College Football Injury Reports

Any fan of football knows that injuries are a part of the game. But even when comparing college football to the NFL, the differences are quite a bit in how a betting line can be affected by the loss of just one key player. College football tends to have betting odds shift far more dramatically, because impact players at this level can have a much bigger outcome on the game.

With that in mind, this is the injury page for college football that readers will want to check at least a couple of times a week if they are thinking about betting on CFB games. Injuries can happen at any moment, and when they do, oddsmakers and sportsbooks will be quick to formulate a betting line.

Stay on top of college football injuries as best as you can. The information that is available below will be instrumental in aiding you to making the most up-to-date wager on the best information possible. The injury reports are updated when the teams announce the nature of the injury and the time period that the player is expected to be out.

Be Sure to Check For Major Injuries Before Betting

A sportsbook that features college football betting lines will have complete games odds, plus props for the matchups and players. Below you will find some of our top-rated college football sportsbooks where American players are happily accepted for betting against the spread or straight up.

The U.S. sports betting sites featured on this page will provide full coverage during the season and on through the national championship game to determine the best team for that season. They also take injuries into account when putting up the betting odds. Not having up to date info could cause you to think you are getting great value on a team when in reality the line was adjusted because it was known the player was going to be out for the game....