Odds To Win The 2025 NCAA College Football Championship

The chase for the college football national championship is a favorite of both bettors and oddsmakers and the odds to win the NCAA Football title in 2025 are always open for bets. Outside of the Super Bowl, this is perhaps the most popular American sports game played all year long, right at the start of it. Anyone looking to learn more about what's available for wagering when putting real money down has found the right place. On this page, we’ll explain how the football odds work, the different areas of wagering that sportsbooks with NCAA football odds offer, and the current odds of winning.

Top Sportsbooks for Betting on the CFB Championship

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2024-25 College Football National Championship Odds

The preseason National Championship odds for 2025 were available as soon as the final whistle blew this past season. First the first time in a while, Alabama does not lead the National Championship odds being Saban-less.

  • Georgia +300
  • Ohio State +450
  • Texas +700
  • Oregon +800
  • Alabama +1100
  • Mississippi +1500
  • LSU +1600
  • Michigan +1600
  • Florida State +2200
  • Missouri +2800

What Sportsbooks Have Props On The College Football Championship?

Finding player props for the NCAA football title can be hard for some. Certain sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel and MGM may not offer CFB player props during the championship due to state gaming laws. Instead, consider using online sportsbooks that take US players like Bovada. They are licensed internationally and therefore follow a different set of rules - ones that permit betting on player props for the college football championship game.

Bovada Sportsbook

Giving College Football Fans Great CFP Odds

Bovada Sports Betting

All of the futures odd for CFB on this page are from Bovada. They are one of the best online sportsbooks for betting on the National Championship. They offer tons of betting odds that aren’t just the normal game lines. Odds such as player props, team props, and futures are all included. No matter where in the United States you are located, you will be able to access Bovada’s National Championship odds from anywhere. That even includes a normal desktop or laptop computer or right from your mobile device.

BetOnline Sportsbook

The Best CFB Playoffs Betting Odds

BetOnline Sports Betting

BetOnline has been one of the most reliable online betting sites to bet on the college football season and betting on the National Championship will be no different. Aside from the normal game lines that you can find prior to the game, you can take advantage of their live betting odds as well. These odds are constantly changing throughout the game which allows you to get in on odds at a great price.

National Championship Future Odds

Months in advance, college football national championship odds are created, based around ranking the teams teams to win it all. As the season progresses, the championship picture will begin to take shape and as the odds change, the futures betting lines will be a reflection of how well that team has done to that point. As we all know, in NCAA football, one loss could mean elimination from contention. The futures odds run until the end of the regular season, when the finals matchup is set and the two teams in the title game are ready to go. Futures give great opportunities to get some higher payouts if you have a good feeling about an underdog.

National Championship Game Spreads

Betting on a spread for the National Championship Game is the same as any other football game. The spread will reflect the perceived difference between the two teams involved, and it’s up to you to pick the handicapped winner. One thing to note is that spreads will vary between sportsbooks - it’s entirely possible to find half point differences simply by switching sportsbooks. This process is known as shopping lines, and it’s an integral part of any bettor’s arsenal.

National Championship Totals

Totals betting on the National Championship is simply taking side on whether or not the teams will outscore their projected total, or not. Totals betting is a good way to take matchups into account, and if you think you can beat the book in terms of predicting how the game will go, totals betting lets you see rewards from that knowledge.

National Championship Moneylines

Moneyline wagering is, in a sense, simply picking the winner. If you can pick the winner of a game 100% of the time, you will be profitable betting moneylines, no matter how lopsided. Here’s the problem - moneylines are handicapped, meaning that mistakes betting on a favorite can be punished heavily. The good news is that the National Championship often has fairly even moneylines. The semifinals are a bit iffy sometimes, but the National Championship game itself rarely has lopsided moneylines.

National Championship Game Player Props

Player props are a way to wager on individual player performances during the National Championship game. For example, if you think the Clemson RB is going to have a big game against a weak front seven, you can place wagers on his rushing yards, his total attempts, his passing yards, and more. This is the most common way to wager on an individual player.

National Championship Game Team Props

Team props are similar to player props, but generalized over the course of a team. For example, if you think that Alabama will put up a ton of passing yardage due to their excellent wide receiver play and aggressive playcalling, you can place a wager on them getting over X yards of passing offense, where X is a number set by the sportsbook.

College Football Betting at Bovada

Live Betting On The National Championship Game

Live betting is a great tool for wagering on the College Football Playoff National Championship. The National Championship is an exhilarating experience already, but you can add some additional spice to the mix by live betting on it. Live betting provides you with wagers you can’t get anywhere else. For example, you can wager on individual play outcomes - whether the next play will be a pass or a run. You can also wager on slightly longer term live bets, like who the next touchdown scorer will be. Live betting is offered at many of the major online sportsbooks, all of whom are looking to attract as many customers as they can for a game of this size.

Mobile Betting On The College Football Playoff

Many people will be going to parties, or having people over (COVID depending, of course) for the National Championship Game, which means that they might not be able to be at a computer to place wagers on the game from home. However, thanks to the advent of mobile betting, you can now use your phone to place wagers on the National Championship game. Mobile betting is available at all of the major online sportsbooks, and they all follow similar procedures. All you have to do is visit the sportsbook’s website in your mobile browser, on either an Android or Apple device. You will then be shown a mobile version of the website, optimized for whichever device you are using. Basically, it will look and feel like an app, but you don’t have to download anything. Mobile betting is a great way to keep up with the National Championship.