Legal UFC Betting

Legal MMA Betting For UFC 229Legal UFC betting sites for US residents are more in demand now than ever. As MMA has started to increase in popularity, bookmakers both on land and online have taken notice. The relatively young sport is aired in more than 100 countries and has a rapidly increasing fan base. That is why all of the leading USA online sportsbooks have made it a point to include betting odds on the most highly anticipated UFC events of the year. Even if you are looking to bet on contests outside of the main event, the best US sports betting sites have you covered. Enthusiasts can wager on UFC betting odds in various ways, many of which casual fans are not aware of. Many followers of the popular sport are also unsure about where to actually put money on legal UFC betting odds. That is where we come in to give you the A to Z of betting on MMA odds as US sports bettor. No matter your experience level, you can learn more about wager types, current betting odds, and banking options at the legal UFC online sportsbooks for USA residents.

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Current UFC Betting Odds

UFC Fight Night: Ankalaev Vs. Santos

UFC Fight Night is set to feature a light heavyweight main event between Magomed Ankalaev and Thiago Santos in which Ankalaev is heavily favored to win. Ankalaev is sitting at the top of his game right now with a 16-1 record while Santos is sitting behind with a 22-9 record. Backing up Ankalaev even more is that Santos has taken a back seat in his last four fights having gone 1-3 in that span. With Santos' rankings dropping, Ankalaev will certainly look to capitalize on it.

Magomed Ankalaev Vs. Thiago Santos

  • Magomed Ankalaev -500
  • Thiago Santos +360

Upcoming UFC Pay-Per-View Events

Betting On UFC 276: Adesanya vs Cannonier

This middleweight bout between Israel Adesanya (22-1) and Jared Cannonier (15-5) has sportsbooks leaning heavily in favor of the current champion Adesanya. Izzy has dominated this weight class, never losing and UFC bettors do not expect this to change on July 1st when he faces Cannonier. Cannonier is coming off of a second-round knockout victory against Derek Brunson, however, which Izzy should make note of. The striking force of Cannonier could lead to a major upset during UFC 276.

Main Events

Adesanya Vs. Cannonier

  • Israel Adesanya -360
  • Jared Cannonier +280

Volkanovski Vs. Holloway

  • Alexander Volkanovski -190
  • Max Holloway +154

UFC Wager Types

Legal UFC sports betting sites may differ in the odds that are offered, but wager types will always be the same. UFC presents unique betting options that are not found in traditional sports, which adds to the overall excitement of wagering. There are a couple different ways that you can bet on MMA, which we will explain in more detail below.

The most straightforward way to wager is on the fight result, which is a simple moneyline wager/match bet. You simply pick the fighter that you think will win the contest, and put money on that side. If you bet on the favored fighter (i.e -275) you will need to put down more money than your potential win. If you bet on the underdog (i.e +300) your potential win will be greater than your risk.

Round betting is also extremely popular when betting on MMA. You can bet on which round you think the fight will finish in. Some sites also give the option to wager on a fighter to win the match in a specific round. You can even bet on the over/under of how many rounds the fight will last. In this scenario, you will usually wager on the bout to go over or under 1.5 rounds.

Method of victory wagers are also an option at legal UFC online sportsbooks. As the name suggests, you can bet on how the contest will be won, without necessarily picking one fighter over another. The methods of victory that you can bet on include KO, submission, and points.

Live UFC Betting

Live UFC betting is a more exciting way to wager on your favorite fighters. Instead of having to get your bets in prior to heading to the octagon, you can wager on the match as it unfolds. Liking how one fighter comes out of the gate? You can bet on them. Underdog looking worse than expected? You can bet on that as well. If you’re an experienced fight watcher, this can be a great way to make some money, as you can observe the trends happening in the fight as it unfolds.

The best online sportsbooks will post UFC betting odds live, allowing you to bet as the action unfolds. Some of the options will include adjusted moneylines, totals, fight results, and more. Some sites only post odds between rounds, while others post odds throughout the event. When you try out live UFC betting at many of the online sportsbooks, you can even claim a free bet offer on your first wager!

Mobile UFC Betting Apps

Mobile UFC betting apps make wagering on the latest contests more convenient than ever. With mobile sports betting, you can take your entire sportsbook with you wherever you go. Whether you are an iPhone or Android user, you will be able to log into your sports betting account from your device. These mobile betting websites are available on any mobile device, and accessible very easily - no downloads required!

All of the legal UFC sportsbooks that you use every day will also have a mobile option. In most cases, you can just visit the website from your smartphone or tablet without having to download any kind of third-party app. The same odds, wager types, and bonuses will be offered from the mobile UFC sportsbook. You will retain the full functionality of the desktop version of the site, but the user interface will be built for use on a mobile device, making placing bets from your phone incredibly easy. Some of the best mobile sites for UFC betting odds include Bovada and SportsBetting.

Best Online Sportsbooks For Legal UFC Betting

The best USA online sportsbooks for legal UFC betting include reputable operators such as Bovada and BetOnline. With the increased popularity of betting on UFC, just about every site will post odds on the biggest matches throughout the year. Many UFC bettors are users of online sportsbooks, and there are odds on every UFC event available well in advance of the start time, for those of you who want to get your bets in early.

Aside from the latest betting odds, the best UFC sports betting sites will have reliable banking, excellent customer service, and big bonuses. Most of them are located outside of the United States, which allows them to offer tons of props and different bets on the fights. You cannot go wrong when you use leading UFC sports betting sites for US players, such as SportsBetting and Bovada, among others.

Best UFC Betting Deposit Methods

When you want to fund your account quickly and safely, you should only use the best UFC betting deposit methods. Bitcoin is one of the newer options and provides instant deposits for those wanting to bet on UFC matches. The majority of sportsbooks do not charge fees, and flexible limits range from $20 to $25,000. Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash are also accepted at many UFC sports betting sites for USA players. Credit card deposits are one of the popular sportsbook deposit methods, with limits ranging from $50 to $5,000. Major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard are accepted just about everywhere. Outside of instant deposit options, checks, money orders, and person-to-person methods can be used to fund your online sportsbook account.

Fastest UFC Betting Payout Methods

The fastest payout methods for UFC betting are generally electronic options. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will have your funds delivered to your wallet in about 48 hours – without any fees. Digital currencies also allow bettors to withdraw anywhere from $20 to $10,000. Options such as Money Gram are also fast, with your winnings available to be picked up from a local retail location in less than a week. Fees can vary depending on how much you withdraw from your account. While cryptocurrencies rank amongst the fastest UFC betting payout methods, bettors can choose the most convenient option.

Picking The Right UFC Betting Bonus

One of the benefits of using the online sportsbooks is the many lucrative betting bonuses and promotions they offer. These bonuses can be applied to your deposit to give you free betting money. The promotions come in all different shapes and sizes and have specific benefits and drawbacks so it is important to understand whether or not you should take the offer. If you plan to simply make a few bets on a specific fight, then it would be in your best interest to not take the bonus. This is because the site will lock up your bonus funds and prevent you from withdrawing them without spending (losing) a certain amount on the site. If you plan to open an account and keep it open for various betting ventures, then the bonus provides better value, as you will have more funds to bet with, and won’t want to withdraw any winnings soon after your deposit.