Sports Betting Laws In The United States

Sports betting laws in the United States are present at the state and federal levels. In most cases, the state overrules the federal government, though a few laws for US sports betting are on the federal level. Whether it's aimed at the bank for transferring money or the sportsbook taking the wager, any law is generally targeted away from the bettor themselves.

As states control most of their own sportsbook markets, it also means there are varying sports betting laws by state. In some, you can't bet on sports in a certain location while others restrict certain types of wagers like college player props. Though each state posts different rules, it's really only important to filter through the differences.

Legal Sports Betting Sites For US Residents

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Legal Sports Betting Across The Nation

There are now more than three dozen US states with sports betting that have active sportsbooks currently accepting bets. This spread occurred after 2018, when a federal law known as PASPA was repealed. In the past, the main attractions in Las Vegas were Nevada sportsbooks simply for the fact there was nowhere else to do it. Now, representatives and Senators created legislation to regulate sports betting across the nation and people in all 50 states aren't far from access to US sports betting apps or an in person location to place a wager.

State Sports Betting Laws In The United States

States with sports betting laws in the United States means anything can be different. This can vary from whether or not mobile betting is allowed, how much taxes companies must pay, the types of bets offered, and much more. The tax rate is a major debate amongst legislators when attempting to launch sports betting as well as who regulates the market. But for the customers, the bettors, a bigger focus is on what we can bet on and how to do it. As more states continue to launch sports betting there will be more state laws with variations, but stay up to date by visiting our US states with sports betting and finding information on your state.

Regulators Changing Laws To Ban College Sports Betting

The biggest sports betting law changes in 2023 and 2024 have come with a focus on college sports betting. In particular, player props for college sports betting, but some states take an even stronger stance on the matter. At Oregon sportsbooks, for example, their online betting platform doesn't permit college sports betting options. When it comes to Massachusetts sportsbooks, players won't be able to find any bets on colleges within Massachusetts. And Florida sportsbooks restrict Hard Rock from offering player prop bets on college athletes.

Legal Sports Betting Age In The United States

There is no universal legal age to bet on sports in the USA. While most believe they must be 21, it really is dependent on the state. The best USA sports betting sites mostly take players as young as 18 because they are also horse race betting sites and feature casino gaming as well. However, they also state that players should abide by local laws, which in most cases say adults need to be 21 before sports betting.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Play NCAA Tournament Bracket Games For Cash?

Playing bracket games or Super Bowl squares may come off as gambling and, in a technical sense, it is. For those playing for smaller prize pools and are entertaining a group of friends, it is unlikely that anything will happen - nobody’s going to call the feds on your office pool. However, these sports betting contests are considered social gambling, where states may limit how much a buy-in or how much the total winner can collect.

  • The basic rule is that as long as the house isn’t taking a cut, there should be no issues.
  • If you're still unsure, there are plenty of online sportsbooks that offer betting contests you can join.

The 3 Main Federal US Sports Betting Laws

  • The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, known widely as PAPSA, was a federal prohibition on state run sportsbooks, with the exception of Nevada, Delaware, and Oregon with Nevada.
  • The Federal Wire Act of 1961 was initially only towards horse racing betting but was put in place to disrupt the mob's money laundering abilities from their stronghold over racetracks.
  • The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) does not affect players directly but focuses on major financial institutes, holding them responsible for monitoring and stopping any money transferred to online gambling operators.

Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act

Outside of the four locations, states were unable to set laws for their own sports betting industry or license and tax any sportsbooks in their districts. PASPA was repealed by the US Supreme Court in 2018 following a major federal case spearheaded by New Jersey. This now-overturned law kickstarted the market of USA online sportsbooks to what it is today.

Federal Wire Act And The Effect It Has On Internet Sports Gambling

With the Wire Act, US horse racing tracks were no longer allowed to accept wagers across state lines over the phone (the wire). This law has seen a major shift toward sports betting since the repeal of PASPA with US presidents, attorney generals, the DOJ and more offering their differing opinions on the matter. For now, the only real restriction of the Wire Act is a player's inability to use a sportsbook that is regulated and licensed outside of that specific state.

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act

The UIGEA is why it can be difficult to use a credit card or third-party banking apps to fund your sportsbook account. Because of the UIGEA, sports betting sites have adjusted and have many ways for players to deposit and withdraw real money for sports betting in an instant.

Legal Sports Betting Sites

Bovada Sportsbook

The Best Legal Online Betting Site

Bovada Sports Betting

Arguably the top, if not already the top online sportsbook, Bovada has certainly lived up to that name with the elite features that they have to offer. They have some of the top bonuses that can earn you anywhere between $250 and $750, an easy to use platform from your computer or mobile device, and a wide variety of accepted financial methods for you to pick and choose from to make your deposits.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Bet With Cryptocurrency

BetOnline Sports Betting

With cryptocurrency one of the top financial methods in today’s world, BetOnline has done a very solid job in adapting to that. You can make deposits and withdrawals and bet on sports with up to 17 different forms of cryptocurrency ranging from the biggest in Bitcoin and Ethereum to smaller coins in Dogecoin and Avalanche. The great thing about betting with crypto on BetOnline is that they have the quickest processing time and no fees associated with them.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Many Safety Features

MyBookie Sports Betting

Safety is a top priority on MyBookie and they have made that known with the different safety features that they have in place. The first major thing that they do to secure your online betting experience is put two encrypted links in place that secure their servers holding all of your financial information as well as your web browser that holds your personal information. In addition, their customer service has been deemed one of the best as they run 24/7 and will help ease your safety concerns even more.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

$1,000 Betting Bonuses

SportsBetting Sports Betting

Bonuses are a major part of your reasoning behind signing up for a specific online sportsbook and SportsBetting has some of the best new user bonuses to offer. First, for those that are making their first deposit with anything other than crypto, you can take advantage of their 50% first deposit match worth up to $1,000. For those that are using crypto to make that deposit, they’ll offer you a 100% first deposit match also up to $1,000.

Xbet Sportsbook

Very Simple Platform

Xbet Sports Betting

If you are looking for simplicity from an online sportsbook, XBet is the one for you as they make their platform very easy on the eyes. From the moment you log in and gain access to their homepage, you’ll find all of their features from financial methods, to bonuses, and all of their odds and several different sports. All of them can also be taken advantage of in a matter of seconds. Their platform can also be used from any smartphone or smart device that has access to the internet.