Best College Football Playoff Online Sportsbooks

Legal CFB Playoff BettingCollege Football Playoff online sportsbooks compete for the title of the best every year, just like the programs that compete in the tournament. Similar to the new 12-team field for the 2024-25 season, there are now more CFP sportsbooks competing than ever. This page reviews the best online sportsbooks for the CFB Playoffs, how to sign up, and their legality. Our experts suggest Bovada for real money bettors, but we also cover top betting sites such as BetOnline and MyBookie.

  • The best online sportsbook for the College Football Playoffs is Bovada.
  • Real money sportsbooks for the CFP are available in all 50 states.
  • Michigan won the last College Football Four-Team Playoffs with +800 preseason odds.

Online Sportsbooks for College Football

CFB Sportsbooks New U.S. Player Bonus Go Bet On The CFP

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Is It Legal To Bet On The CFB Playoff Online?

There are legal US sportsbooks in each state that offer lines for the College Football Playoffs. Depending on the state, different online books are available but they all have the commonality having future wagers for the National Championship, Conference Championships, and then liens for when the games are actually set. Some of these legal online books have sports betting apps, while others can be accessed through smart phones mobile browsers. No matter which route a bettor chooses, the online books are safe, legal, and have the potential to help bettors win big on college football playoff betting.

Best Legal CFB Playoff Sportsbooks

The best legal CFB Playoff betting sites are those that offer more than just the latest college football odds and lines. You should also be able to find huge bonuses and promotions so that you have more cash to wager with. Deposits should be quick and easy, while payouts should always be reliable. Customer service is also important when using a legal CFB Playoff betting site in case you have any questions.

Bovada Sportsbook

Bet On CFB Playoffs From Your Android

Bovada Sports Betting

By being in the game since 2011, Bovada sportsbook has become an extremely trusted online sportsbook, that offers the ability to place wagers on an Android, or any other smart phone device. There no app that needs be downloaded, and bettors can use their mobile browser to access the full Bovada betting experience. While betting on a mobile device, Bovada allows bettors to live bet from anywhere in their state, providing a full college football betting experience.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Best Book For College Football Futures

BetOnline Sports Betting

While there is a tons of betting action during the College Football regular season, nothing beats the excitement of the College Football Playoffs. With BetOnline, bettors can view odds for every single college football team winning the championship, all year long. From the day after the previous championship, to the night before the big game, college football fans can place wagers on the team to win the National Title, with future odds typically offering longer odds and higher payouts.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

College Football Proposition Betting

SportsBetting Sports Betting

With an entire college football betting section, SportsBetting has not just the moneyline for each game, but prop bets for bettors who like to wager on more specific outcomes. With SportsBetting prop bets, there are wagers for things. In the past, that may have meant Tim Tebow rushing yards during the BCS era or Ja’Marr Chase receiving yards. These prop bets are created for every individual game, with new props generated every week, through one of the most trusted online sportsbooks around.

What Are The 2024-25 College Football Playoff Games?

The College Football Semifinal playoff games move around each and every year to include two of the New Years 6 bowl games. In those semifinal games are the top four ranked teams in which the winners of both of those games will move on to compete for the national championship.

Upcoming CFP Games

  • 2024-25: Cotton Bowl, Orange Bowl
  • 2025-26: Fiesta Bowl, Peach Bowl

Best Online Deposit Methods For CFP Betting

Once the college football playoffs are announced, online sportsbooks generate odds instantly, and it is important to have sportsbook deposit methods that process just as quickly. When depositing with cryptocurrencies, bettors can expect deposits that process within minutes, with no fees attached. There are a variety of cryptocurrencies that online books accept, and the options vary based on the sportsbook. Bitcoin is the most highly accepted, and one of the best deposit methods available. However, college football sportsbooks still do have methods for depositing with credit/debit cards.

Bovada Deposit Methods:

Method Min Deposit Max Deposit Fee
Bitcoin/Litecoin $10 $5,000 None
Ethereum $50 $5,000 None
VISA $20 $1,500 15.9%

BetOnline Deposit Methods:

Method Min Deposit Max Deposit Fee
Bitcoin/Litecoin $20 $500,000 None
Litecoin/Ripple $20 100,000 None
VISA/Mastercard $25 $5,000 7.50%

SportsBetting Deposit Methods:

Method Min Deposit Max Deposit Fee
Bitcoin/Litecoin $20 $500,000 None
Tether $20 $100,000 None
Discover/Mastercard $50 $2,500 7.5%


Making Withdrawals After CFP Betting

Just like with deposits, making sportsbook withdrawals with cryptocurrencies is the most efficient method for online betting sites, but others do exist. Depending on the sportsbook, bettors can get paid out from checks by courier, money transfers, MatchPay and others. Withdrawing from these non-crypto methods can take up to a few weeks, making crypto the most efficient payout method, with a 48-hour processing time. Most online sportsbooks give a 24–48-hour window for withdrawal processing time but they typically process within minutes, wasting no time for cashing out on betting on the College Football Playoff Excitement.

Bovada Sportsbook Deposit Methods:

Method Min Withdrawal Max Withdrawal Processing Time Fee
Bitcoin/Ethereum $20 $100,000 48 Hours None
Check By Courier $500 $2,000 Up To 7 Buissness Days $50
Wire Transfer $500 $25,000 Up To 15 Buissness Days $45

Best College Football Bonuses

All of these online sportsbooks have specific bonuses, in order to increase the excitement of the betting experience. The main types of sportsbook bonuses are either welcome bonuses for new members of the sportsbook, or reload bonuses to help consist bettors have more to wager. All of these bonuses will have a rollover, with each online book having a different structure. Cryptocurrency bonuses often offer a higher match on the deposit.

  • Bovada – This online book has a bonus that will match a first-time deposit by 50% for up to $250 that can be used for any wager type, including college football betting. The bonus has a 5x rollover and the promo code will be emailed when you register, and the bonus is applied instantly to your Bovada account.
  • BetOnline – With BetOnline, bettors can claim a 25% reload bonus that is eligible for redemption after a bettor has already made at least one deposit, and is currently depositing at least $50. The bonus goes up to $250 and can be redeemed any time of the day.
  • SportsBetting – For SportsBetting, there are crypto deposits that can help boost any betting experience. The online book offers a 35% crypto reload bonus, that can go up to $350, and only requires a minimum deposit of $20. This bonus does have an 8x rollover and can be redeemed with code 35CRYPTO.

Past CFP Championship Odds

With the college football playoff four team bracket starting during the 2015 season, there have been preseason underdogs take the title. College betting sports fans have also seen the preseason favorite end up on top, and many teams in the top five. A lot of these winnings’ teams started the season with long odds, giving bettors value for placing future wagers.

Preseason Odds

  • 2023 Michigan Wolverines +800
  • 2022 Georgia Bulldogs +350
  • 2021 Georgia Bulldogs +600
  • 2020 Alabama Crimson Tide +350
  • 2019 LSU Tigers +2500
  • 2018 Clemson Tigers +250
  • 2017 Alabama Crimson Tide +250
  • 2016 Clemson Tigers +700
  • 2015 Alabama Crimson Tide +700

There is a craft in figuring in the best time to bet on the National Champion, with odds shifting all season. As an example, the 2021 Georgia Bulldogs were a favorite to win the title all year long, not losing a single regular season game. Heading into the SEC Championship game, the Bulldogs were -225 favorites. After loosing by 17 points to the Tide, the Bulldogs CFP odds shifted to +135, giving them more betting value.

College Football Betting at Bovada

Legal CFB Playoff Odds & Wager Types

Legal CFB Playoff wager types are easy to understand once you understand how the odds work. There are some wager types that are a bit more complex than others, but it’s best to start with the basic types that are also the most common. Game lines typically include the spread, moneyline, and total. With each of these wager types, it is important to remember that when looking at the odds, the (-) represents the favorite while the (+) represents the underdog. You will always risk more than your potential win when betting on the favorite, while the opposite can be set when betting on the underdog. Here are examples of each of the CFB Playoff wager types:


Spread betting is a popular CFP bet type, where a margin of points is assigned to each side. The favored (-) team must win by more than the margin of points, while the underdog (+) must lose by no more than the margin of points or win outright. Here is an example of a CFP spread bet:

  • Georgia Bulldogs -2 ½ (-110)
  • Oklahoma Sooners +2 ½ (-110)

Georgia is a slight favorite in this example, meaning that they must win by at least 3 points to cover the spread. The Oklahoma Sooners are 2 ½ point underdogs, meaning they can lose by no more than 2 points to cover. You could also cash in if Oklahoma causes an upset and wins the game.


A totals bet is when you wager on whether the score of the game will be over or under a certain amount. The oddsmaker will combine the number of points that each team will potentially score. Here is an example of a CFP totals betting line:

  • Alabama Crimson Tide 58 (-110)u
  • Clemson Tigers 58 (-110)o

If you believe that the total of the Alabama vs Clemson game will be under 58 points, you can bet on Alabama. If you want to put money on the game total going under 58 points, bet on Clemson.


A moneyline wager is where you pick a side to win their College Football Playoff game. This is the most straightforward wager, where you either bet on the favorite or the underdog.

  • Central Florida Knights (+280)
  • Auburn Tigers (-360)

The Auburn Tigers are favored to win their CFB Playoff game, which means that you would win $100 by risking $360. If you were to bet on the Central Florida Knights, you would win potentially win $280 with a $100 stake.

Understanding CFB Playoff Props & Futures

College Football Playoff props & futures are posted all season long and involve wagers on scenarios outside of the final result of a game. Both bet types are similar, except that futures are available for events that are weeks or months from happening. For example, at the beginning of the college football season, you might wager on which teams will make the College Football Playoffs. Here are some of the CFB Playoff futures that you might see once teams have earned their spot:

  • Odds To Win The College Football Playoffs
  • Exact Outcome Of CFP Championship Game
  • Total Wins By SEC Teams
  • Total Wins By Big Ten

College Football Playoff props will either involve the team as a whole or a specific player. Props will be posted for each individual matchup, with a variety of score props, touchdown props, field goal props, and more. Here are some of the common props that you might see during a typical CFB Playoff game:

  • Margin Of Victory
  • Longest Touchdown Yardage In The Game
  • Odd/Even Total Points
  • Will A Defensive TD Be Scored?
  • Team To Score First In The Game

CFB Playoff Live In-Game Wagering

Another option for legal CFB Playoff betting is in-game wagering. This consists of the bookmaker updating odds live as a game progresses, which allows you to bet as the CFP action unfolds. There are dozens of options at live betting sportsbooks in the US, including moneylines, totals, quarter spreads, odd/even total points, team props, and more. When you visit an online sportsbook, there will typically be a dedicated live betting platform that displays all of the current and upcoming games. Select the College Football Playoff match of your choice on game day, and start betting after kick off.

College Football Betting at MyBookie

CFB Playoff Mobile Betting Options

Many bettors are now doing their legal CFB Playoff betting from their iPhone or Android. All of the best online college football betting sites also offer mobile betting platforms for more convenient wagering. The same CFP betting odds and lines are available from the mobile site, along with other account functions such as deposits and withdrawals. One perk is that you do not have to download a separate app, and can instead just visit a mobile version of the site. Some mobile sportsbooks in the US like BetOnline and SportsBetting will even offer special offers for using your mobile device. Mobile betting on the CFB Playoff from your smartphone or tablet is just as legal as using a desktop site.

CFP Winning Quarterbacks

Stetson Bennett broke the curse among quarterbacks to win the College Football Playoffs, with The Mailman becoming the first qb to win the CFP twice. The list of CFP-winning quarterbacks includes some of the all-time greats in college football, with more sure to be added in the future.

  • 2023 – J.J. McCarthy
  • 2022 – Stetson Bennett
  • 2021 – Stetson Bennet
  • 2020 – Mac Jones
  • 2019 – Joe Burrow
  • 2018 – Trevor Lawrence
  • 2017 – Jalen Hurts
  • 2016 – Deshaun Watson
  • 2015 – Jake Coker
  • 2014 – Cardale Jones