College Football Betting Trends

Thinking about betting on college football? It would then be in your best interest to consult CFB betting trends relating to any game or match up you are thinking about. In a nutshell, betting trends can be categorized as the first step of doing your homework. Prior to betting on a college football game prospective bettors can look at historical results before pulling the trigger with an online sportsbook that takes U.S. players.

Below, we’ll discuss how trends are presented, and how to use them when you wager on sports. It's important to note that not all trends are created equal. That’s because different teams perform differently against the spread or other game lines. Trends don't always have to cover how a team fared against the spread - they can also cover straight up outcomes, as well as the over and under point total.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when examining trends is that you have to provide context to them. It doesn’t matter how many times Alabama covers the spread, they’ll always have talent rotating in and out. It’s a completely different set of talent. It’s incredibly important not to just blindly trust the trends, but to use them to augment your understanding of the sport.

Online Sportsbooks for CFB Betting Trends

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Notable Betting Trends

  • Alabama is 38-29-2 ATS since 2018 and has won their games by 25.5 points on average
  • Ohio State has a 78-52-1 record with the over on their point totals since 2013
  • Georgia is 6-2 ATS as an away team favorite in their last two seasons
  • Oklahoma is 103-38 S/U over the last ten seasons

College Football Betting at Bovada

Totals Trends

Totals trends, like most trends, are hit or miss. One thing that can really influence totals trends is general defensive schemes and offensive attitudes. As always, it’s important to keep an eye on the context of the trends. The single biggest mistake you could make is to assume that because something happened in the past, it will happen like that in the future. Clemson might have hit their Over against South Carolina four times out of the last five, but guess what? That doesn’t mean this 2022-23 betting trend is accurate. Trends are worthwhile when you can figure out why they’re happening, and see if those conditions still apply. Maybe a coach likes running up the score against rivals, or maybe they don’t. These are the kinds of things that can actually inform bettors as to how they want to approach wagering on CFB totals bets.

Where You Can Put These Trends To Work...

Check out some of the best college football betting sites to implement the betting trends you've just checked out, and try to win a real-money bet. All of these sportsbooks have a ton of college football game lines and props.

Disadvantages Of College Football Betting Trends

We’ve been alluding to this problem throughout the page. There is one significant disadvantage to college football trends: turnover. College football has huge amounts of players and coaching staff turnover, and each team tends to be dramatically different from the team before it. For this reason, trends can be hit or miss depending on turnover. Ole Miss hitting passing yards Overs under Matt Corral doesn’t mean that they’ll continue to do so under Jaxson Dart. This concept applies almost universally - you have to understand the context for a trend before applying it to your betting thought process. This is not to say that these trends aren’t useful, just make sure to take them with a grain of salt, and to think about them before just assuming that they will apply. Best of luck.

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Bovada is perhaps the single best sportsbook around. Bovada has everything you could want from an online sportsbook, from a well designed website to generous signup bonuses to a large amount of lines and odds. No matter what game you want to wager on in the wide world of College Football, Bovada will have odds on it. It doesn’t matter how far down the conference scale you want to go, it’ll be there.

Bovada also offers mobile and live betting, so you can keep up with the games no matter where you are. It’ll give everyone something to do during those incredibly long CBS commercial breaks every Saturday. Wagering live adds new opportunities - bets on what the next play will be, who the next touchdown will be scored by, and so on. There’s a ton to wager on at Bovada, and a lot of opportunities for wise CFB bettors.

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Bet on College Football Trends

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BetOnline is set up such that you get to see the maximum amount of odds available at any given time. There’s not a lot of frills at BetOnline, at least not visually. Everything they provide to you is meant to make your experience better as a gambler, from their excellent bet building tool to their comprehensive list of sports bets and odds available.

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