Intertops Sportsbook Review For 2020

Intertops is a terrific sportsbook that has been around since 1983 and on the web since 1996. Think about that... for almost two decades, Intertops has been on the Internet, conducting business, and still remains one of the top choices for sports betting. That really says something about this sportsbook and the company that operates it. To say Intertops is reliable is a bit of an understatement but that is not what has made them what they are today. Intertops prides themselves on customer service and with that comes generous bonuses, great promotions but most of all it means easy deposits/withdrawals for U.S. players. This Intertops sportsbook review is here to educate on all the things that makes this sportsbook one of the best. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Intertops and gamble with confidence.

Are U.S. players accepted at Intertops Sportsbook?

All bettors from the United States are welcome to wager at Intertops. They have not discriminated against USA players in all their years of existence nor will they. You can count on Intertops to service the U.S. market with not only sports betting, but all other forms of gambling they offer.

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Is it legal for U.S. players to bet sports at Intertops?

On the federal level, the only thing law that relates to online sports betting is the Wire Act and it is debated whether it even applies to the consumer but rather the sites that accept bets from the U.S.  With Intertops servicing the United States since 1996, it's pretty safe to say that while Intertops might not technically be "legal" it is safe for U.S. players to use.

Legal Gambling Age At Intertops Sportsbook

Intertops does not set a gambling age but rather relies upon the user to meet the sports wagering ages set by the state that they live in. In some states this age is 18 but in others it is 21. If you want to avoid any complications you want to be sure that you are at least 18 years old to gamble at Intertops.

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Intertops Sportsbook Bonuses, Bonus codes, And Promotions

Unlike some sportsbooks, Intertops bonuses rewards new customers with a 25% sports betting deposit bonus. The book will add an additional 25% percent to your initial deposit, up to $100, to give you a little more spending money on that big game. It’s not life-changing, but can really add up if you hit a hot streak. Or, users also have the option of taking a $20 free bet instead. Other cash promotions include the 10% bonus Tuesday offer which gives you an instant 10% reward of up to $50 when you deposit with any other method than a credit card on Tuesdays.

Another good feature is the Intertops Bonus Program which gives you points on your account every time you place a wager, win or lose. Once you hit 10,000 points, you can collect cash rewards instantly. This is a good way to give your account longevity and reward loyal players who use to site often. It could take a while to do, but it will be a nice little pick me up down the road.

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Intertops Betting Lines

Intertops is somewhat limited with just over a dozen sports offered. But the major sports are covered and offer game lines, props and futures betting. You can put money down on a baseball team to win today, and then later in the World Series on the same day. What is unique about Intertops is the odd betting lines offered like lottery winners and financials. In the financial pages, investors can predict the Dow Jones, among other things. In the lottery specials, bettors can wager what number the Powerball will be. This is a nice way to win the Lottery even if you lose.

Deposit Methods Accepted By Intertops

Intertops knows that the average bettor wants to just use the cards in his/her wallet to make a deposit, and for this reason they accept VISA, Master Card and American Express with high success rates. Unlike other sites which accept U.S. deposits that only take one of these, Intertops takes them all. This means more people can get in on the action. Other Intertops betting deposit methods include Diner's Club (credit card), and wire transfers.

Intertops Payouts And Withdrawals

The most practical way to withdrawal from an online sportsbook is through check by mail. You can receive as little as $150 or as much as $3,000 on a single check. Intertops does have a weekly withdrawal limit of $3,000 when using checks so if you request one maximum withdrawal, you will have to wait a week to request the next one. Another option for payout is a wire transfer which does not have to go through the postal system, getting to you faster. Intertops allows one free payout every 30 days. Plan your withdrawals wisely to avoid incurring transaction fees.

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Intertops Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, And Other Contact Information

There are several ways to contact Intertops should you have a question or need to get an issue resolved. Live chat is perhaps the fastest way to get support but you also have the option of just calling them on the phone. They have several toll-free telephone numbers which allow U.S. customers to call and get support for free... no long distance charges. Finally, email is also an option but it is not as fast as the other two methods. Emails sent are generally read and responded to within an hour but it could take slightly longer depending on the queue but you can be assured that you will get the help you need, one way or another.

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Toll Free Phone: (866)54-WAGER, (866)546-0406, (888)536-6366


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