USA Sportsbooks That Accept Debit Cards

Debit cards are, for many, the default transaction method, and USA online sportsbooks are certainly cognizant of this in terms of accepting debit card deposits. Debit card sportsbooks take all of the major card companies as forms of payment for your deposits. To find out more information on online debit card sportsbooks, this page will cover it all for you.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Debit Cards

Best Debit Card Sportsbooks New U.S. Player Bonus Go To U.S. Betting Site

Bovada SportsbookReview50% Up To $250
BetOnline SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!
MyBookie SportsbookReview50% New Member Bonus!
Xbet SportsbookReview100% Up To $300
Sportsbetting SportsbookReview50% Up To $1,000 NEW!

Benefits Of Debit Card Sportsbook Betting

Fast Transfers - Debit cards offer fast transfers compared to the slow speed of mailing a check, which was formerly a major deposit method before the internet. They are still slow compared to cryptocurrency, however.

Safe and secure - Debit cards are safe and secure, and backed by banks, so you should have no issue tracking your money.

Convenient - Nearly everyone has a debit card, making it a default method of payment among many Americans.

Drawbacks Of Debit Card Sportsbooks

No Withdrawals At Offshores - Offshore sportsbooks do not offer debit card withdrawals, and are focused mostly on cryptocurrency.

Low Limits - Debit card transactions typically have far lower deposit and withdrawal limits on them than other banking methods, no matter if you’re on a state-regulated book or an offshore book.

Debit Cards Vs. Cryptocurrency At Online Sportsbooks

Debit cards are a major deposit method at online sportsbooks, but cryptocurrency manages to outdo them in terms of acceptance rates, successful transactions, bonuses and speed. In addition, crypto deposits do not come with fees.

Debit Cards Vs. Cryptocurrency For Sportsbook Deposits

Debit Cards: Crypto:
Usable at online sportsbooks? Yes Yes
Extra Bonuses? No Yes
Withdrawal Option? No Yes
How long to deposit? Up to 72 hours Instant
Fees? 5%-10% No Fees

Debit Card Sportsbooks With NBA Odds

NBA LogoIt’s easy to bet on the NBA with debit cards. Both international sportsbooks and in-state sportsbooks take a variety of debit card options, including VISA, American Express, and MasterCard. These options allow you to deposit at online sportsbooks, and you can withdraw money from the sportsbook to the bank account associated with your card via bank wires and wire transfers. NBA odds are available at all of these debit card sportsbooks, including futures odds, team totals, props, moneyline odds, NBA spread betting, and more.

How To Use Debit Cards To Bet On Baseball

MLB LogoIt’s remarkably easy to use your debit card to bet on the MLB nowadays. Most online sportsbooks accept debit card deposits. All you have to do is decide on which sportsbook you want to use for your MLB betting. There are a lot of options, so if you want to check out some more detailed reviews, you can click here for our sportsbook reviews. Once you’ve chosen a sportsbook, you only have to deposit using your debit card, and you’re off to the races betting on MLB baseball!

Best Sportsbooks That Welcome Debit Card Deposits

Real-money betting sites almost always accept debit card deposits. These sports betting sites have something else in common, too, and that’s that they are safe, reliable and prepared to evolve to meet player demands (debit payments, for instance). In-state online books often accept debit cards as a form of payment as well. If you plan on using a brick and mortar sportsbook though, you will often only be able to wager with cold hard cash. In this case, use your debit card to withdraw cash at an ATM beforehand.

Best Debit Card Sportsbooks

Real-money betting sites almost always accept debit card deposits. These debit card online sportsbooks have something else in common, too, and that’s that they are safe, reliable, and prepared to evolve to meet player demands (debit payments, for instance). In-state online books often accept debit cards as a form of payment as well. If you plan on using a brick-and-mortar sportsbook though, you will often only be able to wager with cold hard cash. In this case, use your debit card to withdraw cash at an ATM beforehand.

Bovada Sportsbook

$250 Sports Welcome Bonus With Debit Deposit

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada is a great debit card sportsbook that is available in all but five states in the US. This makes it one of the most used debit card sportsbooks in America, thanks to its widespread availability. Bovada accepts Visa and MasterCard, but does not accept American Express or Discover Card deposits.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Major Debit Cards Accepted Here

BetOnline Sports Betting

Available in 47 states, BetOnline features a wide variety of odds that can all be accessed with debit cards. You can use VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express when you use BetOnline, and they have a $25 minimum deposit, lower than many other comparable offshore sportsbooks when you use debit cards.

Xbet Sportsbook

Accepts Debit Card Deposits

Xbet Sports Betting

Xbet operates in 47 states, and that makes it one of the most widely available sportsbooks in the US. In terms of debit cards, you can deposit with VISA, American Express and MasterCard when you use XBet. Deposit minimums for each of those cards are $45, and they apply a 6% flat fee to all transactions in debit cards.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Debit Accepted, Good For 50% Welcome Bonus

MyBookie Sports Betting

MyBookie applies a low fee to all debit card transactions at only 6%, which, along with XBet, is one of the lowest in the online sportsbook game. However, their deposit limits range from $45 to $2,500 with debit cards, which is lower than their options for cryptocurrency - which also has no fees.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

US Residents Welcome

SportsBetting Sports Betting

Accepting VISA, AmEX, MasterCard and DiscoverCard, SportsBetting is a great option for debit card betting. They do not offer withdrawals via debit card, but do offer bank wire options, which are very similar and end up in the same place. Crypto will be faster at SportsBetting for both deposits and withdrawals.

US Sportsbooks Accepting Debit Cards


FanDuel operates in 16 states, making it one of the more widespread online sportsbooks that is still state-regulated. It is generally the most popular regulated sportsbook in each of the states it operates in. FanDuel accepts deposits with debit cards, as well as online banking withdrawals.


A sportsbook that is available in over a dozen states, DraftKings is the most widely spread regulated sportsbook in America. It still is available in about 1/3rd of the states that offshore sportsbooks are available in, which does give offshore sportsbooks a sizeable advantage. Debit card action is accepted at DraftKings.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook is available across many states in America, although less than both DraftKings and FanDuel. They accept debit card deposits and have online banking integration so that players in those states can access their funds and transfer them to their bank accounts.


Available in ten states, PointsBet Sportsbook is one of the more popular regulated books in America. They accept all major debit card companies in terms of deposits, and offer withdrawals in the form of online banking integration across the ten states they operate in.

Barstool Sportsbook

Twelve states are served by Barstool Sportsbook, a joint venture of Penn National Gaming and Barstool Sports. The company is already one of the top sportsbooks in America, and it is well integrated with debit cards, accepting all major debit card deposits.


One of the three most popular regulated sportsbooks in America, BetMGM still pales in comparison to the offshore books in terms of availability. However, the online banking integration that BetMGM offers is going to be better than the online banking options offered at an offshore book.

Debit Card Sportsbook Deposits

Depositing on an online betting site that takes debit cards can vary depending on not only which debit card you are using, but which betting site as well. The charts below can help you compare deposit minimums, deposit maximums, and deposit fees across the major card types at various recommended debit card online sportsbooks.

Debit Card Deposit Minimums At Online Sportsbooks

Sportsbook: VISA Deposit Min: AMEX Deposit Min: MasterCard Deposit Min: MasterCard Deposit Min:
Bovada Sportsbook $20 N/A $20 N/A
BetOnline Sportsbook $25 $25 $25 $25
MyBookie Sportsbook $45 $45 $45 N/A
BetUS Sportsbook $50 $50 $50 N/A
Xbet Sportsbook $45 $45 $45 N/A
Sportsbetting Sportsbook $50 $50 $50 $50

Debit Card Deposit Maximums At Online Sportsbooks

Sportsbook: VISA Deposit Max: AMEX Deposit Max: MasterCard Deposit Max: Discover Deposit Max:
Bovada Sportsbook $1,500 N/A $1,500 N/A
BetOnline Sportsbook $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 $5,000
MyBookie Sportsbook $2,500 $2,500 $2,500 N/A
BetUS Sportsbook $2,499 $2,499 $2,499 N/A
Xbet Sportsbook $2,500 $2,500 $2,500 N/A
Sportsbetting Sportsbook $2,500 $2,500 $2,500 $2,500

How To Bet With A Debit Card From Your Phone

The great thing about being able to bet on sports with a debit card at online sportsbooks is having the ability to do it right from your phone. Being that all of these debit card online sportsbooks are compatible with the latest and greatest mobile devices, it allows you to deposit, withdraw, use a bonus, and place a bet all from your hand with a debit card. The full process to depositing with a debit card on your phone is presented to you right here.

  • Once your account is created select deposit
  • Select debit card as your desired method
  • Enter your desired deposit amount
  • Input debit card information
  • Once funds reach your account, begin betting

Debit Card Mobile Betting Devices

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Google Pixel
  • iPad
  • Nokia
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Blackberry

Fees For Using Debit Cards To Deposit Into Online Sportsbooks

It costs money to transfer money. This is true for debit card payments, too. Usually, online debit card sportsbooks will have a minor fee (a few dollars) and your bank will charge anywhere from 3% to 10% based on the amount you are depositing. This is all negligible, though, since a few dollars don’t really impact your account in the grand sports betting scheme. Still, if you are only going to place dollar bets, added fees are something to think about.

Debit Card Deposit Fees At Online Sportsbooks

Sportsbook: VISA Deposit Fee: AMEX Deposit Fee: MasterCard Deposit Fee: Discover Deposit Fee:
Bovada Sportsbook 15.9% N/A 15.9% N/A
BetOnline Sportsbook 7.5% 7.5% 7.5% 7.5%
MyBookie Sportsbook 6% 6% 6% N/A
BetUS Sportsbook 7.5% 7.5% 7.5% N/A
Xbet Sportsbook 6% 6% 6% N/A
Sportsbetting Sportsbook 7.5% 7.5% 7.5% 7.5%

Deposit Times When Using Debit Cards

The debit card online sportsbooks might have processing times for you to abide by when making a deposit on these betting sites. For the most part, though, they are instant and the moment that you send your deposit through, your funds will show up in your account. In some instances, they could take up to just 30 minutes.

Withdrawing From Debit Card Sportsbooks

Offshore Sportsbooks – The offshore sportsbooks, such as Bovada and BetOnline, do not offer debit card withdrawals, although they do offer bank wires which can be a very useful substitute.

State Regulated Sportsbooks – State regulated books like DraftKings and FanDuel offer bank account withdrawals as long as you sign up and activate online banking on their sportsbook first. None of them will accept a bank account withdrawal unless you deposited from a card associated with that account first, however.

Transfer Limits - Is There a Limit on Debit Card Deposits?

Debit card deposits, like credit card deposits, have certain limits. Most betting sites that take debit cards require you to deposit at least $20. As for an upper limit, sportsbooks often cap debit deposits at $1000 to $2500. If need be, feel free to make multiple deposits to get around this limitation. Be sure to look out for additional deposit bonuses, too. Read on for more info!

VISA Deposit Limits

Sportsbook Deposit Minimum Deposit Maximum
Bovada $20 $1,500
BetOnline $25 $5,000
MyBookie $45 $2,500
XBet $45 $2,500
SportsBetting $50 $2,499

MasterCard Deposit Limits

Casino Sportsbook Address
Bovada $20 $1,500
BetOnline $25 $2,500
MyBookie $45 $2,500
XBet $45 $2,500
SportsBetting $50 $2,500

American Express Deposit Limits

Sportsbook Deposit Minimum Deposit Maximum
BetOnline $25 $5,000
MyBookie $45 $2,500
XBet $45 $2,500
SportsBetting $50 $2,500

Discover Deposit Limits

Sportsbook Deposit Minimum Deposit Maximum
BetOnline $25 $5,000
SportsBetting $50 $2,500

What Will Appear On My Debit Card Statement?

Debit card statements will show a generic placeholder as a method of checking what your statement’s notation will be. When you make a deposit, the sportsbook's final screen in the process will be a deposit summary. This summary will contain what the description of the transaction on your Debit Card statement will be. Don’t worry – it won’t mention gambling.

Debit Card Sportsbook Bonuses

Sportsbooks do not offer specific bonuses for debit card deposits, although all deposits at online sportsbooks located offshore will have solid bonuses applied to if you so wish. Remember to take a look at the rollover requirements on each bonus before you apply it, and make sure they fit your betting habits at that sportsbook.

Debit Card Bonuses At Online Sportsbooks

Site: Bonus: Code: Percent: Up To: Rollover:
Bovada Sportsbook Sports Welcome Bonus 50% $250.00 5X Spotsbook/ 5X Horses
BetOnline Sportsbook Sports Welcome Bonus BOL1000 50% $1,000.00 10
MyBookie Sportsbook First Deposit Bonus MYB100 100% $1,000.00 10
Xbet Sportsbook First Deposit Sports Bonus XB100 100% $500.00 7
BetUS Sportsbook 125% Sign-Up Bonus JOIN125 125% $3,125.00 10X sports
Sportsbetting Sportsbook Sports Welcome Bonus SB1000 50% $1,000.00 10

More About Debit Card Sportsbook Deposits

Online debit card sportsbook deposits are convenient for players. They are reasonably safe, too, since debit transfers are done through banks with money you actually have. You don’t have to worry about paying interest or anything, either, which is another reason so many players prefer using debit cards instead of similar deposit methods like credit cards. One thing to be aware of is the Wire Act, which prohibits banks from knowingly processing transfers that involve funds that are directed toward gambling. This means that depending on your bank, and the sportsbook you are using, your transfer might not go through. In practice, this means that you have to use a different card, a different deposit method entirely, or a different sportsbook.

Sportsbook Security - Keeping Your Debit Card Sportsbook Account Safe

Ensuring safe transfers is a priority for sportsbooks. Fortunately, the same goes for debit card deposits. These websites (especially the ones reviewed here) work to ensure that your deposit goes through without a hitch. When we recommend a debit card betting site we do so with security and trustworthiness in mind - these are the same websites that we use, after all.

Nothing is perfect, though, and if something does go wrong, your online sportsbook will do everything in its power to make it up to you. One thing to keep in mind is that the sportsbooks will accept no liability in the case of a hack, or something along those lines. Events like these are vanishingly rare, but they do happen. That said, it is very much not in the sportsbook’s interest to do anything scummy to its customers. More than anything else, these books trade on customer service and member goodwill, which keeps them in line in terms of customer service and safety policies.

Debit Card Sportsbook Withdrawals - Debit Cards For Sports Betting Pay Outs

Online debit card sportsbooks do not let you get paid out back to your debit cards. In order to get your betting winnings withdrawn back to your debit card, you’ll need to choose another withdrawal method and transfer them to your card from that methods platform. That includes MatchPay options, cryptocurrency, eChecks, and other online banking methods that let you withdraw your funds back to your card.