Betting On The 2024 Tour De France

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The Tour De France is widely regarded as the biggest and most prestigious event on the cycling betting calendar. Betting on the Tour De France is easy when using online sportsbooks. The best across the board option is going to be the online sportsbooks that are located outside of the United States. This page will cover the Tour De France itself, the best places to wager on it, what kinds of bets you can make, and how to get your money into and out of a sportsbook.

Best Tour De France Sportsbooks

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Tour De France Sportsbooks

The best options for betting on the Tour De France is USA online sportsbooks. These sportsbooks are legal to use, are safe, and permit all sorts of bets on the Tour De France. We put a couple of reviews of the best online sportsbooks for the Tour De France that accept US players below, so you can check out the sites that have the best Tour De France betting odds.

Bovada Sportsbook

Online Tour De France Betting

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada checks every single box that people look for in an online sportsbook - they offer a lot of cycling odds, they have good signup bonuses, and their website is clean and easy to use. Bovada also offers mobile and live betting on the Tour De France, so when you’re stuck at work, you can simply log on using your phone and place the bet that way.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Find Any Tour De France Bet

MyBookie Sports Betting

MyBookie is a sportsbook built for the casual sports bettor, the person who just wants to spice up their day and maybe win some money while doing it. MyBookie is known for all of their out of the box lines - whatever part of the Tour De France you want to bet on, you can find action on it at MyBookie. Overall, it’s very hard to go wrong with MyBookie when betting on cycling.

Current Tour De France Women’s Odds

The Rules Of The Tour De France

Tour de France RidersEveryone knows the basics of the Tour De France - a bunch of guys get on bicycles and race each other - but the actual rules are a bit more complex than that. Understanding the rules is key to understanding the bets that you are making, so we wanted to go over how the Tour De France actually works.

  • The Tour De France takes place over 21 stages, with each stage happening on a different day.
  • All of the stages of the Tour are timed, and the person with the lowest aggregate time is the winner.
  • Stages are split up based on what kind of course they are. so there can be a leader in the Mountain stages.
  • There are several other classifications, including points, teams and young riders.

Bet Types Available For The Tour De France?

Tour De France bet types range in a few methods. You can bet on futures odds, props, and head to head matchups between two racers.

Futures Betting

Futures betting in the Tour De France takes on multiple forms. First, you can place wagers on who will win the general classification - in other words, who will win the Tour De France. Second, you can place futures wagers on individual Tour De France stages, of which there are 21. In this example, Rider A is the favorite. In order to win $100 betting on Rider A, a bettor would need to put up $200. Riders B, C and D are underdogs. A bet of $100 on Rider B will yield $200. On Rider C, that same $100 bet will yield $400, and $600 for Rider D.

Odds To Win Tour De France:

  • Rider A -200
  • Rider B +200
  • Rider C +400
  • Rider D +600

Prop Betting

Prop bets are fun little one-off bets that don’t necessarily reflect results and performance. As an example, you could find a bet on how many stages Egan Bernal will win, or the total time for an individual rider. Prop bets can take a lot of different forms when it comes to the Tour De France, so there’s not really a blanket example to put out there. All you really need to know is that prop bets are a good way to leverage any extra knowledge of the sport that you may have.

Head to Head Betting

Bet on the head to head matchups between individual participants. The way this works is that the sportsbooks look at the performance of the participants, weigh what they expect to happen, and then put odds on their expected performance relative to each other. The participant with the fastest time is then the winner. This is a good way of individualizing performance in the Tour De France.

Rider A vs. Rider B:

  • Rider A -150
  • Rider B +130

Tour De France Betting Legality

Betting on the Tour De France is a time honored tradition, and the legality of it isn’t really in question. Many online sportsbooks with Tour De France betting odds are available in the US and have been for years. In addition, there are state-sanctioned sportsbooks that are available for Tour De France betting as well.

When And Where Is The Tour De France?

Tour de FranceThe Tour De France normally takes place in late June through early July. The race takes place primarily in France, although the routes do occasionally pass into other countries that share borders with France as well: Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland.

Depositing And Withdrawing Money Into A Tour De France Sportsbook

When it comes to wagering on cycling, getting your money into and out of a sportsbook is an important consideration. There’s a lot to look at, from how long it takes to get your money in and out to the method of payment that you choose to the fees that could be applied.


When depositing into an online sportsbook you want to look for the best way to get your money in with as few fees as possible. Generally, this means you’ll want to use Bitcoin, as the major online sportsbooks do not charge fees on it. In addition, they offer bonuses for people who sign up and deposit with Bitcoin. When it comes to deposits, you can focus on ease of use, or you can focus on pure profit. There are plenty of others, such as credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets.


Getting your money out of a sportsbook is vital and there are plenty of withdrawal options. You can use things like Bitcoin, check-by-courier, or even personal exchanges in order to get your money out of a Tour De France sportsbook. A lot of people opt for checks, and a lot of people opt for cryptocurrencies. Make sure you check the withdrawal options before signing up to make sure this sportsbook works best for your needs.