American Express Sportsbooks

Online sportsbooks know that there are a lot of bettors from the United States looking to wager on sports betting sites. That's because USA players have to go to offshore sports betting sites to legally wager on sports online. And with U.S. players venturing to these offshore sites who are marketing to them, they have deposit methods that U.S. players commonly have, or commonly have access too.

One of these methods is an American Express card. An American Express card is considered one of the big-three credit cards in the United States, with the other two being VISA and MasterCard. American Express cards are accepted at a few select USA online sportsbooks, and can provide a safe, easy, and certainly a convenient way for bettors to make that deposit to fund your account.

But, there are some details that you should be made aware of before doing so, which we go into and outline further down on this page so keep it clicked here as we guide you through the entire gamut of AmEx sports betting sites.

Benefits Of Using American Express To Deposit

High Acceptance Rate - American Express has a very high acceptance rate for USA players at online sportsbooks. The transactions tend to go through with little or no inconvenience from the credit card companies or banks.

Instant Deposits - Once accepted, your deposit is instantly transferred into your sportsbook account and available for you to you.

Drawbacks Of Using American Express

Not Always Offered - American Express is not that common amongst online sportsbooks, but there certainly are some that accept them (further down).

Not Always Easy To Obtain - Getting approved for an American Express account can be one of the toughest lines of credit to open. They are typically offered to Americans that have a good credit score and open lines of credit in good standing.

Acceptance Not 100% Guaranteed - Despite American Express having a high acceptance rate, it is not a guarantee for USA players that it will go through, because every electronic transaction has the potential to be restricted by the UIGEA.

American Express Credit Card vs. American Express Gift Card Deposits

One of the nice features about an online sportsbook accepting American Express cards is that they accept anything with the American Express brand from the company. American Express gift cards are under this umbrella, and are generally accepted where American Express cards are. But what's a nice feature about American Express gift cards that are approved is their guaranteed acceptance. That's because the transactions are much easier to do than with a normal card in which the banks can sometimes reject the online gambling transaction.

What Do I Do If My American Express Deposit Is Declined?

Unfortunately, you will have to seek out another method of depositing. American Express card deposits could be rejected because the bank will not approve an online gambling transaction. However, one of the nice things in general about online sportsbooks where USA players are accepted is that there is usually more than one method that they accept. This can be in the form of another credit card, but can also be in the form of a wire transfer, money order, cashier's check, or even an e-wallet.

Best Sportsbooks That Welcome American Express Deposits

We'll be honest, it's not easy to find sportsbooks that take American Express but we're not going to let that stop us from finding the best. Just accepting AmEx isn't enough to get on this list as these sites must be proven leaders not only when using American Express but also with other deposit methods of the same type. We have used these sites and know that AmEx does work. With that said, we usually opt for VISA deposits because the terms of the card are more friendly for our situation.

BetOnline - $1,000 Available On All AmEx Deposits; 25% Match

BetOnline is a top online sportsbook with American Express cards available to deposit. Those who choose American Express to deposit can receive a 25% bonus up to $1,000 on every deposit made into an account. Bet on a wide range of sports including the NFL, college sports, soccer, NBA, MLB, golf, tennis, NASCAR, hockey and all of the other major professional American sports leagues at BetOnline, as they are likely to have the betting line that you want. USA residents in all 50 states are able to sign up for a new account at BetOnline, simply meet the age requirement of online gambling in your state. - 95% Success Acceptance On American Express Transfers accepts all players in the 50 United States, and has an American Express credit card deposit option. is one of our best online sportsbooks, operating out of Panama.

Depositing with an American Express is a simple process at, with basic information needed such as the card number, name, and billing address. From there, your account will be funded. has a great selection of betting odds to take advantage of, all of which will be at your disposal.


Best American Express Online Sportsbooks

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More About American Express Sportsbook Deposits

So far we've talked about the different online sportsbooks that accept American Express and some of the benefits and drawbacks that this deposit option could present. But now just below, we are going to take that a step further and delve into some of the most important factors surrounding American Express deposits at online sportsbooks.

American Express Sportsbook Deposit Fees

Fortunately when a player chooses to deposit with an American Express card, there is usually no fee attached to do so. Also, an American Express card deposit is the only way in which a financial transaction can be done with the card, as there cannot be a payout received through the credit card. As a result, the withdrawal a player will make once they decided to cash out their winnings will need to be from another means of payout from the sportsbook. This method will be different at each sportsbook, though checks through the mail are the most commonly found payout methods from a sportsbook.

American Express Sportsbook Withdrawals

Those who deposit with an American Express credit card will have another form of withdraw. Bettors will be able to select their preferred cash out method based on the options that the online sports betting site will have in their cashier and customer service sections. Payouts will be processed within 24 hours and sent on their way to the player. Payout methods include checks in the mail, wire transfers, and sometimes prepaid credit cards can be found. With other payout methods, that method must be used as the method to deposit if a withdrawal is to be made.

Transaction Time For American Express Sportsbook Transfers

If accepted, an American Express card deposit method is instant, funding a player's account and allowing them to bet on what they wish right away. It only takes a couple of minutes to submit the information to make an American Express deposit, and once approved, future deposits take even less time with the card information already on file with the sportsbook. Depositing with an American Express Card is nice this way, as it doesn't have the player have to wait for the payment to be sent and received.

sportsbook Security - Keeping Your American Express Account Safe

Obviously one of the main questions with these sports betting sites that are offshore will be security. But the more you know about these online sportsbooks, the more comfortable you feel about them. The ones that we have reviewed and played at are some of the most respected betting sites in the world. As such, they take security of their site, and their players very seriously. Bettors who sign up and input personal and financial information into their account can take solace in the fact that the sports betting site puts in different encryption and measures to ensure full safety. Using an American Express card could also get you a call from your bank as well, where you will have to verify the deposit.

American Express Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses

When you deposit with an American Express, you are able to receive different deposit bonuses that are available at the various sites. But since credit cards are very common ways to deposit, oftentimes we might see the bonuses slightly less than with other methods. and BetOnline are good examples of this. AmEx betting deposits receive a 15% bonus up to $900 each time; non-credit cards receive 25%. The total bonus amount is the same, but the amount you have to deposit is more for American Express and other credit cards.