Betting On College Basketball

Even the casual sports fan has heard of 'March Madness', or the NCAA Basketball tournament. That's because college basketball is one of the most popular sports in the U.S., and unquestionably so during tournament time. Chances are you, and most everyone you know, has filled out a bracket or two in their lives. It's because filling one out makes things more exciting. So too though, does wagering on college basketball. But the options to place a bet on college basketball can occur long before the start March.

Featuring a wide variety of opportunities for bettors to get in on the action, many online sportsbooks post betting lines which can be used in numerous wagers including parlay bets. These odds will cover games lines, futures wagers, props, and more. There are some great online sportsbooks that accept USA players to sign up and join to bet on all kinds of different sports, including of course college basketball. On this page you will get a rundown of some of the top-rated online sportsbooks that welcome American players to bet on college basketball. Also, learn all about betting on college basketball in general, including what odds are available, when they are available, and some strategies + tips for making more successful wagers in quantity as well as quantity!

College Basketball Betting Sites

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March Madness LogoBetting On The 2023 NCAA Tournament – Current March Madness Odds

One of the biggest sporting events every year is the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, better known as March Madness. Players betting on the 2023 NCAA tournament can cash in big taking action on futures odds. You do not need to wait until the tournament begins to place wagers on the current March Madness odds, as the best odds are available before the season starts at online sportsbooks. With major changes happening in the coaching landscape, the betting odds are already on the move.

2023 March Madness Odds To Win

  • Gonzaga +1000
  • Houston +1000
  • North Carolina +1100
  • Duke +1200
  • Kentucky +1200
  • Kansas +1200
  • Arkansas +1400
  • Baylor +1500
  • UCLA +1600
  • Arizona +2000

Best College Basketball Sportsbooks

Bovada Sportsbook

The Top March Madness Betting Site

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada Sportsbook is a great site for college basketball betting. With so many college basketball games going on, placing a bet on the team you know most is the best idea and would be very beneficial. Upsets are very well possible and seen throughout the season and Bovada gives bettors a chance to cash in on those upsets big. Along with game lines, there are also chances to bet half lines. So if bettors want to bet on just one half of a game instead of the whole game, that is an option. Some teams play better in the first or second half so having the option to bet on half on Bovada Sportsbook is a plus.

Future options on Bovada give bettors more chances o make the most money in college basketball. Because the college basketball season is so long, the odds for who wins the NCAA Final Four Tournament changes which sometimes affects bettors’ decisions. When signing up, be sure to take advantage of their promotions, which gives bettors free play without needing any bonus code.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Elite March Madness Odds

BetOnline Sports Betting

Find all of your college basketball betting wants and needs at BetOnline. Get game lines for all the night's action during the season, or you can lay down a futures wager to win the national title well in advance. Upon visiting BetOnline, you will see the section dedicated to NCAA Basketball, as well as a futures section that can be found as well.

Within these sections you will find all of the odds that are available for that day. These betting lines are continually updated as things change, and matchups move forward. Residents in all 50 states are welcome to register for an account here + the signup process is very quick and easy .

SportsBetting Sportsbook

A Sweet Sportsbook Option

SportsBetting Sports Betting

Wagering on college basketball events like the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament will be easy at SportsBetting, not to mention the fact that you will have a laundry list of betting options to act on at your disposal. This website is certain to form betting odds for matchups during the season, including game lines, player props, and team props.

Odds to win the national championship are another betting line that is very popular so the sportsbook ensures that they are available for wagering almost the entire year. They update regularly during the season, depending on how each team performs. When you go to bet on college basketball at SportsBetting, you can trust that the latest and most accurate betting lines are what you'll find. American players are welcome to create an account at SportsBetting and partake in all of the NCAA basketball betting that they wish.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Excellent March Madness Betting

MyBookie Sports Betting

MyBookie is a great website for the average bettor. That’s what they’re built for. During March Madness, a lot of average bettors are looking for a place to wager, and it’s hard to do better than MyBookie. Their website is designed for ease of use, they have relatively low betting limits, and they focus on offering a lot of different odds and props to provide as much fun as you can have at a sportsbook.

MyBookie is a bit unique among the sportsbooks that tend to get recommended. Other books are multipurpose - they cater to the big fish and to the small ones. MyBookie is built for the regular people, the people who just want to have a little extra fun with a little extra cash on the side. If that describes you, it’s definitely worth checking out MyBookie.

Betting On Women’s College Basketball

Like betting on NCAA Men’s college basketball, sportsbooks will be hosting betting lines for NCAA Women’s basketball games as well. The Women’s teams have several seasonal tournaments throughout the year, including the SEC Mountain West event and the Women’s ACC Tournament, Most of the action comes in March, however, with the NCAA Women’s Basketball tournament getting major traction at online sportsbooks. Just like the Men’s Tournament, the Women’s games are battled out in a one and done structure, leading to several upsets every season. The Final Four in particular are major draws for sports bettors as unpredictable outcomes happen every year.

Past College Basketball Champions

When looking at the past college basketball champions, you can see that underdogs and longshot bettors tend to cash in big every year. With the one and done format of the tournaments, the favorite has been eliminated early on many occasions. Just last year, the Virginia Cavaliers shocked the sports betting world by winning the tournament after coming in +1350 to win. Longshot betting is the biggest draw when it comes to taking action on the college basketball championship. There was no tournament in 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic forced the NCAA to suspend all games. But even so, bettors who want to take action on the 2022 tournament may want to look at some longshot odds.

Year: School:
2022: Kansas (+1400)
2021: Baylor (+800)
2020: Canceled
2019: Virginia (+1350)
2018: Villanova (+2700)
2017: North Carolina (+1900)
2016: Villanova (+2500)
2015: Duke (+900)
2014: Connecticut (+6500)
2013: Lousiville (+700)
2012: Kentucky (+550)
2011: Connecticut (+4000)
2010: Duke (+1200)

Tips For Betting On College Basketball

Betting On The 2019 NCAA TournamentAnyone of legal age is capable of placing an online wager on college basketball. But we recommend a few things first. This has to do with the research side of things. In other words, we don't want you to go in betting blind here. We want you to have a plan or at least a general idea of what you like to do when going to place a bet. This is a good rule of thumb across the board, but for this purpose, we are going to specifically cater to college basketball. Below you will find a few tips that we think you should consider when you bet on college basketball.

Research Trends For Past Betting Results - If you are not familiar with trends as a bettor, get familiar with them, especially for college basketball. These can easily be found through an Internet search, at sportsbooks, or handicap sites. Trends are your best indicator for how a team is playing, or matches up against their upcoming opponent. Basically, what this means is that you can look at things like the team’s record against this opponent previously, or their record in the last ten games, and make a more educated prediction about the outcome of a game.

Stay On Top Of The Schedule - There are more than 30 games that a college basketball team plays each season, which makes for at least a few a week. Keeping up with the schedule, standings, and records of teams is very important. Not to mention that knowing where and when a team is playing can be an asset. Games in quick succession tend to be harder to recover from – the second game of back to back games is known for causing teams to fall short of expectations.

Understand Homecourt Advantage – In college basketball, homecourt advantage is something that is crucial to understand when placing bets. Basically, for whatever reason, there does seem to be some observable impact of playing at home vs. playing on the road, that drives teams to have disparate records at home and on the road. For example, many teams with positive overall records have negative records on the road. If you’re planning to bet on one of those teams on the road, you have to look deeper than their overall record to understand the lines.

Be Aware of Injuries/Suspensions/Etc. - College basketball players do get injured. Maybe not to the extent we see in football, but it certainly happens. Key injuries can have a dramatic effect on how a team plays. And not only that, oddsmakers will be all over injury reports as well, so shouldn't you? This seems basic, but it’s really not. Many a sports bettor has seen a confusing line and snapped off a bet on it, only to realize a star player was questionable to play.

The ATS Standings Are Your Friend - Depending on what type of bettor you are, ATS standings can be invaluable. ATS stands for 'Against The Spread.' In other words, teams will have their straight-up records, but as a bettor wagering on the point spread, you want to know how they have fared against the spread during the season. These ATS standings can be found at all over the Internet, and are one of the best tools you have to understand the lines.

Spread The Love Around - What this means, basically, is that you have to manage your bankroll well. It's a good idea if you spread your wagers out, and not risk it all on one bet. Spreading the field and laying down several wagers will increase your chances of winning, and decrease your chances of losing big. The more bets you make, the more opportunities you have - sometimes this necessitates betting less per game, but on more games.

NCAA Basketball Wager / Betting Trends & Patterns

We briefly mentioned betting trends in our tips section above, but we want to take this a step further here and dedicate an entire section to the topic. This is to illustrate the importance that we feel needs to be placed on trends. Betting trends are essentially outcomes relating to particular matchup that have already occurred. This could be a result of previous matchups between the two teams, or the results of betting outcomes of previous games that teams had coming into a future game. Trends cover a wide variety of betting angles, from records against the spread, to records at night, to matchup history records and plenty more. These options are numerous.

Trends can be a strong indicator of how a matchup will go. These are referred to a 'hot' trends, and 'cold' trends. A hot trend is an outcome that has hit at least 80 percent of the time over a given period. A cold trend is a result that has hit 20 percent of less over a period of time. Remember, betting against something, can be every bit as profitable on a wager, as betting for something to happen.

NCAA Basketball Betting Strategies + Systems

Every bettor will have their strengths and weaknesses and a way that they prefer to go about their business. There are certainly strategies for betting on college basketball that some develop over time, or different ones that bettors might try in hopes of finding that winning combination.

A betting strategy for college basketball is essentially a system that one will try out to see if they can profit from it. For example, betting the underdogs against the spread on all games could be considered a strategy. Or the exact opposite, when a bettor takes only teams that are favored. This is a simple strategy, but a strategy nonetheless.

Other examples of a strategy could be using sports gambling systems that spread wagers around, such that one wager is not an all or nothing thing. Spreading bets over a variety of wagers has proven to increase your chances of hitting a bet. It also eliminates the threat of losing it all on one wager.

Some bettors might only like to bet on a high profit margin, where the profit margin is high enough so that the risk is worth the bet. These can include parlay wagers and other linked bets, as well as betting on futures odds. These types of bets tend to have the highest payout margins in general for college basketball.

But when it comes to coming up with a good system for betting on college basketball, we suggest that you do your research and bet smart. Don't take an unnecessary gamble, or if you do, make sure the risk is worth the reward. There is plenty of money to be made out there by bettors who stick to a system that works for them.

Final Advice For Betting On College Basketball Games

While the tips, strategies, and key components that we have touched on so far will help spots bettors place the best possible wagers, it is also important to pay attention to teams matchups beforehand. When looking at a team, knowing the team’s record against the spread, the record for their totals results, and the current winning/losing streak they are on is important, seeing how each player matches up against the opponent is a great way to make sure you are picking the winning bet. Games and bets can be decided simply based on the matchup between players as well as coaches. The advice we have is based on years of gambling and sports betting experience, but there is no such thing as a sure strategy. Sports bettors should note that all wagers are a risk, and can result in losses. When betting on a team to win, it is smart to gather all the important information first, but that could still result in a loss. The best way to play, however, is to follow trends, look at matchups, and see how teams have fared in the past.