College Football Betting Trends

Thinking about betting on college football? It would then be in your best interest to consult betting trends relating to any game or match up you are thinking about. Betting trends are often described as a bettor’s closest friend when it comes to betting real money. In a nutshell, betting trends can be categorized as doing your homework. Prior to betting on a college football game there are trends which are formed that prospective bettors can take a look at and review before pulling the trigger with an online bookmaker that takes US players.

The nice thing about most betting trends is that the hard research is done for you. The only step left for the bettor is to check out the research that's already been done, and see if there is some information that you can apply to a game you want to bet to try and get the upper hand to win the wager.

The table below will lay out trends for the different games each week during the college football regular season. It's important to note that not all trends are created equal. That’s because different teams perform differently against the spread or other game lines. Trends don't always have to cover how a team fared against the spread - they can also cover straight up outcomes, as well as the over and under point total.

College football trends will be available during the week before a given college football matchup. For those interested, the table will automatically update as the season goes on into the next week, so you can be sure that the latest betting trends available will be on the table. The automatic update ensures that bettors won't have to worry about having misinformation.

Using CFB Betting Trends To Your Advantage

Betting trends are often described as 'hot', and 'cold'. Either way, each type can be used to your advantage. In general, betting trends are listed to help a prospective bettor think about the pending wager. Trends are based on real results from the past such as the against the spread results from past matchups and then applied to a potential result in the future. There is a ton of research and information that can be found on any one game, so it's important to take you time when going through them.

Where You Can Put These Trends To Work...

Check out some of the best college football betting sites to implement the betting trends you've just checked out, and try to win a real-money bet. All of these sportsbooks have a ton of college football game lines and props.