Sportsbooks That Accept Prepaid Gift Cards

We’ve known for a long time that the one issue that keeps many Americans from enjoying legal online gambling, including betting on their favorite sports or teams, is the fact that they simply don’t want to turn over information regarding their financial institutions or bank accounts. This we can understand. But prepaid Visa, Mastercard or American Express-branded gift cards might be the solution to this dilemma, and quality legal online sites have begun accepting these cards.

At, we’re always looking at ways to make betting on your favorite sports more accessible, more fun and more secure. Today we’ll discuss these prepaid cards, where you can get them, how much they cost, how they work and who accepts them.

Benefits Of Using Prepaid Gift Cards To Deposit

Re-Usable - Many of these cards can be “reloaded” – so if you’re planning a trip and don’t want to carry a wad of cash, you can pack the card and go. Because these are actual Visa, Mastercard or American Express products, they are accepted internationally – and that often will include your favorite sports betting site.

Point Of Purchase - These prepaid cards can be purchased online, and often you’ll find them in your neighborhood Walgreen’s, Wal-Mart or convenience store. By paying a small upfront fee, you have essentially created an interest-free account with which to open your sports betting account online.

Drawbacks Of Using Prepaid Cards

Potential Fees For Purchase - Well, of course there’s always a downside. First, the card costs money. If you use your debit card, there is generally no fee, so the prepaid card costs more. Also, some sites may be charged a small percentage for accepting that card – and it is likely that fee will be passed on to you.

Acceptance Rate Of Prepaid Cards At Online Sportsbooks

BetOnline SportsbookWe hate to use the terms “guaranteed” or “100%”, but this is a scenario that allows us to assure you that you can use prepaid Visa and Mastercard, and usually American Express, cards at virtually any legal sports book you select – with one caveat. You must first call customer service at the site where you wish to place your bet, and ask them, “Which of these cards will you accept?” The Customer Service representative will let you know which card will work at that particular site, and give you any information that applies to the use of that card, i.e., fees that may be passed on to you. Buy the card, set up your account, and place your bet. Then turn on the television and cheer on your team or whatever team you are betting on that day.

Best Sportsbooks That Accept Gift Cards

As we mentioned, quality, legal sportsbooks will accept your prepaid VISA, Mastercard or Amex, if you call and verify which sportsbook deposit methods work for them; some may take them all, others are more selective. Three of our favorites are reviewed here, with the corresponding requirements and restrictions.

Bovada - Accepts VISA Gift Cards with International Purchasing Capabilities

Bovada SportsbookIt seems like every time we start talking about high-quality, legal online gambling, this name comes up, and there’s a good reason for that. This is a sophisticated, well-designed, aesthetically-pleasing place to visit. The site is attractive and easy to navigate, and the customer service is first-rate. Sports bettors not only get lines and odds – they get features on their favorites sports, articles that include insightful information regarding the performance of players and teams, and sports betting tips, or most obscure, sports betting options.

Calling Customer Support, at 888-263-0000, will allow you to learn that Bovada will gladly accept International Visa prepaid cards from U.S. players in all states but Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Nevada. Players in these states can’t wager at Bovada due to unique trade restrictions.

BetOnline - Prepaid Options Through VISA, MasterCard + American express

BetOnline Sportsbook“Because you can”, you should always consider BetOnline as your legal sports betting destination. The site is chock full of valuable information for the savvy sports bettor, and the number of games, teams and sports on which you can cast a bet is virtually unlimited in scope as well as the amount you can risk.

If the prepaid option appeals to you, call customer service and you can get approval for the use of a prepaid Visa or American Express to deposit into BetOnline. In fact, it should be known that prepaid cards bearing the Mastercard logo are also accepted payment at BetOnline. - Gift Cards Make For Easiest Deposits At This Sportsbook

SportsBetting Sportsbook

As the name implies, this is a sports betting site. It’s also a first class poker and casino destination. But cut its online teeth by providing a vast array of games and sports for players in the U.S. and elsewhere. Guidance and information make for a better, more trustworthy betting experience, and that’s what you get at

A call to 888-843-9027 will connect you with the top-flight customer service offered at You’ll be informed that your Visa or American Express prepaid account is approved, and in just a few minutes, you’ll be checking the odds on the NBA finals, or the World Series, or the Tour de France – whatever gets your blood pumping.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Card Sportsbooks New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site
Bovada Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $250 Visit Bovada
BetOnline Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $1,000NEW! Visit BetOnline
Sportsbetting Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $1,000NEW! Visit Sportsbetting
Dimes Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $520 Visit 5 Dimes
BetDSI Sportsbook Review 100% Up To $500NEW! Visit BetDSI
More About Prepaid Gift Card Sportsbook Deposits

Clearly, the prepaid card is a viable option for those who don’t have a bank account, or simply want to keep their banking information separate from their gaming activity. If that includes you, there are a couple of things you should know:

Prepaid Card Sportsbook Deposit Fees

When you open your deposit account at a quality, legal sports betting site, it’s free when you use your banking information, i.e., your bank credit or debit card. Fees may come into play when you use a prepaid card, because the card company will charge the site for accepting the card. For example, activation and load fees for a card purchased online can add up to as much as $9.00, with other fees potentially applying when you reload the card.

Sportsbook Payouts With Gift / Prepaid Cards

Sorry – not going to happen. Payouts and withdrawals cannot be made via any card for U.S. citizens, whether it’s credit or debit, prepaid or a gift from a bank or credit union. Legal sports betting sites are also limited in other ways, so if you open your account with a prepaid card, it’s likely the only way to make withdrawals or get payout of winnings is through a check, which will usually take a little time.

Built In Security Of Using Prepaid Gift Cards To Deposit

No one can question the security of the prepaid card method of depositing funds in your sports betting account. You’ve not only set up your account by providing your personal information, you’ve also called the site to get permission to use the prepaid card. And since you’ve given no bank account information, the only funds that are at risk are the funds you wager.

Are Prepaid Cards The Best Way To Deposit Into A Sportsbook?

As we mentioned early on, some people are more security conscious than others and simply won’t share their bank account information or credit card number with anyone. Others are a little more trusting but don’t want to tie their bank account funds to their legal online hobby. Others who enjoy online gaming may not have a bank account, and therefore not have a choice.

So for these folks, this is a logical way to get to enjoy legal sports betting online, for now. But laws are changing these days almost as fast as technology, and as the online gaming world continues to grow, and sports betting, the oldest form of gambling known, becomes more accepted as a legal form of entertainment, the methods we use to accommodate players will also change. Stay tuned to – there is certainly more to come.