Sportsbooks With Live In-Game Betting Available

Live-in-game betting is one of the premiere ways to get in on the action. Live betting turns the moment-to-moment events during a given game into a potential winning opportunity. The best sportsbooks on the market all offer live in-game betting and these live odds are promoted during major events. Live betting is one of the best ways to hedge your bet. Fans can wager on an event, see the tides of the game and make a decision to either offset potential losses or cash in even more betting on the winner. These sportsbooks with live in-game betting are available to all US players.

Best Online Sportsbooks With Live Betting

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Best Sportsbooks For Live Sports Wagering

Bovada Sportsbook

Immediate Live Bet Payouts

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada hosts live odds for all major sporting events throughout the year. Bovada bettors can find these odds promoted under each sport as soon as they log on, allowing fans to quickly get in on the action without having to search for a specific game. Additionally, Bovada’s live bets payout immediately on wins, so fans can get right back to betting if their live wager hits.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Live Bet On Contests Too

BetOnline Sports Betting

This is one of the best sportsbooks to use for live betting, not just with sporting events, but all contests. During events like the presidential election, BetOnline posts several odds related to the voting count. This turns a tense election into an even more tense game for sports betting fans. BetOnline’s live odds are applied to sporting events, award shows, weekly contest shows like Survivor, and many more. For the most variety with live betting check BetOnline.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Hedge Your Bet With Live Betting

MyBookie Sports Betting

Live betting at MyBookie is a great way to hedge your bet. MyBookie hosts live odds on all its major sporting events, increasing the potential winnings for every game and also giving fans the ability to offset losses incurred. Placing a bet before the game only leaves everything up to the athletes. But with live betting, fans can decide whether to hedge their bet if the team they bet on looks like they are going to lose, or double down on their wager.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

No College Live Betting Restrictions

SportsBetting Sports Betting

SportsBetting offers live odds on college sports. Regulated books tend to have restrictions when it comes to college betting and the main restriction is live betting. Fans who use SportsBetting can wager on college football and college basketball well after the game starts. Even some regulated books that allow for live betting restrict it to game lines and spreads only, with no options for player props. SportsBetting offers live odds on player props, giving more ways to win than other options.

Xbet Sportsbook

Alternate Lines And In-Game Betting

Xbet Sports Betting

There is no shortage of live odds available at Xbet for a bevy of sporting events. Xbet hosts odds on both collegiate and professional events with live betting. Live betting at Xbet increases the winning potential for each game and is the best way to hedge your bet. Xbet also offers live betting on nonsporting events like an election. If you are looking for more options with live betting, look no further than Xbet.

What Is "Live" Sports Betting?

Live sports betting entails betting on an event that is already ongoing. The odds that appear are odds similar to betting pre-game. Fans can bet on the spread, moneyline, and game totals as with straight bets. Sports betting fans can also find odds on player props like totals as well. Fans must move quickly when betting on live odds as the odds change with every possession, down, and event during the sporting event. The best way to capitalize on live odds is to constantly be checking sportsbooks while the event is ongoing. The odds change every few seconds, so players need to act immediately when the odds are appealing. There are odds for all major sporting at the top online sportsbooks on the market.

Live Betting Vs. In-Play Betting

There is not much difference between live betting and in-play betting, only the type of odds available hence why these are often used interchangeably. Live betting focuses on game lines and prop bets shifting throughout a given event while in-play focuses on adjusted spreads, game totals, as well as moneylines. Live odds are bets that tend to run throughout the game, adjusting as the game proceeds. For example, betting on a given team to win, the odds will constantly shift as the game goes on. Meanwhile, in-play bets like spreads change constantly.

For example, if a team is up by 25 points one may find odds to take the losing team, at +15.5. should the losing team go on a run and bring the game to within 10, the +15.5 option would be long gone. It's all semantics as sportsbooks that offer live betting also offer in-play betting and visa versa. The live and in-play odds are displayed together for the same events.

Sports That You Can Bet That Are 'Live' or 'In-Play'

Due to the popularity of the betting type, live betting odds are offered by most online sportsbooks for all major sporting events. Whether betting on a team sport or an individual player, online sportsbooks like Bovada have live odds that are constantly shifting based on how the game is playing out. The majority of online sportsbooks feature all of the live odds on the main page of the sports betting site, even for smaller league sports in the US or internationally.

Most Popular Sports For Live Betting

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • MLB
  • College Football
  • College Basketball
  • College Baseball
  • Golf
  • Tennis

Types Of Wagers That Can Be Made On Live Sports

There are not many differences between the types of bets that can be placed before an event and the types of wagers that are offered live for the same event. However, the ability to place live wagers gives bettors an edge because they can scope out the game and player performances before putting money down. This also opens up the door for receiving bug payouts on comebacks with long odds.

  • Moneyline
  • Spread
  • Total Betting
  • Player Props
  • Game Props
  • Alternative Spread

Live Betting With Cryptocurrency

The best online sportsbooks that offer live betting odds also have the option to deposit and withdraw through cryptocurrency transactions. Live betting and crypto work well together, because live bets come and go quickly and cryptocurrency allows for lightning-fast transactions. When trying to place a live bet through an online sportsbook before the odds shift or the game ends, crypto can be used to instantly fund a bankroll and get the bets processed in time.

Types Of Crypto At Live Betting Sportsbooks

Live Betting On Football

Yes, you can place a live bet on pretty much any sport, but many consider football to be the easiest live bet that you can place both in the NFL and at the collegiate level. This is because live betting odds are updated after each play in the game is done. Those few seconds in between plays give you more than enough time to get your live bet in. You can also take advantage of live betting odds at the end of each quarter as well. Live betting on NFL and college football means you can place bets on all three types of gameline odds such as the moneyline, spread, and game total.

For those betting on the NFL, they can find odds for if this down will result in a TD or interception, how many yards will be gained on a down, or if a field goal will be completed or not. Live betting in a way is an extension of pre-game betting with the same options alongside a bevy of more options only found through live betting.

Live Betting Options By Sportsbook

Not every sportsbook offers the same live betting options. As such, we have laid out the sports that each online sportsbook offers for players looking to live bet on games. It is important to note that some sports not listed may or may not be available based on the time of year.

  • Bovada: Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Combat Sports, Cricket, eSports, Football, Golf, Handball, Hockey, Soccer, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, and Water Polo
  • BetOnline: Baseball, Combat Sports, Cricket, Football, Darts, eSports, Golf, Soccer, and Tennis
  • MyBookie: Baseball, Basketball, Combat Sports, Football, Golf, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, and Volleyball
  • SportsBetting: Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Golf, eSports, Soccer, and Tennis
    XBet: Basketball, Baseball, Combat Sports, Football, Golf, Racing, Soccer, and Tennis

Advantages Of Live Betting On Sports

The main advantage to live betting is the ability to hedge your bet. With the sheer amount of odds at players’ disposal, line shopping becomes easier. Let’s say you bet on one team to win the game but you see early on that they are playing bad. With live betting, players can take action on other bets and offset the potential losses. Another advantage of live betting is having more options for every event. Major sporting events like the Super Bowl or March Madness tournament are when a lot of bettors wager with some only betting during these events. Live betting turns a single game into a nonstop betting experience.

  • Best way to hedge your bet.
  • More odds for every game.
  • More winning potential when betting.

Disadvantages Of Live Betting On Sports

There are some disadvantages that come with live betting that bettors should be aware of. For starters, with the odds changing so quickly, fans can see their bet shift even as they aim to place a wager. It can be frustrating finding odds on a team or player that is extremely valuable, just for the odds to change right before a bettor is able to place action. Outside of odds simply changing, some betting lines get pulled out of the blue before players can wager, adding another challenge to live-in-game betting. Live betting is not recommended for first-time players. Until you get used to betting and understand odds better, stick to betting before the game.

  • Odds changing constantly makes them easy to miss.
  • Betting lines being removed altogether.
  • Risk of losing is high with how unpredictable games and events can be in real-time.

Live Betting On The MLB

As the 2022 MLB regular season nears its end, there are plenty of games with live betting value with teams fighting for a chance to sneak into the postseason. Just like with any other type of sport, online sportsbooks shift the odds during the live game, offering high payouts on teams coming back from behind. Most online sportsbooks like Bovada offer a live play-by-play on each live game with odds for the winner and various prop bets that constantly move. Whether betting on the runline or the game totals, live betting offers an exciting and profitable betting experience for the MLB.

An example would be when the Yankees were beating the Twins 2-0 in the top of the fifth on Thursday and the odds had stayed in the Yankee’s favor and grew longer throughout. However, the Twins ended up winning the game with live underdog odds in the fifth, offering a bigger payout than if a bettor would have placed a wager before the game had started.