BetUS Sportsbook Review - Accepting US Players

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BetUS touts itself as 'America's favorite online casino, sportsbook, and horse racing site,' and for good reason. With a variety of phenomenal betting options, flexible and safe deposit/payout options, live betting, and a wide array of sports to bet on, it very well should be. On top of the impressive selection of bettor-friendly betting lines available, are a collection of inciting sign-up bonuses to give players a solid foundation to start wagering. These bonuses range from crypto-friendly to cash bonuses and casino credit.

The good news for United States residents hoping to get started on these opportunities is that BetUS is currently accepting US residents from every state. This means that no matter which state you're living in, BetUS is a safe and reliable way for bettors to place bets on their favorite sports, games, and teams. With all of these great options and bonuses to cover, this review will help you know everything you need to get started with BetUS today.

BetUS Basics:

BetUS Location: Curacao
Where Is BetUS Legal: All US States
BetUS Deposits:
Deposit Options: Minimum Maximum
CREDIT CARDS: $10 $2,499
BITCOIN: $10 $50,000
BITCOIN CASH: $10 $50,000
LITECOIN: $10 $50,000
ETHEREUM: $10 $50,000
BetUS Payouts:
Payout Options Minimum Maximum
BITCOIN: $50 $5,000
BITCOIN CASH: $50 $5,000
ETHEREUM: $50 $5,000
LITECOIN: $50 $5,000
CASHIERS CHECK: $50 $3,000
BANK WIRE: $50 $3,000
BetUS Crypto Bonuses:
  • 200% crypto sign-up bonus (150% sports + 50% casino)
  • 20% cash sign-up bonus
  • 250% casino sign-up bonus
  • 100% crypto sports bonus up to $2,500
BetUS Bonuses:
  • 125% sign-up bonus (100% sports + 25% casino)
  • 150% casino bonus up to $3,000
  • 10% cash bonus + 20% casino bonus
BetUS Telephone: 1-800-620-1905

Does BetUS Accept Players From The USA?

Not only is BetUS actively accepting new players from every state in the US, they're also one of the premiere online sportsbook available to any eligible US player. Eligibility to sign up is mostly up to ensuring that you meet your state's minimum age requirement for gambling. In states where interested residents think sports betting may be illegal, well this simply is not the case. The act of legal sports betting in the United States is legal in every state, so long as you do so with offshore sportsbooks like BetUS.

How To Sign Up At BetUS To Bet On Sports

Getting started with online sports betting has never been easier thanks to BetUS's convenient and well optimized website. If you're looking to make BetUS one of your new online avenues for sports wagering, simply click on the link found below to get started. After that, all you have to do is fill out some basic information, fund your account using either a credit/debit card, or crypto wallet, choose your sign-up bonus, and get started placing your bets! It really is that simple.

Required Information At BetUS

  • First & Last Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Contact Info (Phone Number, Email)
  • Password
  • Currency Preference
  • Zip Code

Is BetUS A Safe And Reputable Betting Site?

We go through an extensive testing process with every site we review here, and even utilize each online sportsbook's various offerings to ensure that they're safe and reliable. This takes the risk out of choosing the sportsbooks, so you can focus on the betting odds. BetUS has been in operation since 1994, and has been serving US residents for well over two decades. Players who choose to bet with BetUS can rest assured that their funds will be secured, and their payouts honored.

Minimum Age To Bet At BetUS

Sports betting is more popular than ever in the United States, but before anyone tries to get involved with the hobby, it's imperative that they meet the minimum age requirement to gamble per their respective state. In order to be considered eligible to sign up, players must meet their respective state's legal gambling age requirements. These requirements most often range from 18 to 21 or older.

Depositing Money Into A BetUS Account

There are numerous ways for players to fund their BetUS accounts, including several cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Crypto is often one of the more popular choices for funding accounts for online sports betting websites due to both its flexibility and accessibility as a currency. Alternatively, BetUS also accepts credit and debit cards, cash transfers, and bank wire transfers.


Currently the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin is a great way to fund sports betting accounts due to its speed and safety. Utilizing Bitcoin is also convenient because pretty much every reputable online sportsbook accepts it and offers stellar bonuses for signing-up with it. Other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin are also accepted in the same way.

  • Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
  • None $10 $50,000 Instant

Credit Cards

Although crypto can be convenient in its own ways, some people prefer the more old-fashioned method of simply using their credit card. This method is totally fine, and equally as efficient. Although doing so doesn't offer the same sign-up bonuses, and it is capped at a much smaller maximum limit, it's still a completely viable way of funding one's online sports betting account.

  • Fees: Minimum Maximum Processing Time:
  • None $10 $2,499 Instant

Withdrawing Money From BetUS

BetUS Sports BettingOne of the most important aspects of any gambling platform will always be the withdrawal methods, because betting it ultimately about making money. Whether you prefer crypto, or cashier's check, or bank wire transfer, BetUS has you covered. Whatever method is chosen to extract your sports betting winnings, payouts from BetUS are fast, safe, and guaranteed. Although most of the information on their payout methods is relegated to calling a phone number and done on a case-by-case basis.

Bonuses At BetUS + Promotional Codes

There are dozens of phenomenal sign-up bonuses, promo codes, and incentives to help players start sports betting the right way. Ranging from 20% to 200%, these bonuses are everything a bettor needs for a solid first bet. Be it crypto-related, online casino credits, or just cash bonuses, there's a promotion here fit for anyone.

Bonus Code: Bonus:
JOIN200 200% Crypto Bonus (150% sports + 50% casino)
20CASH 20% Cash Bonus
SU100CRYPT 100% Crypto Sports Bonus Up To $2,500
RU100CRYPT 100% Sports Bonus Up To $2,500 (re-up)
100CRYPTO2X 100% Crypto Bonus On Next Two Deposits (re-up)

BetUS List Of Sports To Bet On

There's an eclectic selection of great sports to wager on at BetUS. Everything from the obvious like football and basketball, to more niche choices like NASCAR, surfing, and even esports! Whatever you're looking to bet on, BetUS has you covered. And in every category a plethora of different betting lines is normally available for a diverse betting experience.

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Martial Arts
  • Horse Racing
  • Today's Tracks
  • Boxing
  • Table Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Motor Sports
  • E-Sports
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Cycling
  • Politics
  • Entertainment
  • Surfing
  • Handball
  • Novelty
  • Futsal
  • Lacrosse
  • Snooker
  • Olympics
  • +More

Betting On Football At BetUS

BetUS offers an extensive list of different football-related odds to take advantage of, including everything from Super Bowl odds, to NFL Draft Props. Each available tab for football betting often includes a plethora of different betting lines and odds to choose from. The betting lines for NFL odds are vast, and there's a ton of potentially lucrative bets to consider. Also there's even odds for college football games such as odds for the NCAAF Championship, and the Heisman Trophy.

BetUS Super Bowl Betting Odds

The Super Bowl is the grand finale to a great football season, and the most bet on event every single year. Finding the best odds available is crucial to any savvy bettor, and BetUS has a competitively good selection of Super Bowl betting odds this year. Whether you're looking for your next online sportsbook to bet with, or just getting an idea of what odds are available before the Super Bowl kicks off, we recommend checking out what BetUS has to offer.

Betting Limits At BetUS

BetUS utilized a default flat limit for all of its bets, and these limits are per wager. Limitations can be imposed on individual players at any time per BetUS's discretion.

  • Minimum: $1.00
  • Maximum: $10,000.00