States With Online Sportsbooks

Many states with online sportsbooks feature popular operators like FanDuel, Bovada, DraftKings, BetOnline, and BetMGM. While some states restrict who can enter their local market, online sportsbooks from outside the US can offer sports betting services to pretty much every American state. This page covers the states with legal online sportsbooks available.

Sportsbooks That Accept Players From The Most States

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Bovada Sportsbook

Best All Around Sportsbook Available In The USA

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada is one of the most notable sportsbooks for US players, having been online for a decade or more. With a strong community on social media and on their site itself, Bovada takes players from all US states and territories except New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada, and Delaware. Otherwise, Bovada is an excellent option for online sports betting, especially when you take them up on their first-time welcome bonus on sign up.

States With Legalized Sportsbooks

Over the last few years, sports betting has become a common practice across the US, as a few states changed their laws to support a local sportsbook industry. In a short time, the number of sportsbooks in America exceeded many expectations. While the growth has been positive, it's important to understand that each state sets different rules for its sportsbooks... this is true even on major brands. For example, using DraftKings in Oregon means you're giving up the ability to bet on college football or basketball. Staying in line with every regulation can be a headache, especially for travelers. That's why we recommend one of the best USA sportsbooks instead.

As of April 2024, 30 states (plus Washington DC) feature sports betting apps that can be used anywhere inside their state's borders.

  • BetMGM is available in over two dozen states and provinces - the sportsbook in the most US states.
  • FanDuel and DraftKings trail just behind with around 20 states a piece.
  • Caesars Sportsbook holds steady at four, being available in well over a dozen states as well.

States With Sportsbook Apps

  • Montana offers an app known as Sports Bet Montana but only allows you to save bets as a QR code.
  • Mississippi offers the PRR Sports app, which can only be used inside Pearl River Resort and Bok Homa Casino.

States Hoping To Also Regulate Sportsbooks

With about 60% of the US in motion, the remainer of the country is divided into states that want to add sports betting industries to their economy and one's that don't. The delay for those who do are often related to money or control, while those who don't often cite a moral reasoning or lack of benefit. While states that had bipartisan support were amongst the first wave, the future of USA online sportsbooks and its expansion comes from small state governments.

  • States Supporting Online Sportsbooks: Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Missouri
  • States Opposing An Online Sports Betting Market: Utah, Alaska, Idaho, Washington, New Mexico

States That Considered Sports Betting In 2023

State Bill Status
Alabama SB 294 Failed
Alaska AK HB 385 Failed
Georgia Constitutional Amendment Failed
Kansas Senate Bill 84 Passed
Kentucky HB 606 Failed
Maine LD 585 Passed
Massachusetts HB 5164 Passed
Minnesota HF 778 Failed
Missouri HF 643 Failed
North Carolina SB 688 Failed
Vermont S 77 Failed

How The Supreme Court Ruling Affects US Sports Betting

The Supreme Court overturned PASPA in May 2018, effectively allowing states to regulate their own betting markets. Previously, most states were served only by international sportsbooks that operated outside of the confines of US law. Now, they can regulate and license sportsbooks to operate within their district and collect tax money.

  • This is why states have varying sportsbook tax rates. For example, New York sportsbooks must pay 51% of their monthly revenue to the state. Meanwhile, Nevada sportsbooks are only sending around 6% every month.
  • This is also why some states have one or two sportsbook operators (New Hampshire, Oregon) while Colorado sportsbooks reach the 20+ mark.

Why International Sportsbooks Are Legal To Use

What makes international sportsbooks legal to use is the fact they are headquartered overseas. All of the strict US sports betting legislation on the federal level only applies to US businesses. In fact, any law against an online sportsbook violates international trade agreements, under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). Over 20 years ago, the World Trade Organization ruled in favor of Antigua in a battle against the US, proving that no US law can restrict international trade, even in the form of gambling.