Betting On MLB Baseball - Tips, Strategies, And More

Betting on MLB baseball is a rewarding long term experience, predicated on the normally extensive MLB season. With each team playing 162 games in a normal season, there is a lot of value in statistical analysis when it comes to MLB betting. This year, of course, the season is expected to be shorter (but longer than the 60-game season in 2020). That said, the same principle still applies - baseball is the major sport that is most easy to comprehend via statistics.

The best way to get started betting on baseball is to work on understanding which games you should bet on. Don’t worry if it looks a little complex at first - we get it, there’s a lot of numbers - but baseball is really deceptively simple to analyze and bet on. When it comes to wagering, you have a ton of different options for MLB sportsbooks, all over the globe. This article will cover the best places to wager on the MLB, as well as some of the basics of betting on baseball. From knowing which sportsbooks to use and how to bet on baseball, this baseball betting guide will serve as a great introduction to betting on America’s pastime.

Current 2022 World Series Odds

2022 World Series Odds

  • Los Angeles Dodgers+500
  • Atlanta Braves+1000
  • Houston Astros+1000
  • Chicago White Sox+1200
  • New York Yankees+1200
  • Tampa Bay Rays+1200
  • Milwaukee Brewers+1400
  • San Diego Padres+1400
  • Toronto Blue Jays+1400
  • Boston Red Sox+1800
  • New York Mets+1800
  • San Francisco Giants+2000
  • St. Louis Cardinals+3000
  • Cincinnati Reds+4000
  • Detroit Tigers+4000
  • Kansas City Royals+4000
  • Oakland Athletics+4000
  • Philadelphia Phillies+4000
  • Seattle Mariners+4000
  • Los Angeles Angels+4500
  • Cleveland Indians+5000
  • Colorado Rockies+6000
  • Miami Marlins+6000
  • Washington Nationals+6000
  • Minnesota Twins+8000
  • Arizona Diamondbacks+10000
  • Baltimore Orioles+10000
  • Chicago Cubs+10000
  • Pittsburgh Pirates+10000
  • Texas Rangers+10000

Best MLB Sportsbooks

The best MLB sportsbooks may be offered in Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Biloxi, or could be found strictly online. Depending on what you are looking for out of your online betting site, the different options will come with their own advantages and drawbacks. Being able to shop lines on the MLB across all sportsbooks certainly helps, which is why we give the bump to the online sportsbooks. With futures odds on the MLB, ways to bet on win totals, and the MVP, these MLB betting sites keep the betting action thriving throughout the season.

Bovada Sportsbook

Best Sportsbook For MLB Betting

Bovada Sports Betting

At Bovada, MLB bettors are given over five dozen MLB betting types on every game! With props such as first inning scoring and margin of victory, bettors can also take multiple lines on the run total, spread, and more. Be sure to check out their MLB specials as well, as the season’s top news can be bet on. Bovada offers h2h comparisons on Major League Baseball, giving bettors the slight edge they may need to make a bet work.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Great MLB Odds and Props!

BetOnline Sports Betting

BetOnline offers some of the best odds for pro baseball ranging from more than the run line, moneyline and run total. With individual team scoring, adjusted run lines, and R+H+E bets, there is plenty to find at BetOnline. Their MLB player futures odds cover MVP and CY Young races, division leaders, and more. For those baseball lovers, they can also find access to Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) betting or Korean Baseball Organization (KBO).

SportsBetting Sportsbook

Trusted Site for Betting on MLB Baseball

SportsBetting Sports Betting

For those looking for a basic betting platform, SportsBetting is the one to go to. While it is not basic in terms of security or abilities, the easy and organized design gives MLB bettors an easy route to home plate. With grand salami odds or daily props regarding the home and away teams’ run total, laying action at SportsBetting is a breeze. Be sure to check out how the lines move at SportsBetting, as they are often the best bet for MLB favorites.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Best New Online Sportsbook For MLB Wagering

MyBookie Sports Betting

MLB odds are all over MyBookie from World Series matchups to game props and even season-long contests. Baseball bettors will enjoy their time at MyBookie, as they even post daily news articles that help bettors with statistical information and even introduce them to additional free picks. With betting analysis built right in with the site, it’s a winning combination for the casual or major baseball betting fanatic. Try your skill at MyBookie today!

Xbet Sportsbook

MLB Live Betting

Xbet Sports Betting

XBet is an excellent sportsbook for sports bettors looking to spice up the MLB season and playoffs. MLB is known for its long, dragging seasons (this year being an exception), and what better way to make them interesting than some fun wagering! XBet provides a platform for all the wagers you’d want to make on the MLB, and then some. In addition, XBet prides itself on offering fun prop bets for your enjoyment.

MLB Baseball Betting Strategies

With each baseball bettor comes their own intensive strategy. Some take it more seriously than others but every experienced gambler has developed some type of strategy for betting on MLB baseball. With plenty of games in the MLB season, be sure to stay on top of MLB injury reports and pitching rotations. Understanding how a team has played in the past few games as opposed to the full season can also keep bettors in tune with proper betting situations. The number one betting strategy in baseball is to focus on the pitching.

For example, in 2020, Mookie Betts was one of the best hitters in the game, but he had serious troubles against left handed pitching. This meant that in games where Mookie was against a LHP, one could reasonably fade him a bit as a hitting threat. Similarly, his struggles against LHP contributed to the Dodgers’ overall struggles against LHP. Another example would be Tyler Glasnow in the World Series. Glasnow is a firethrower, a guy who can hit 99 MPH regularly on his fastball. However, he’s also a guy who has an ERA above 4.00, and when he gets hit, he gets hit hard. This was borne out in both of his starts against the Dodgers, in which they scored more than 3.5 runs each time. The Dodgers as a team were a) good against RHP (they had an OPS almost 0.050 higher against RHP) and b) built to hit home runs(118 in 60 games).

These are just some examples of how one can use pitching and hitting matchups in order to bet on MLB games. There are a ton of statistical analysis methods out there for taking a look at pitchers and batters, and they are widely available. All you have to do is start doing the research and understanding what the statistics mean, and you can find some edges pretty quickly.

Tips For Betting On MLB Baseball

Consistent Betting Bankroll – Most experienced bettors bet anywhere from 1-5% of their total budget on a single MLB game, but the majority of the time, it sits around 2%. Don’t run out of money in the opening month of the season.

Research The Numbers – MLB and statistics are codependent on each other. MLB stats and advanced numbers can detail loads of information about MLB betting trends and team or player performance. Don’t miss out on this free information.

Stick To Dominant Pitchers – It can always be tough to not bet on certain days, but following certain pitchers can help MLB bettors stay in the positive. Their records are often of 20 wins or more, so taking the favorite in these scenarios can pay out easy.

MLB Betting Consensus

Always be cognizant of the MLB line movements. If the public’s money is pushing a baseball line hard in one direction, this MLB betting consensus gives information to the bettor. New bettors may not understand how to follow the money, but experienced gamblers and sharps can be ahead of the changing odds, and understand just how far they will move. Often, online sportsbooks will offer extreme baseball longshots and in the long run, these underdog odds tend to pay off.

Mobile Betting On Major League Baseball

Watching the games is stressful enough which is what makes mobile betting on the MLB that much more of a luxury for sports bettors. Many state-sanctioned sportsbooks have platforms that can be used via mobile applications. There are also offshore sports betting sites that can be accessed on any kind of mobile device making betting on the MLB games quick and easy for a member of any one of these websites to do nationwide.

Once gamblers become members of these sports betting outlets, they will find a ton of wagers listed for Major League Baseball matchups. From there, they can do everything from pick wagers to depositing money and requesting payouts through their cellphones. For mobile sports betting on the MLB, no downloads are required as they are accessed through the internet using a phone to do so. Everyone is eligible to join these sportsbook operations legally and begin betting on MLB games. Now, this type of gambling is more of a necessity than ever because of social distancing due to COVID-19. Fans are still able to get their action in through mobile betting on all of the MLB lineups.

Live Betting On Major League Baseball

Live betting on Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the more exciting ways to bet on the games for any sports bettor. For gamblers that are not baseball fans because the game is “boring” live in-game betting will get them interested in the game really quickly. These wagers are listed on every major sportsbook in the live betting section as a game is happening. There will be multiple bets listed throughout a match and instant gratification (if you win) for bettors gambling this way.

It’s a quick-paced form of betting with odds and wagers changing every second with the flow of the game. Anyone that bets on sports and the MLB, in particular, should try live betting at least once to see what all the hype is about. You’ll be super hyped in the amount of time it takes to place your bet until the end result, which is typically a short adrenaline-filled ride. For that small period of time, it’s as if you were part of the game yourself which is what makes this type of bet so addicting and popular among gamblers. Any sports bettor looking for the most interactive way to gamble on Major League Baseball has found it through live betting wagers on the games.

Final Advice And Tips For Betting On MLB

No matter how one goes about betting on baseball, as long as they stick with their strategies, they can find success. The good thing about baseball is that it’s sort of a statistical playground - there’s so much data about everything that thorough data analysis is easily accessible. Though a baseball betting tactic may not work, finding methods to alter it or a system to control can help a bettor learn and improve. There are an enormous amount of advanced statistical analysis tools for baseball bettors to familiarize themselves with, from OPS+ to WHIP to batting split data and more. Our final advice for betting on MLB is simply - each bettor must figure out their own baseball betting strategy - but make sure it’s based on data. The hard part is figuring out what these numbers actually tell you, and putting them in their proper context.