MyBookie Sportsbook Review For 2019

MyBookie is one of the newest US bookmakers on the Internet, having been first launched just a few years ago. So now that the online operator has been in the USA market for a reasonable amount of time, we can provide a quality review of the MyBookie sportsbook. This Costa Rica-based online operator started accepting bets in 2014 and has slowly but surely established itself as a reliable sportsbook amongst US sports bettors. While the website is still working toward its goal of being the absolute best online sports betting and gambling site for US players, we can say that they are well on their way based on their current offerings. At MyBookie, you’ll find sports betting markets that appeal to the masses, large bonuses for players of all experience levels, and an overall design layout that is more professional than most other sites.

As MyBookie is still comparatively new, we will be updating our MyBookie sportsbook review periodically to showcase new offerings. For now, you can learn more about the deposit options, withdrawal options, payout reliability, bonus availability, wager types, and other topics that every bettor needs to know before deciding to join any online, offshore sportsbook. In our MyBookie review, we even cover the legality of actually using the site from your state, which has been a hot topic with all of the changes to the industry surrounding USA online sportsbooks.

MyBookie Basics:

MyBookie Website:
MyBookie Location: Cosa Rica
Where is MyBookie Legal? All US States
MyBookie Deposit Methods:
Deposit Options: Minimum Maximum
CREDIT CARDS: $45 $2,500
BITCOIN: $25 $10,000
MyBookie Payout Methods:
Payout Options Minimum Maximum
BITCOIN: $50 $5,000
BANK WIRE: $10 $5,000
MyBookie Bonuses: 50% up to $1,000
MyBookie Customer Service:
MyBookie Telephone: 1-844-866-BETS

Are US Players Accepted At MyBookie?

MyBookie SportsbookMyBookie gives players from all over the United States the option to bet on sports. Whether you live in California or are closer to the beaches of Florida, you will have no problem creating an account and joining the online sportsbook. This is because MyBookie holds a remote gambling license to accept players from all 50 states. Whereas other sites might have certain restrictions, USA players can rest assured that MyBookie will take their bets without issue no matter where they reside.

Is It Legal To Bet On Sports At MyBookie?

It is widely considered legal to bet on sports at MyBookie, especially now that there are no federal laws to complicate matters. Even prior to PASPA being ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, offshore sites like MyBookie have been popular amongst US sports bettors. It is important to keep in mind that though there are no federal restrictions, statewide laws do matter. The majority of states do not have any legislation regarding sports betting; however, there are a couple of states that do. You can always check the website of your local gaming commission, but most laws on the books do not contain language that makes using MyBookie and other sites unlawful.

Sports Betting Age At MyBookie

The legal age to bet on sports at MyBookie is 18 years old, but there is a caveat. The Rules and Regulations specifically state that a bettor must be at least 18 and of legal age in their jurisdiction. This means that if the legal gambling age in your state is 21 years old, you cannot lawfully join the site until you are that age. This prevents issues of underage gambling, which is a potential offense across all 50 states.

MyBookie Sportsbook Bonuses, Bonus Codes, and Promos

One of the most advantageous aspects of online sports betting is the bonus element, which is why we have made sure to cover bonuses in our MyBookie sportsbook review. Bonuses are an easy way to earn free plays that increase your opportunities to wager with the online sportsbook. Before getting into actual bonus codes, we want to make sure readers understand the fine print.

Always check to see the rollover requirements of a promo offer, which is essentially the number of times your combined bonus and deposit amount must be wagered before requesting a payout. This is applied in order to prevent players from redeeming bonuses, hitting one big bet, and immediately cashing out. MyBookie has two main bonus categories, which are deposit bonuses and free bets. You can always check back, as the site does seasonal promos during the NBA Finals, March Madness, the Super Bowl, and other events.

50% Sports Sign-Up

With a minimum deposit of $100, the online cashier will match your first-ever deposit by 50%. If you deposit less than $100, the sportsbook will still match your amount by 25%. The maximum match bonus is $1,000 and the rollover requirement is 10X before any withdrawals. Code: MYB50

25% Sports Reload

This a bonus that rewards loyalty, as it is for existing customers. With the offer, MyBookie will give a 25% match on all deposits for the life of your membership. The minimum deposit is $100 and the sportsbook will match your funds up to $500. There is a 5X-15X rollover associated, depending on how much is matched. CODE: MYB25

$25 Risk-Free Bet

MyBookie takes some of the risk out of your first wager with their $20 Risk-Free Bet offer. When you sign up at the online sportsbook and place a $20 bet, the online cashier will credit your account with a free play of the same amount. You just have to email within 48 hours to have the free play applied. There is a 5X rollover should you redeem the offer.

Sports To Bet On At MyBookie

Of course, one of the main reasons players check a review of MyBookie is to find out exactly what sports can be wagered on. The online operator caters to players that want to bet on popular American sports leagues, so you will have no problem finding odds on the big game. There are not as many international or smaller betting markets, though there are always odds on the more popular soccer leagues. Below, you will find a full list of the sports you can currently bet on at MyBookie:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Esports
  • Boxing
  • MMA

Various Ways To Wager At MyBookie

MyBookie SportsbookMyBookie has the standard wagering options that you would find at a local sportsbook or another top-tier offshore betting site. Of course, the exact wager types will differ slightly depending upon the sport, but you will be able to bet on the moneyline, point spread, or total of any game. Pleasers and teasers are popular during the football season, and bettors also have the option of if-bets, round robins, reverses, and parlays.

During the biggest events of the year, proposition bets are also in high demand. MyBookie offers player, team, and game props that make wagering on your favorite sports more interesting. While props are posted on most weekly games, check back frequently in the lead-up to big events, as Super Bowl props and March Madness props are constantly updated before gameday.

Mobile Betting At MyBookie

The MyBookie mobile betting platform is the most convenient way to bet on sports. Instead of being confined, bettors can wager from anywhere with MyBookie’s comprehensive yet easy-to-use mobile sportsbook. Players can instantly access MyBookie’s mobile platform by visiting the website from their iPhones, iPads, Androids, or other mobile devices. The easy-to-navigate platform provides the same betting lines you would find on the desktop site and offers all of the same account management functions.

Live Betting At MyBookie

Live betting is the newest way to bet on sports, providing a truly interactive experience. Bettors can still place traditional bets prior to the start of the game, but live betting odds let you wager as the action unfolds. Go with your gut and bet on your team in the heat of the moment, with a wide range of props, totals, point spreads, and moneylines that are adjusted as the match progresses. Bets are settled shortly after the wagers disappear from the live odds board, so you can keep up on all of your winning wagers!

Making Deposits At MyBookie

Making deposits into your sports betting account at MyBookie could not be easier. After signing up for your account, you will be able to visit the online cashier and select from several different payment options. All of the methods are safe, reliable, and approved for USA sports bettors. Fees, minimums, and maximums will vary by method, but that is why we have broken them down below:


Bitcoin is the most popular sportsbook deposit method for cryptocurrency users. Fast and easy, you only need to send your funds to the BTC wallet address provided by the online cashier.

Fees: Minimum Maximum
None $25 $10,000

Credit Cards

MyBookie accepts both Visa and Mastercard for the most convenient way to deposit funds instantly into your account. You can use your credit card at the online sportsbook the same way you would make any other online purchase.

Fees: Minimum Maximum
Free $45 $2,500

Wire Transfer

Bank wire transfers are the best sportsbook deposit option for high rollers. It is the only deposit method that carries no max limit. To initiate the transfer, you will need to obtain the account and routing number for MyBookie from the site’s online cashier. Deposits take about 3-5 business days on average.

Fees: Minimum Maximum
Varies $100 No limit

Person to Person

Person to Person sportsbook deposits at MyBookie include options like MoneyGram, Western Union, and Ria. You will want to verify the preferred partner with the site’s online cashier before visiting your local merchant and transferring the funds.

Fees: Minimum Maximum
Varies $100 $690


Check deposits are a more traditional means of funding your online sportsbook account. As with most sites, checks sent to MyBookie must be in the form of certified funds, meaning you cannot personal checks. Cashier’s checks are the preferred method. You can get MyBookie’s check mailing address from customer service after initiating your deposit request.

Fees: Minimum Maximum
Varies $100 $2,500

Requesting Withdrawals At MyBookie

Winning money is the main objective with sports betting, which is why withdrawals are a key topic of our MyBookie sportsbook review. The online operator has several methods for payouts with different processing speeds and fees for each. The common denominator is that you can count on receiving your earnings within a reasonable amount of time. Payouts are processed Monday through Friday, with most requests approved within 48 hours. Also, keep in mind that there are identity verification forms that must be filled out prior to receiving your funds.


If you are looking for the fastest online sportsbook payouts, Bitcoin is the way to go. The MyBookie cashier only needs your wallet address to have your winnings sent over. You can receive your money in as little as a couple of hours after approval, depending on network traffic.

Fees: Minimum Maximum
None $25 $5,000

Bank Wire Transfer

Bank wire sportsbook payouts allow the MyBookie cashier to transfer your winnings directly to your bank account. You can skip lines and paperwork, and instead just wait about one week for your account to be credited.

Fees: Minimum Maximum
Verify with cashier $500 $5,000

Person to Person

Person to Person sportsbook withdrawals are great for players that want to pick up their cash at a local grocery or convenience store. The MyBookie cashier will send you a reference number when your payout is ready for pickup.

Fees: Minimum Maximum
Verify with cashier $50 $690


The MyBookie cashier will mail your check to you immediately upon request, and it will be delivered within about a week of being processed. It is generally recommended that players deposit check payouts directly into their bank accounts upon receipt and wait several days before withdrawing the associated funds to avoid any hiccups.

Fees: Minimum Maximum
Verify with cashier $50 $3,000

MyBookie Customer Service Options

To close our review of the MyBookie sportsbook, we want to go over the customer contact options. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than having an online issue that you can’t get resolved. Luckily, MyBookie does extremely well when it comes to handling customer questions and concerns. There are three contact options: live chat, email, and telephone. Most players prefer to use live chat to be directly connected to a live agent. If you need to submit documents, you should most likely start with an email. No matter how you choose to contact MyBookie, though, a representative will be able to assist you.

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MyBookie FAQs

Is MyBookie Sportsbook safe for USA Players?

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding MyBookie (and all online and offshore sportsbooks) is how safe they are to use. The short answer to this question is: Yes, MyBookie is a safe website! MyBookie has not had any issues with data breaches, and there have been no reports of players having their information mishandled or stolen. Additionally, using MyBookie is completely legal, and nobody has ever been arrested or fined for doing so. With all of their US-friendly banking options, security measures, and verification systems, MyBookie is as safe as they come.

Is MyBookie Ran and Regulated by the US?

No, MyBookie is not regulated in the USA. This is because this online sportsbook is offshore and is based in Costa Rica. Although that may sound suspicious, there is no need for concern. All the best online sportsbooks are operated out of countries other than the US. This is because various state and federal laws prevent US sportsbooks from operating in the country across state lines. An online offshore sportsbook does not need to worry about these laws because they are outside of US jurisdiction, and they are all legal in their respective countries. MyBookie is a legitimate operation, and they follow all the rules, regulations, and oversight standards of Costa Rican law.

Does MyBookie Accept Bets From Players From My State?

No matter where you live in the United States, you can rest assured that MyBookie accepts players from all over the country. There are some online offshore sportsbooks that are unable to accept players from certain states due to legal conflicts, but MyBookie has not encountered this problem. That is why bettors from all 50 states can enjoy wagering on their favorite sports at MyBookie.

Is MyBookie A Legit USA Online Sportsbook?

Yes! MyBookie is a legitimate sportsbook, and it’s one of the most reputable operators on the Internet. Although the website is fairly new compared to its competitors, MyBookie uses the same high-end technology that the other online operators are using. You can also look to the fact that hundreds of thousands of USA players have signed up for sports betting accounts at MyBookie, and that customer base keeps growing because of the universally great experiences bettors have at the bookmaker.

Can I Trust MyBookie?

We certainly believe that you can. Although MyBookie does not have the long history that other online offshore sportsbooks have, the site has proven itself to be nothing if not trustworthy. Whether you’re talking about payouts, bonuses, or just general customer service, the MyBookie sportsbook has done an excellent job of taking care of its US players.

Are MyBookie scams an issue that I need to be concerned about?

Considering that MyBookie is not a scam to begin with, you do not have to worry about scams concerning the website. MyBookie will send you a confirmation email when you sign up. When you receive that email, just make sure you take careful note of the sender address for MyBookie’s automated responses. If you receive an email that looks similar but does not have the same address, you should proceed with caution, as phishing can affect any brand. MyBookie is not a scam, so if you use safe Internet practices as you would with all other websites, you will be safe from any potential third-party scams.

Is there a mobile site or app for MyBookie?

Yes! MyBookie is 100% optimized for mobile, and you can use any modern mobile device to access MyBookie, including iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones, Blackberry phones, and all kinds of tablet devices. Best of all, you do not even have to worry about downloading an app or having to access a unique mobile URL. Once you access the site using your mobile device, you’ll be redirected to a streamlined mobile interface. It is fast and easy to start placing your bets right away on the mobile MyBookie platform.

Can I Call To Place A Bet?

If you are interested in calling the website to make a bet, then that option is available for you. This option is good for users who know exactly how they want to place their bets but who are unsure of where to find the wager option on the website. This is also a good way to make sure you don’t go over your own personal limits. It’s easy to get lost in betting when you could just mindlessly click a button to bet, but it’s harder to make that mistake when you are actively calling to place a bet. Typically, betting minimums will be higher on a phoned-in bet, though, so be sure to keep that in mind.

If I Live In The US, Will I Get My Payout From MyBookie?

Of course! That’s the whole point, after all. If you have any concerns about payouts, you can rest assured that whenever you win one of your wagers at MyBookie, you will receive your money! You can withdraw your winnings using wire transfers, Bitcoin, and MoneyGram, among other options. Although there aren’t too many methods available for cash-outs, there hasn’t been an issue with MyBookie withholding winnings from players. If you win using their website, you are guaranteed to get your winnings in a timely manner.

Is PayPal Accepted On MyBookie?

Unfortunately, PayPal is not one of the accepted methods to move money into or out of your account at MyBookie. This is a corporate PayPal policy, and no offshore US book actually accepts PayPal for this reason. If you wish to use a digital money transfer method, we recommend that you use Bitcoin to deposit and withdraw your money from your MyBookie account. From there, you can fill up your PayPal account via Bitcoin for other purchases if you wish. Just remember that PayPal cannot directly transfer money to or from MyBookie.