any way by Arkansas, they don’t violate federal law, and they aren’t based in Arkansas or the US, so no American jurisdiction is in charge of their activities. It’s a win-win. So long as you are using a sportsbook that is not based in the US, you are able to bet on sports to your heart’s content.

Now that PASPA has been overturned, of course, it is possible that Arkansas could legalize land-based sports betting in the future. While that’s not currently on the table at the state legislature, it could be implemented down the road, perhaps first showing up at horse racing tracks in the state. However, don’t expect any in-state sports betting venues to open for business in AR anytime soon, as there are no casinos in Arkansas, and the state is notoriously conservative when it comes to betting in general.

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Are Online Sportsbooks Accepting Arkansas Residents Regulated?

There is a natural conclusion to reach here: Since the state of Arkansas does not acknowledge online sportsbooks in its legal documents, this means that it also does not regulate or monitor them in any way. For some Arkansas gamblers, this may come as unwelcome news, and it may even make some players feel unsafe in placing online wagers.

Again, though, online sportsbooks are safe if they are reputable, licensed, offshore betting sites—and all of the ones mentioned on this page more than fit that description. As such, Arkansas players can feel perfectly secure in placing wagers on the sites we have reviewed above.

Current State Of Online Sports Betting In Arkansas

At the end of the day, then, we must return to our initial contention—that while sports betting is not formally legal in the state of Arkansas, there are some safe options for the state’s players to wager online. That means that those looking to see some money riding on the Razorbacks or the Red Wolves can find options at any of the legitimate sportsbooks listed on this page. Again, the key consideration for Arkansas players is to seek out sportsbooks that are licensed, reputable, and transparent—and not to take risks on local, street-level bookies!

Legal Arkansas Sports Betting FAQs

Should I Pay For Tips?

It is our opinion that you should not pay for tips when it comes to sports betting. In the end, gambling is a risk, so what you are paying for would never be a sure thing. Most often, it is wasted money, money that could have been spent on other things – like more sports betting.

Instead of relying on the opinions of others (whose motives may not even be pure), the best way to prepare for a sports bet is by doing some research. Look at a team’s stats and read up on how a team has been performing. Even just a quick glance at this type of information will help inform your bet. At the end of the day, it’s gambling, so you’ll always have some risk, and paying for tips won’t help as much as you want it to. It definitely won’t help enough to make paying for tips worth it.

Why Do Sites Have Different Odds?

Sites have different odds because they have different oddsmakers. There’s no set guide for what the odds on a certain team or player should be, so it depends on what the oddsmakers think will keep the book in the green. Remember that odds are just a representation of what the payout will be. So some books might think that one team is much more likely to win a game and give them -120 odds. A different book might look at the same team and decide that they might have some trouble winning and give them +110 odds. It all just depends on the oddsmakers.

Should I Have More Than One Sports Betting Account?

Because different sites have different odds more often than not, you may be wondering if you should have more than one sports betting account. There are a number of advantages to having multiple accounts. You can choose the odds you prefer, you have access to better bonuses, and you have a wider selection of wager types to choose from. Not to mention, one sportsbook might have odds on a game that the other isn’t covering. Having multiple accounts just ensure that you’re never missing out on anything. Just make sure you only register one account per sportsbook, as duplicate accounts will get you banned and your bankroll confiscated.

What Is One Of The Biggest Mistakes Arkansas Sports Bettors Make?

The biggest mistakes that Arkansas sports bettors can make is to randomly select teams to win and to bet with their hearts instead of their heads. Sports betting may not just be for experts, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that means you can just start betting on any and every sport without any prior knowledge. If you know absolutely nothing about how a certain sport works, you can’t just go and lay a bet and hope for the best. Betting on sports and games that you don’t understand can be extremely detrimental, both to your confidence as a gambler and to your wallet.

Sticking to betting on a sport that you know is best, but if you do want to expand your betting, do your research before you begin placing wagers. Once you know the basics, understand things like ATS (“against the spread”) stats, and know how the different wager types work and how a team performs, then you can start betting with confidence. The last thing you want to do is blow your money on what could have been an easy win if you’d just done your research.

1.) Will Online Sportsbooks In Arkansas Allow Me To Bet On The Razorbacks?

Absolutely. Even though athletic directors from all over the state have tried to petition to not allow residents to bet on their games, online offshore sportsbooks do not have to adhere to those rules. You’ll be able to bet on any one of their sporting events that have odds set for them online.

2.) What Is The Legal Age To Bet On Sports In Arkansas?

When sports betting was passed by voters, the legal age was set at 21 and up. Online offshore sports betting sites will accept members as young as 18 years old, however, it is always recommended that you stick with the age limit set by the state. It is the only way to ensure that that you have a safe experience using these sportsbooks.

3.) Are These Online Sportsbooks Regulated By The Arkansas Government?

The ones we recommend are not regulated by the Arkansas government, rather, they are regulated by the gaming commissions of their home countries. Because they are regulated by those government agencies they are held to a high standard and are held accountable for all of their transactions for players, even if those players live in Arkansas.

4.) Will Arkansas Land-Based Sportsbooks Be Better Than Online Ones?

It all depends on what you look for in a sportsbook. If you prefer to be able to place wagers in person and then watch multiple games across multiple TVs than your land-based options may appeal to you more. But, Arkansas only approved four gaming facilities in the entire state to be able to host sportsbooks so if you’re not able to drive to one of them you will be out of luck. With online sportsbooks, you will be able to place your bets wherever you have an internet connection. You will also have more payment options and wagering types than any of the land-based sportsbooks in Arkansas.

5.) Do Online Sportsbooks Offer Live Betting In Arkansas?

Yes, and having this feature makes it the best way to maximize profits from any Razorback game you might be watching. This is because even though most bets are placed before an event begins, live betting allows you to keep betting on the game even after the initial kick-off. You can bet on aspects of the game such as the over/under on the number of interceptions the Razorbacks will get, to whether or not they will make a certain first-down.