Best MLB Online Sportsbooks In 2024

Major League Baseball (MLB) online sportsbooks that accept US residents are a great way for Americans to bet on the national pastime. Many of the best online and mobile sportsbooks for Major League Baseball have proven to be trustworthy through a history that is filled with fast payouts, big wins, and many satisfied bettors. Whether you are looking to bet on the World Series, Spring Training, or a game in between, being a member at an MLB sportsbook for online betting is crucial. This page reviews the best sportsbooks in the US for the MLB, why they stand out, and how you can start betting on baseball online.

  • The best MLB sportsbooks for baseball betting online are Bovada, BetOnline, and MyBookie
  • Each sportsbook site for the MLB that is reviewed on this page accepts US players from 45+ states
  • Betting lines at Major League Baseball sportsbooks include World Series futures, props, individual game lines, and live odds.

Top US Sportsbooks For The MLB

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MLB Sportsbook Reviews

When choosing the best online sportsbook to bet on the MLB, there are several things that you’ll want to look out for that way you make the best decision. Some of the things you’ll want to keep in mind include the overall convenience of the MLB sportsbook, the pro baseball lines that they each have to offer, and the safety behind them. With those thoughts in mind, the best MLB betting sites are Bovada and BetOnline.

Bovada Sportsbook

Best Sportsbook For MLB Betting

Bovada Sports Betting

At Bovada, MLB bettors are given over five dozen MLB betting types on every game! With props such as first inning scoring and margin of victory, bettors can also take multiple lines on the run total, spread, and more. Be sure to check out their MLB specials as well, as the season’s top news can be bet on. Bovada offers h2h comparisons on Major League Baseball, giving bettors the slight edge they may need to make a bet work.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Great MLB Odds and Props!

BetOnline Sports Betting

BetOnline offers some of the best online betting odds for pro baseball ranging from more than the run line, moneyline, and run total. With individual team scoring, adjusted run lines, and R+H+E bets, there is plenty to find at BetOnline. Their MLB player futures odds cover MVP and CY Young races, division leaders, and more. For those baseball lovers, they can also find access to Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) betting or Korean Baseball Organization (KBO).

SportsBetting Sportsbook

Legit MLB Online Sportsbook

SportsBetting Sports Betting

For those looking for a basic betting platform, SportsBetting is the one to go to. While it is not basic in terms of security or abilities, the easy and organized design gives MLB bettors an easy route to home plate. With grand salami odds or daily props regarding the home and away teams’ run total, laying action at SportsBetting’s online MLB betting platform is a breeze. Be sure to check out how the lines move at SportsBetting, as they are often the best bet for MLB favorites.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Best New Online Sportsbook For MLB Wagering

MyBookie Sports Betting

Online MLB odds are all over MyBookie from World Series matchups to game props and even season-long contests. Baseball bettors will enjoy their time at MyBookie, as they even post daily news articles that help bettors with statistical information and even introduce them to additional free picks. With betting analysis built right in with the site, it’s a winning combination for the casual or major baseball betting fanatic. Try your skill at MyBookie today!

Xbet Sportsbook

MLB Live Betting

Xbet Sports Betting

XBet is an excellent MLB online sportsbook for both regular season and playoffs betting. MLB is known for its long, dragging seasons (this year being an exception), and what better way to make them interesting than some fun wagering! XBet provides a platform for all the wagers you’d want to make on the MLB, and then some. In addition, XBet prides itself on offering fun prop bets for your enjoyment.

Major League Baseball Betting at Bovada

World Series Odds 2024

Odds for the 2024 World Series at MLB online sportsbooks are constantly updating throughout the offseason. Bettors can often get increased value before teams start taking the mound for the regular season or even for spring training. Trades, signings, and managerial hirings are key for bettors getting in on the action during this time, as even expected acquisitions shift the baseball odds once they are completed.

2024 World Series Odds

Odds Of The Past World Series Winners

Betting On AL And NL Exact Outcomes

One of the most popular World Series prop bets that you could find early on MLB online sportsbooks are the odds for the exact matchup and which two teams will face off in the NL and AL championship games and how the outcome will play out. The nature of the game and the odds posted at sportsbooks for MLB betting online make these bets extremely tough to gauge, but the payout here is massive. One of the wisest ways to go about these odds at each MLB sportsbook is if you think one specific team is going to win each league, you can split up your unit amongst all of their exact outcome odds to win. The odds are so profitable that you’ll be able to get paid your profit and the funds you lost on the other bets.

2024 National League Pennant Odds

2024 American League Pennant Odds

MLB Baseball Betting Strategies

With each baseball bettor comes their own intensive strategy. Some take it more seriously than others but every experienced gambler has developed some type of strategy for betting on MLB baseball. With plenty of games to bet on each season at MLB sportsbooks, be sure to stay on top of MLB injury reports and pitching rotations. Understanding how a team has played in the past few games as opposed to the full season can also keep bettors in tune with proper betting situations. The number one betting strategy in baseball is to focus on the pitching.

For example, in 2020, Mookie Betts was one of the best hitters in the game, but he had serious troubles against left handed pitching that could be exploited at California online sportsbooks. This meant that in games where Mookie was against a LHP, one could reasonably fade him a bit as a hitting threat at sites for baseball betting online. Similarly, his struggles against LHP contributed to the Dodgers’ overall struggles against LHP. Another example would be Tyler Glasnow in the World Series at Florida online sportsbooks. Glasnow is a flamethrower, a guy who can hit 99 MPH regularly on his fastball. However, he’s also a guy who has an ERA above 4.00, and when he gets hit, he gets hit hard. This was borne out in both of his starts against the Dodgers, in which they scored more than 3.5 runs each time. The Dodgers as a team were a) good against RHP (they had an OPS almost 0.050 higher against RHP) and b) built to hit home runs(118 in 60 games).

These are just some examples of how one can use pitching and hitting matchups in order to bet on MLB games. There are a ton of statistical analysis methods out there for taking a look at pitchers and batters, and they are widely available. All you have to do is start doing the research and understanding what the statistics mean, and you can find some edges to implement at MLB betting sites pretty quickly.

Tips For Betting On MLB Baseball

Consistent Betting Bankroll – Most experienced bettors bet anywhere from 1-5% of their total budget on a single MLB game, but the majority of the time, it sits around 2%. Don’t run out of money in the opening month of the season.

Research The Numbers – MLB and statistics are codependent on each other. MLB stats and advanced numbers can detail loads of information about MLB online betting trends and team or player performance. Don’t miss out on this free information.

Stick To Dominant Pitchers – It can always be tough to not bet on certain days, but following certain pitchers improves bankrolls when MLB betting online. Their records are often of 20 wins or more, so taking the favorite in these scenarios can pay out easily.

Major League Baseball Betting at MyBookie

How To Bet On The MLB In Every State

When PASPA was overturned in 2018, betting on the MLB came to the forefront of the sport. Not every state has legalized sports betting yet, but that does not mean that online sportsbooks are illegal in the unregulated states. It is quite the opposite, as sportsbooks for MLB betting online that are based in foreign countries are actually legal for all US players to use. This is established through the World Trade Organization. So, despite just over half of the states regulating sports betting, it is legal to bet to participate at sites like Bovada and MyBookie for baseball betting online. What makes this so important when learning how to bet on the MLB is the fact that nearly half the teams are located in states that have yet to legalize sports betting in their jurisdictions. Without international sportsbooks, residents of the states below would not be able to bet on their home teams online. Teams in markets with state-regulated markets have more ways for their fans to bet on the sport, although those MLB sportsbooks often see heavy bets on local teams that negatively influence odds.

MLB Teams In States Without Regulated Sportsbooks

  • California: Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, Oakland Athletics, San Diego Padres, and San Francisco Giants
  • Georgia: Atlanta Braves
  • Minnesota: Minnesota Twins
  • Texas: Houston Astros and Texas Rangers
  • Washington: Seattle Mariners
  • Wisconsin: Milwaukee Brewers

Online MLB Mobile Sportsbooks

With all of the MLB betting sites on this page, you have access to all the baseball betting odds that you can think of right from your phone or any other device that has access to the internet. These mobile MLB sportsbooks that accept US players do not require any downloads. Instead, players type in the URL of any of the online mobile sportsbooks they chose and log in. From there, MLB online sportsbooks optimize their platforms making it easy to bet on any game in the palm of your hand.

MLB Mobile Betting Devices

  • iPhone
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Android
  • Google Pixel
  • iPad
  • Microsoft Surface

Final Thoughts On MLB Online Sportsbooks

There are nearly as many MLB online sportsbooks as there are strategies for betting on baseball. Whether using advanced stats from or going by the eye test, the most important thing that you can do is make sure that the MLB sportsbook you are using is safe. In fact, one of the best strategies for betting on baseball is to sign up at multiple online Major League Baseball sportsbooks and line shop (compare) odds.

Major League Baseball Betting at BetOnline