Best USD Coin Online Sportsbooks In The USA

USD Coin Online SportsbooksMany of the online sportsbooks in the USA accept USD Coin (USDC) deposits and withdrawals. The best USD Coin online sportsbooks in 2024 even offer bonuses for real money deposits. Our experts review the top online sportsbooks that accept USD Coin from US sports betting, cover which USD Coin betting sites have the best odds, and more. We recommend trying out multiple sites, as there are many great USDC sportsbooks in the US.

Top Sportsbooks That Take USD Coin (USDC)

USD Coin Sportsbooks New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site

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What Are The Best USD Coin Betting Sites?

1. Bovada Sportsbook

Best Overall Sportsbook In The USA

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada is the best sportsbook for USD Coin betting because of it’s safety, phenomenal reputation, and valuable bonuses. Those positives, plus the many other reasons that Bovada consistently rates out as the best US online sportsbook, great outweigh the lone drawback of the site. That is that Bovada does not directly accept USD Coin, but does accept six other cryptos that can be bought with USDC. Some of the main reasons that it is worth complete the extra crypto purchase with USDC in order to sign up at Bovada are highlighted below.

  • Bovada is the #1 Rated US Sportsbook!
  • The 5X Rollover for the 75% bonus match up to $750 is the lowest in the industry and easiest to withdraw.
  • It is legal to use USDC at Bovada in 45 states, with the site not accepting action from NY, NJ, NV, DE, or MD
  • The fastest crypto payouts are at Bovada, with the site getting players their cryptocurrency withdrawals within 24 hours of request (there is also not maximum payout for crypto!).
  • For more on the USDC betting site, check out our Bovada sportsbook review.

2. BetOnline Sportsbook

Stablecoin With Crypto Upside

BetOnline Sports Betting

BetOnline has been on the forefront of the crypto boom in sports betting, and USDC is just one of the many cryptos that they accept as a method of deposit. BetOnline will let you access their special crypto bonuses – things like a 100% matching first deposit bonus and a 35% matching repeatable reload bonus – just for using crypto, even a stablecoin like USDC. This makes USDC a stellar option for wagering at BetOnline.

3. SportsBetting Sportsbook

A Sportsbook For Crypto Lovers

SportsBetting Sports Betting

A sportsbook that has been around for a long time, SportsBetting might not be the sportsbook many would have picked to lead the crypto betting revolution, but it certainly did do that. SportsBetting accepts as many cryptos as sister site BetOnline, and offers great incentives to use them, such as extra bonuses for every deposit you make, as well as a mini bonus deposit boost. Since USDC is a stablecoin, you can access these bonuses with ease, while minimizing the volatility risk of crypto.

How To Bet On Sports With USD Coin

  1. Create a wallet for your USDC, either hardware or software
  2. Purchase USDC on a crypto exchange such as Binance or
  3. Send USDC to your wallet
  4. Start the deposit process at your online sportsbook
  5. Use USDC as your deposit method
  6. Enter the amount you wish to deposit
  7. Apply whatever bonuses you would like
  8. The sportsbook will provide you a wallet address to send money to
  9. Send the money from your wallet to the provided address
  10. Start betting!

Depositing Into An USDC Sportsbook

Sports betting deposits at USDC sportsbooks are pretty easy to understand, especially since USDC is always worth $1. You can simply convert USDC to and from dollars at a 1:1 rate, and this lets you easily understand deposit limits at sportsbooks that accept USD Coin, which are given in dollars.

USD Coin Deposit Info

Sportsbook Fees? Time Min Deposit Max Deposit
BetOnline No Instant–2 Hours $20 $100,000
SportsBetting No Instant–2 Hours $20 $100,000

USD Coin Sportsbook Bonuses

Bonuses are where USD Coin online sportsbooks shine. Sportsbooks that take USD Coin offer big bonuses to all crypto users, and these bonuses generally offset the fluctuations in value that can be common in the crypto market. USDC is not subject to those fluctuations in value, being a stablecoin that is supposed to always be worth $1. This makes it have less downside than other cryptos, but greater upside as it can still access those sportsbook bonuses.

USDC Sportsbook Bonuses

Sportsbook Bonus Code Max Value Match Rollover
SportsBetting First Time Crypto Bonus 100CRYPTO $1,000 100% 14x
SportsBetting Crypto Reload Bonus 35CRYPTO $350 35% 8X
BetOnline First Time Crypto Bonus CRYPTO100 $1,000 100% 14x
BetOnline Crypto Reload Bonus CRYPTO35 $350 35% 8X

Can I Get Sportsbooks Winnings Paid Out In USD Coin?

USD Coin is a great way to get a fast sportsbook payout without worrying about crypto fluctuations. Your transaction is processed. This is especially useful for big money movers, to whom a small price change can mean large losses.

USDC Withdrawal Info

Sportsbook Fees Min Max Time
BetOnline 0% $20 $100,000 30 seconds– 48 Hours
SportsBetting 0% $20 $100,000 30 seconds– 48 Hours

Can I Deposit USD Coin But Withdraw In A Different Crypto?

Each sportsbook that accepts USD Coin is different, but some allow players to withdraw through different cryptos than they originally deposited with. BetOnline and SportsBetting are two of the books that both accept USDC and allow payouts with any of their cryptos at any time. This is especially popular for online sportsbook players that deposit with credit/debit cards because withdrawals cannot be requested through this method. When this is the case, players can withdraw through any of the available cryptos, including USDC, for safe and secure payouts in the US.

Best Exchanges To Transfer USD Coin Into A Sportsbook Account

In order to use USDC at online sportsbooks, players must purchase the currency from a crypto exchange site. These platforms are regulated in the US and allow people to purchase USD Coin and most of them double as a crypto wallet as well. A wallet is needed to send the crypto straight to an online USD Coin sportsbook and is also needed to have a receiver address to transfer payouts back out from the sportsbook in the future.

USD Coin Exchanges

USD Coin Vs. Tether

Both USD Coin and Tether are stablecoins, meaning they are pegged to the dollar. Choosing between them means understanding what makes them different, and understanding what makes them similar. USDT and USDC are the most popular stablecoins in the market, with a combined market share of over 80%. The major difference between the two is how they are backed. Tether claims to be backed by a combination of commercial paper, fiat currency, loans, corporate bonds, and precious metals. USD Coin is backed only by cash and cash-equivalents. Tether is the more popular of the two coins, while USD Coin is more of an up-and-comer relative to Tether. Still, online Tether sportsbooks will see similar bonuses and usage to that of USD Coin. But, Tether is accepted at more sportsbooks than USD Coin.

Making USDC Bovada Deposits

Even though USDC is a secure, reliable, and popular crypto for funding sportsbooks in the US, Bovada does not currently accept the coin directly. However, Bovada USD Coin players can easily trade their currency for other cryptos that Bovada does accept and then make instant deposits following the simple steps below:

  • Go to the exchange site that was used to buy USD Coin and exchange it for for a crypto Bovada accepts (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, USDT, or BSV).
  • This transfer will take only a few minutes, with most happening instantly.
  • Log into your Bovada account and select Bitcoin for the deposit method and copy the address that is generated.
  • Paste this address into the “send” option on the exchange site and wait for the transfer to be completed (takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 60 minutes).

Can I Use USD Coin At FanDuel Or DraftKings?

Despite the many benefits that sports betting USD Coin users could enjoy if they did, FanDuel and DraftKings do not accept USDC from any bettors. Those sites are known to be somewhat limited USA online sportsbooks in both the deposit methods and players that they accept, so it is not much of a surprise that they don’t allow USD Coin deposits.

Pros Of Using USD Coin To Bet On Sports

Pros For Using USD Coin

  • As a stablecoin, the price of USDC should always be worth $1
  • USDC is still eligible for crypto sportsbook bonus codes
  • Speedy transfer times happen with USDC
  • USDC allows for quick withdrawals

Cons For Using USD Coin

  • No ability to stake and increase profits
  • USD Coin sportsbooks are limited in number

Best Alternatives To USD Coin

USD Coin may not be the best option for all players, which is fine because online sportsbooks offer many different deposit methods. A cryptocurrency of some form is still likely to be the best alternative for depositing at one of the USD Coin online sportsbooks mentioned above. Betting on sports with crypto is nearly always the best option. The best alternatives are likely to be the most commonly used and accepted cryptos. If the goal is to get away from cryptocurrency deposits, other popular options will be listed in a separate category down below.

Best Cryptocurrency Alternatives To USD Coin

Best Non-Cryptocurrency Alternatives To USD Coin

Are Online Sportsbooks That Accept USD Coin Legal?

The USD Coin sportsbooks that are offered in the US are very much legal and are regulated and licensed in their countries of origin. Players across the US can use these sportsbooks with ease, as the US tends to regulate books on the provider side rather than the consumer side. In other words, they make it hard to open a casino, not hard to bet at one. This means you can easily use these sportsbooks that take USD Coin from inside the US, and that they’re available legally in more states than any state-regulated book.