Legal Golf Betting

Legal Golf BettingBetting on golf is one of the pastimes of America, as is the game itself. Whether that be hitting the links with your friends and sharing some beverages or looking to bet real money on legitimate sports betting sites, golf and gambling go hand in hand. Some of the largest betting events in the world surround golf, as the four major events allow for bettors to engage in dozens of betting lines. The odds presented offer the ability to bet on specific golfers to win a tournament, how they will fare against other golfers, and even a hole-by-hole breakdown.

Golf betting takes many forms, but this page focuses on not only how to bet on the golf but the legality behind it as well. These topics include displaying where to bet on golf and the best practices for doing so. No matter if you are looking to bet on one golf event or every tournament, this page is set up to explain all the questions you might have. As more and more states begin to legalize sports betting, the belief is that golf will slowly become of the more gambling-friendly sports in the world.

How The Coronavirus Affected Golf

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many american and foreign sports leagues. For the most part, professional golf in the US has been shut down. There have been some smaller events, but they were few and far between. At this point, anything with a crowd is dangerous, and there are a lot of problems that a golf event could create. There are still plans for special events like the Woods-Mickelson PPV event, which is still in the works for this year. Stay tuned to this page - we will be updating everything about COVID-19 as it happens in the professional golf world.

Is It Legal To Bet On Golf In The USA?

There is sort of varying degrees here, but the basic answer is yes, it absolutely is legal to bet on golf in the USA. Many states have legalized sports betting, and in those states, it can be good to use state-sanctioned sportsbooks as long as you are above the legal gambling age. If you are not in one of the states that have legal betting, you can utilize the online sportsbook industry in order to fulfill your golf betting needs. In fact, even if you are in a state with sanctioned sports betting, it can be advantageous to use the online betting sites for a few reasons. The first is that hometown heroes tend to get overrated in local markets. Let’s say you’re in a golfer’s hometown, and you want to bet on them – well so does everyone else around you. Hometown heroes get worse odds in their hometown. The second reason you might want to use these legal sportsbooks is that of line shopping. It is incredibly useful and the online books give you the best route to doing this easily.

Betting On Golf Online

USAOnlineSportsbooks allow players from all over the country to legally bet on golf online. These sportsbooks are located overseas and they are not restricted by US regulation. These international sportsbooks allow anyone who wants to bet on the biggest golfing events in the year to win big. There are also a host of prop bets as well as player-specific props and live betting available as well. You will be hard-pressed to run out of betting options at online sportsbooks when betting on golf. Golf is an individual sport, so there is a lot of betting lines for every golfer involved in an event.

Current Golf Odds

There are many events to bet on in golf, and many permutations thereof. The next PGA event is THE PLAYERS Championship from Thursday, March 12 through Sunday, March 15. The event is hosted at THE PLAYERS Stadium Course in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. It will be broadcast on NBC and the Golf Channel.

THE PLAYERS Championship Odds

  • Rory McIlroy +750
  • Jon Rahm +1200
  • Justin Thomas +1400
  • Bryson DeChambeau +2000
  • Tommy Fleetwood +2200
  • Dustin Johnson +2500
  • Patrick Cantlay +2500
  • Im Sung-jae +2500
  • Hideki Matsuyama +2800
  • Webb Simpson +2800

How To Find The Best Golf Odds

The best way to find the best golf lines is to sign up at as many betting sites as possible – it is important to diversify your sources of lines, so that you can find the best ones. For example, if Site A has Tiger Woods at +500 and Site B has Tiger Woods at +700, it is best to bet on the site that offers you a bigger return. This is a small example, as some differences will be much greater than this while others will be just a few numbers higher. But it is absolutely something to keep in mind – shopping for the best lines will get you to the best level of profitability.

The Best Golf Sports Betting Sites

There are plenty of excellent sportsbooks that offer online betting on golf. Make sure you do your research before signing up at an online sportsbook and placing any bets. Similarly, make sure you at least have the ability to shop lines – it sound small, but money in gambling tends to be made at the margins over time.

Bovada - Golf Odds On All Major Tournaments

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada is the industry standard – the prototypical online sportsbook. The best thing about Bovada is probably it’s excellent user interface – you simply click a bet, and it goes into your cart where you adjust the amount…and that’s it! You’re done. Bovada’s website is excellent, but so is their sportsbook. They have excellent odds on various events, and a wide variety of bets available for both the novice and the discerning bettor. Want to bet on individual results of a hole at the Honda Classic? You can do that. There’s something for everyone at Bovada.g four (4) states: Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey, and Maryland.

Bovada Sportsbook Review Visit Bovada

MyBookie - Prop Bets Surrounding Golf Events
MyBookie is an excellent online sportsbook, and one of the more well known of the offshore sportsbooks, as they advertise on many American media outlets. MyBookie has an excellent sportsbook, which has great odds on various types of bets. One thing worth highlighting about MyBookie is that they probably have the most widely varied bets among the major online sportsbooks. MyBookie offers odds on so many different things that are only found there, that range from prop bets on if someone will flash the camera at TPC or whether or not a jacket winner will have a gaffe at the podium. While you might not be able to bet on literally everything you can think of, you can get as close as possible if you bet at MyBookie.

MyBookie Sportsbook Review Visit MyBookie Sportsbook

How To Bet On Golf

There are a lot of common wagers on golf tournaments, so let’s start with the big ones:

Betting On Golf Winners (Futures)

The most common type of golf betting is simply betting on the winner of a given tournament. This is a very simple bet to make – you simply navigate to a sportsbook, choose the player that you think will win, make sure you like the odds of them winning, and place your bet. If they win, you win. Simple and easy, and it's no surprise that this is the most common type of betting for golf.

Head To Head Betting

When you bet head to head, essentially what you are doing is you are saying that Golfer A will do better than Golfer B in an event that they are both competing in. As a classic example, imagine betting on Tiger Woods to have a lower score than Phil Mickleson after the first round of a tournament. These can be presented as straight-up bets with odds or will have a spread associated with them.

Betting On The Best Player From A Location

This is something that is relatively unique to the way golf is set up. Most major tournaments will have players from across the world competing, and this allows sportsbooks to offer odds on who the best player will be from each region. This is, effectively, an extended head to head bet, wherein you are betting on a certain player from, for example, Korea, to have a better record than their compatriots from the same country.

Betting On Golf From My Phone

Mobile Sports BettingMany of the online sportsbooks will have mobile versions of their sportsbooks too! Generally what they will not do is have apps, but if you use your mobile internet browser to visit any of the online action, they will show you a mobile optimized version of the website. This means that it will have an app-like feel, and will be excellently designed for your phone, whether you are on an iphone or an android.