BetDSI Sportsbook Review For 2022

BetDSI Sportsbook

BetDSI is a sportsbook that has a good variety when it comes to its wager types. Not just your normal straight bets and spreads, they also provide access to parlays, teasers, if-bets, you know, variety. Security features like SSL encryption and other firewall technology are provided as well. BetDSI has it all - they’ve got live in-game betting, a mobile site that allows you to do everything you would on the computer right from your phone, and customer service representatives that are available 24/7/365 and speak four languages, including English and Spanish.

BetDSI SportsbookBetDSI meets these requirements and so much more, offering American bettors one of the most reliable online sports betting platforms they could ever use. BetDSI sportsbook has been around for quite some time now, providing online sports betting to punters all over the world. You’ll be able to find lines on games for sports you’ve never even heard of, in addition to all of your favorites. They’ve got live in-game betting, a mobile site that allows you to do everything you would on the computer right from your phone, and customer service representatives that are available 24/7/365 and speak four languages, including English and Spanish.

This review will cover everything else that BetDSI offers its players, giving them an in-depth look into exactly what they can expect from this book. BetDSI has so much to offer you, and we just want you to know what you’re getting before you sign up. This book is one of a kind and offers a great sports betting experience to anyone who signs up.

Betting On The NFL At BetDSI

NFL LogoIf you’re planning to bet on the NFL season, BetDSI is the perfect place. BetDSI has a multitude of betting options for NFL betting fans to take advantage of before, during, and after the first games begin. Even weeks into the season, BetDSI offers updated futures odds, live betting on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday games, and more bets than you'll know what to do with. Then, when the Super Bowl odds become shorter, BetDSI will add hundreds more of additional Super Bowl prop bets. In short, BetDSI is your one-stop-shop for NFL betting.

BetDSI Basics:

BetDSI Website:
BetDSI Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Where is BetDSI Legal? All US States
BetDSI Deposits:
Deposit Options: Minimum Maximum
VISA: $45 $1,500
MASTER CARD: $45 $1,500
BITCOIN: $25 $50,000
ETHEREUM: $25 $50,000
DASH: $50 $50,000
BANK WIRE: $5,000 $50,000
PERSON to PERSON: $100 $650
BetDSI Payouts:
Payout Options Minimum Maximum
BITCOIN: $20 $5,000
PERSON to PERSON: $100 $390
BANK DRAFT: $500 $3,000
ACH: $200 $1,000
BetDSI Bonuses: 100% Welcome Bonus
BetDSI Telephone: 1-877-223-8374

Is BetDSI Legal In My State?

As an international sports betting site, BetDSI is legal in all fifty states. This is because it is located in another country. Online, offshore sports betting sites are able to legally offer US bettors with sports betting opportunities because they are regulated by the laws in their own country. BetDSI is located in Costa Rica, one of the leading places with legalized and regulated sports betting. This country puts BetDSI under the control of a gaming commission. It also licenses the book after it meets strict gambling guidelines. BetDSI is a fully licensed sportsbook. No matter what state you live in, you can easily hop online and legally bet on all of your favorite sports at BetDSI sportsbook.

Is BetDSI Regulated In The United States?

Due to being located in another country, BetDSI is not regulated by The United States. Those regulations will have to fall with Costa Rica, the country they are located in. BetDSI does in fact have a license to offer sports betting and have remained in good standing with the Costa Rican gaming commission since 1998. when they were first established.

Is BetDSI Safe For US Players?

BetDSI is one of the safest online sports betting platforms for US players. This site is not only regulated by a gaming commission, it is also licensed by the Republic of Costa Rica. This site is approved by several watchdog groups, most notably by the Off Shore Gaming Association (OSGA). BetDSI also carries an A+ Rating from SBR, the leading authority in online sports betting ranking.

Best Way For Americans To Fund Their BetDSI Account

BetDSI has a number of online sportsbooks deposit methods available to its players. We’ll list them out here for you, with brief descriptions of their minimum and maximum deposits limits. We’ll also go over any fees that might be associated with these deposit methods.

Credit Cards:

Min. $45, Max. $1500

BetDSI accepts both Visa and Mastercard. Deposits made to BetDSI using credit cards will be billed as purchases made to an online retailer, but your bank could still choose to enforce international fees. It is the responsibility of the player to pay these fees, not the sportsbook.


Min. $25, Max. $50,000

BetDSI accepts Bitcoin and other digital currencies such as Dash and Ethereum. There are additional bonuses associated with bitcoin deposits, as well as free payouts when you use it for all banking at this sportsbook.

Person to Person:

Min. $100, Max. $650

Person to Person is another name for MoneyGram and Western Union money transfer services. Transactions for less than $300 carry fees ($7 for online, $14 for calling it in).

Bank Wire:

Min. $5,000, Max. $50,000

You can request a bank wire transfer which takes the funds directly from the bank account of your choice. You will need to contact customer service to obtain the sportsbook’s banking information for the transfer. There are also fees charged by BetDSI and your bank.

Check/ Money Order:

Min. $500, Max. $50,000

You can express ship a cashier’s check or money order to BetDSI. Contact customer service for details regarding fees and shipping address.

Does BetDSI Have Any Bonuses?

BetDSI SportsbookBetDSI offers its players a generous welcome bonus for US players. They also have something that most sportsbooks can’t offer – a loyalty rewards program. When you first make your initial deposit at BetDSI, the book will match 50% of whatever you deposit, up to $300. If you make a deposit of $300 or more, you are instantly registered in their loyalty rewards program. There are three levels to the loyalty rewards program, each coming with their own set of perks. The rewards program rewards you as you play, so the more you play, the more rewards you earn.

Gold – Gold level loyalty members receive a 10% match on every deposit they make up to $500. They are eligible for one free payout per month and will have their deposit fees reimbursed if they incur them. You retain gold level status from 0-29,999 points.

Platinum – Once you reach 30,000 loyalty points, you are upgraded to Platinum status. Here, you receive a 10% match on deposits, this time going up to $750. You also begin to earn 10% more loyalty points for everything you play, helping to add to your credit faster. Platinum members also receive one payout free per month. Platinum level is retained when you have 30,000 points until you have 299,999 points.

Diamond – After you hit 300,000 points, you are raised to Diamond level loyalty. This is the highest level you can achieve at BetDSI. Here, you receive your own customer service representative. You get 15% on each deposit, up to $3,000. You start to earn points 10% faster than platinum level members and get 2 free payouts per month.