2026 World Cup Betting Guide

World Cup 2026When the FIFA World Cup Finals come around every four years, soccer fans from all over the world will be tuned into their televisions. This is also the time of the year when fanatics and savvy sports bettors start betting on the World Cup at online sportsbooks that take players from the US. American sports bettors do not have to clamor to Vegas, and international sports bettors can skip heading to the local betting shops. Online sports betting sites provide more FIFA World Cup betting odds and wagering options than you can find anywhere else.

The World Cup in 2026 will be held in North America. You can start wagering during the qualification stage, which means bettors technically have years to profit from betting on the World Cup. You can also choose to start placing your bets once the final 32 teams are selected and divided into groups. There are so many ways to make money when it comes to World Cup betting, and we can help you get started. Learn about all of the different wager types for betting on soccer, and then find out the best sites for betting on the World Cup.

Legal World Cup Betting Sites

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Best World Cup Betting Apps

The best sites for betting on the World Cup are those that have the latest FIFA betting odds during the tournament. FIFA World Cup betting sites start posting lines during the qualifiers all the way until the final two teams faceoff. You can redeem huge bonuses to boost your bankroll, and even wager live during World Cup matches. There are a lot of great online sportsbooks taking players in the US that want to bet on the World Cup, and the fact that they are global sportsbooks is great for their lines - it means they aren’t biased in any way.

Bovada Sportsbook

US-Friendly World Cup Betting

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada is one of the best sites for betting on the World Cup in the USA. The site caters to American soccer fans, with plenty of World Cup betting odds on every team in the tournament. The online sportsbook also has one the widest selections of FIFA World Cup props on your favorite players and nations. The online sportsbook also gives you the option to bet on the World Cup from your mobile device. Whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, you can make deposits, place wagers, and request payouts all from the mobile betting platform.

To start betting on the World Cup at Bovada, you only need to make a deposit into your sportsbook account. The most reliable deposit option for World Cup betting is bitcoin. Bitcoin deposits are credited within minutes of transferring your funds, with deposit limits between $10 and $5,000. You can also make a Visa or MasterCard deposit between $20 and $1,500, though there may be a charge of up to 7% after your first deposit. Create a free account to start betting on the World Cup at Bovada today.

BetOnline Sportsbook

World Cup Betting For US Bettors

BetOnline Sports Betting

BetOnline is a leading site for legal World Cup betting, with the online bookmaker accepting bettors from all 50 states. You can count on the latest World Cup betting odds to be posted at BetOnline, starting with futures odds right after the current tournament winner is announced. You will then be able to wager on your favorite teams and players for each matchup throughout the World Cup. BetOnline even gives you the option to bet from your mobile phone, allowing you to wager on FIFA World Cup betting odds on the go.

When you join BetOnline, you can receive an instant bonus to add a couple hundred dollars to your bankroll. With the 50% Welcome Bonus, the online sportsbook will match your initial deposit so that you can earn up to $1,000. Just enter code BOL100 when making your deposit with the online cashier to claim your bonus. There are also other promos that can be used for World Cup betting odds, such as their mobile betting free play or live betting free bet. Visit BetOnline and to start wagering.

2026 World Cup Betting Odds - Who's Favored To Win?

World Cup Wager Types

The wager types for betting on the World Cup are easy to understand even before putting them into action. The most common ways to bet on the World Cup are with moneyline, total, and spread wagers. These standard game lines will be posted for each and every World Cup match. An option unique to betting on soccer and the World Cup is a “draw” bet, which is betting that the game will result in a draw rather than a specific winner. Here is an overview of each of the common World Cup betting types:


Betting moneylines during the World Cup is the simplest way to wager. You will bet on whichever team you think will win the match. Here is what a moneyline might look like when betting on the World Cup:

  • France -275
  • Peru +700

France is the favored (-) team, which means that you would need to risk $275 in order to potentially win $100. If you were to bet on Peru which is the underdog (+) team, you would only have to risk $100 to collect $700 should the team win the match.

Totals World Cup Betting

When betting totals during the World Cup, the bookmaker will predict how many total goals will be scored during a match. Your wager will be on whether the actual score of the game is over or under this amount. Here is an example

  • Portugal 2 ½o
  • Spain 2 ½u

If you predict that the Portugal vs Spain match will go over 2 ½ goals, bet the over. If you believe less than 2 ½ goals will be scored, bet the under. There are of course no half points in the World Cup, but this makes it easier to avoid a “push”, which is where your bet would have to be refunded due to landing exactly on the total.

Spread World Cup Betting

Spread betting on the World Cup is a way to win without your team necessarily winning the match. The oddsmaker will determine a certain number of goals that the favored (-) team must win by, and a number of goals that the underdog (+) can lose by to still cover the spread. For example:

  • Russia -1 ½
  • Saudi Arabia +1 ½

If you were to bet on Russia, the team would have to win the match by 2 or more goals to win the wager. If you were to bet on Saudi Arabia, the team could lose by no more than 1 goal to cover the spread. As the underdogs, you would also be able to collect the payoff if the team won the match outright.

World Cup Prop Bets

World Cup prop bets allow you to do more than bet on the winner or total score of a match. Proposition bets are centered around scenarios not directly related to final match results, and can fall into several different categories. World Cup player props are on the performance of a specific player and team props are based on how an entire team performs. World Cup props can also be on the tournament as a whole rather than individual matches. Though there are quite a few props that online sportsbooks accepting US players can post, here are some of the most popular props you will see when betting on the World Cup:

  • Odds To Advance - The odds that a team will make it through the group stage.
  • FIFA World Cup Outright Winner - The odds of an individual team to win the whole thing.
  • Group Winner - The odds of a team to win their group, not just make it out.
  • Time Of First Goal - Odds on when the first goal in a match will be scored.
  • Continent Of Winner - Odds on which continent the overall winner will be from.
  • Player To Score At Anytime - Odds on a player scoring a goal during the match.
  • Correct Score - Odds on guessing the correct score of the match before it starts.