Best Horse Betting Sites For US Players

Finding the best online horse betting site is easier than some might think. In order to do so, some of the things to consider when looking are the promotions that are offered, if the race odds are commonly updated and how they compare to other online racebooks and also depending on your financial situation, which site offers your method of payment and what the requirements are to use that payment method.

With a lot more to horse betting sites than just betting on the winner, you will find all of the information you are looking for right here. You’ll come across some examples of great online racebooks and the features that make them great, a breakdown of the Triple Crown and all that goes into those races, and different horse betting types and a breakdown of them.

What Are The Best Horse Betting Sites For US Players?

Bovada Racebook

Legal Kentucky Derby Betting

Bovada Sports Betting

If you are looking for some of the most consistent online horse racing odds, Bovada has you covered. While many flock to Bovada for their online sportsbook, their online racebook is just as good as their odds are always up to par and they even offer promotions that are geared just for those looking to bet on horses. Bovada offers a weekly rebate of up to 5% on horse racing prop bets such as exactas, trifectas, and superfectas. For straight wagers, the weekly rebate is set at 3%.

BetOnline Racebook

Mobile Horse Betting Odds

BetOnline Sports Betting

No matter where you are located, you will always have access to BetOnline’s online racebook with their mobile betting platforms. Their mobile racebook is available on plenty of smartphones including iPhones, Android, and Samsung devices amongst many others. As long as you have access to the internet through your phone's mobile web browser, you will be able to find their site with ease and get in on any horse racing odds with the touch of a finger.

SportsBetting Racebook

All Triple Crown Odds Available

SportsBetting Sports Betting

Odds on all three Triple Crown races can be found right at SportsBetting. That does not include just the futures odds for the race, but SportsBetting offers all of the exotic odds for the Triple Crown races as well. You’ll be able to bet Exactas, Trifectas, Superfectas, head to head matches, top-5, and top-10 finishes, and much more. Being that Triple Crown races are the biggest races of the year, you can find these odds early on with SportsBetting well before the races are set to begin.

2023 Triple Crown Betting

Triple Crown

The three Triple Crown races consist of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes. You will be able to find odds in each race individually, or you can bet on if there will be a Triple Crown winner or not. Unfortunately, there will not be a 2022 Triple Crown winner after Rich Strike won the Kentucky Debry and almost immediately pulled out of the Preakness Stakes.

There have been just 13 Triple Crown winners in the history of horse racing. Two of them have come in the modern era in America Pharoah (2015) and Justify (2018). With Rich Strike pulling out, there will not be a Triple Crown winner for the 42nd time in 44 years.

2023 Kentucky Derby Betting Guide

The Kentucky Derby is, without a doubt, the most popular horse race of the year each and every year. It is the first leg of the Triple Crown races meaning there is a lot at stake. It takes place on the first Saturday of May each year. Some things to take into consideration when betting on the Kentucky Derby are that it is the second-longest of the three Triple Crown race tracks and it also has the biggest field of the three with 20 total horses participating. With the 2022 Derby already a thing of the past, it did not come by without any headlines as the winner Rich Strike, won the race with the second-longest odds in the history of the race at +8200.

2023 Preakness Stakes Betting Guide

Preakness Stakes LogoWhen betting on the Preakness Stakes, the second leg in the Triple Crown, there are some factors that come into play. Those factors include it being the shortest of the three races at 1 3/16 of a mile long and it is also the smallest field of any Triple Crown race with just nine horses racing. Also, the winningest starting gate at the Preakness is gate no. 6 as it has produced 16 winners. Early Voting is the horse that won the 2022 Preakness after going in with +500 odds to do so. The horse came out of gate 5 and added the 13th win from that gate.

2023 Belmont Stakes Betting Guide

Belmont Stakes LogoThe Belmont Stakes serves as the last race of the Triple Crown Season as it is run in June each year after the Preakness. In 2023, it is set to take place on June 11. Like the Preakness, odds are not usually posted until the completion of the previous race. That said, once the Preakness comes to an end, you’ll find odds for the Belmont Stakes. The Belmont is the longest of the three races as the total length reaches 1.5 miles at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. There are 12 horses that usually participate in the race and the best starting position has proven to be gate no. 1 with 23 winners.

Can I Bet Horses Online Legally?

Without any hesitation, you are able to use an online racebook to bet on horses as you please from wherever you are. Online horse race betting is one of the most popular bets to place and has been for decades. There are no federal laws that prohibit you from betting on horses online with online racebooks regardless of your state’s online gambling restrictions. That comes as these online racebooks are federally legal throughout the United States.

Types Of Online Horse Racing Bets Available

Win These are odds that you can bet on for the single winner of the overall race.
Place A place bet is where you are wagering on whether a horse will finish in second or third place. You can also bet on a top-5 or top-10 finish with these odds as well.
Show Betting on show odds gives you some wiggle room with your bets on the winner as the horse you bet on has to finish in the top-3 for your bet to cash.
Exacta Here you are betting on the exact outcome of the top two horses to finish a race in the correct order.
Exacta Box An exacta box expands your field even more as you can choose up to four horses to finish in first and second place in any combination. As long as two of the four horses come in first and second, you win the bet.
Trifecta Similar to an exacta, with a trifecta you are betting on the exact order of the top-3 horses to finish a race.
Trifecta Box Like the exacta box, with the trifecta box, you are choosing a pool of horses to finish inside the top-3 in any order. The more horses entered to your pool, the odds get even more expensive.
Superfecta Taking it a step further, superfecta odds are for predicting the exact order of the top four horses.
Superfecta Box Here you are taking a bunch of horses to finish in the exact order of the top-4. As long as one of the combination of horses comes out, you win the bet.

What Are Morning Line Odds?

These lines are posted the morning of the race, however, they are an estimate of what the odds are going to be before they are officially posted. It allows horse race bettors to get in on the odds for the race early. The one thing to note though is that these odds will all more than likely change as again, they are just an estimate of where the odds will be when they are posted officially.

Why Do The Odds Change Once The Morning Odds Open For Betting?

The reasons that odds can change after the morning lines are posted could be a result of several factors. The main reason for a shift in odds could be if a horse is scratched from the race and depending on where that horse originally opened on the odds board. Another big factor that causes a change in the odds is the demeanor of the horse. Whether or not they are cool, calm, and collective before the race or if they are antsy and anxious could play a vital role in the odds being that a nervous horse might not perform well.

What Are The Best Horse Betting Sites For US Players?

Finding the best horse racing betting websites for US players can be a hard thing to do, but we are here to help. Look, we all bet on everything here at USAOnlineSportsbooks. Because of that experience, we know where to go when you want to bet on horse racing, because we bet there too. One thing to keep in mind with horse racing betting specifically is that in order for a horse racing site to be a good one, it needs to cover all of the races in the world, not just the big ones. There are only a few big races, but most good racebooks will have odds on races from around the world on a daily basis. We've constructed a list, complete with reviews, of several of the best sites you can use if you are a US sports bettor trying to bet on horse racing.

Best Ways For Americans To Fund Their RaceBook Account?

In order to bet on any horse race with an online racebook, you must deposit funds into your account first. With that said, there are plenty of options to do so including credit cards like VISA and MasterCard along with different cryptocurrency options such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. When depositing into these online racebooks, there are different rules that must be followed to do so. Those include minimum and maximum deposit amounts, there could also be a deposit fee depending on which form of payment you choose and also a processing time for how long it takes the funds to show up in your account.