College Baseball Betting

College Baseball BettingBetting on college baseball offers more options than ever in today’s modern age. With the expansion and growth of online sports betting over the years, college baseball betting has seen a substantial increase in popularity and availability in most sportsbooks. In the past, fans and bettors would be lucky to see any college baseball lines offered by their bookie or local sportsbook. Now with the widespread distribution of information and technology, watching, and therefore NCAA baseball betting odds have never been easier to read.

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Where To Bet On College Baseball

When it comes to finding a sportsbook to bet on college baseball, there are two main options for you to choose from. US residents have the option of using a state-licensed sportsbook if they happen to live in a state with local sportsbooks. Regardless of what state you live though, you can always use an online sportsbook to bet on college baseball. This method is 100% legal for US residents to use, and offer the most lucrative odds and line and many payment options.

Bovada Sportsbook

A Place To Bet On College Baseball

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada is the perfect site for you to bet on college baseball, offering you the best lines. Along with run lines, Bovada gives players plenty of prop bet options for college baseball. Future options on Bovada give players hundreds of more options to make a huge profit betting on college baseball. Bovada also offers bonus deals for new members who sign up, in the form of free play, bankroll boosts, or risk-free bets.

BetOnline Sportsbook

The Most Props For The CWS

BetOnline Sports Betting

BetOnline is consistently one of the top players when it comes to online betting sites for college baseball. Get game lines across the nation for big games throughout the season, or lay down some future bets for the College World Series. When it comes to prop bets, BetOnline has a multitude of College World Series prop bets that will excite even the most experienced of bettors. When signing up, be sure to check out BetOnline’s promotions, as they typically offer new members grand proposals such as free play or deposit matching.

How To Bet On College Baseball

Betting on College Baseball has a few basic bets that you should learn before heading to your online sportsbook for the first time. The game has some uniqueness that shows through on the betting card, so it is important to understand the format fully before getting caught in a pickle.

Run Lines

Known as the run line, this is the "spread" that is set before the game and favors one team to win by a certain amount of runs. Players may then place wagers on whether or not they believe either team will exceed or come within the set run amount. An example of the run line bet looks like this:

Oregon State vs. Oregon:

  • Oregon State -1.5 (-110)
  • Oregon +1.5 (-110)


The moneyline for college baseball operates the same as it does for all other major sports betting formats. Simply pick the team you believe will win, and you will win your bet. However, the catch is that the oddsmakers will select a favorite. This favorite will then have much worse return odds if you choose to bet on them, meaning you would have to risk a lot to win a little. On the other hand, there will be an underdog. This is the team oddsmakers believe should lose the game, and will therefore have better odds when being chosen in a moneyline bet. An example of a college baseball moneyline looks like this:

Virginia vs. South Carolina:

  • Virginia (-220)
  • South Carolina (+300)


Future betting for college baseball is immensely popular, due to the format of the CWS.. For college baseball, you may bet before the beginning of the season, during the year, or in the middle of the CWS playoffs. Throughout the season, odds will change based on the performance of certain teams. An example of a college baseball futures bet looks like this:

Odds to Win CWS:

  • Oregon State -130
  • Arizona State +120
  • LSU +200
  • USC +4000


If you are looking to spice up your college baseball bet slip, then prop bets are your new best friend. Propositional bets, or prop bets, are bets that are separate from the outcome of the game. These bets deal with certain statistics and events that occur during the game and are won and lost regardless of the result of the contest. Popular college baseball prop bets include player hit totals, pitcher strikeouts, total number of hits, stolen bases, etc.

Adding Funds To A Sportsbooks To Bet On College Baseball

In order to bet real money on college baseball, you must first deposit funds into your account. Different forms of payment, such as credit or debit cards, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency are available for CBB betting. We strongly recommend you using a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, as this allows for both the fastest and most secure method of payment.

How To Withdraw Winnings From College Baseball Betting?

Once you’ve cashed in on all of your college baseball bets, it will be time for you to cash out. There are many options to withdraw your money, such as mailing a check or receiving a bank order. However, like depositing, the fastest way to receive your funds is through cryptocurrency. If you have already used crypto to deposit, receiving your winnings into your digital wallet will be next to instantaneous. Otherwise, you could wait up to 12 business days waiting for a check.

Where Is The CWS Held?

The college world series is held every year at the TD Ameritrade Park, in Omaha, Nebraska. Eight teams are invited to participate in the event that has been running since 1947. The eight teams are split into two different double elimination brackets, with the winner of each side competing in a best of three championship series. Those looking to bet on the CWS while at the event will have to use online sportsbooks with CBB odds.