World Series Betting Guide

2023 MLB World SeriesBetting on the MLB’s World Series could turn out to be one of the most profitable bets that anyone could make all throughout the MLB season, especially if you get in on the odds early enough. While betting on the MLB in general is very popular, when the World Series comes around, more and more bets begin to roll in quick. Throughout the MLB Playoffs alone in the 2023 season, roughly $1.3 billion was bet on the MLB playoffs by regulated sportsbooks, showing how different World Series odds can be taken by the masses.

When betting on the World Series, you will find bets like any given MLB game. There is a wide range of online sportsbooks for US players that have you covered and allow you to place your bets from a normal desktop or laptop computer or right from your fingertips with a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android. As long as the device has access to the internet, you can get all of the information needed to place a futures bet on the World Series or just a game prop. There are different facts and information presented to make betting at online sportsbooks for the World Series even easier for you to use as well as the current odds for the World Series and pennant races.

Best World Series Sports Betting Sites

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2024 World Series Odds

  • Los Angeles Dodgers+300
  • Atlanta Braves+375
  • Baltimore Orioles+900
  • Houston Astros+900
  • New York Yankees+900
  • Texas Rangers+1100
  • Philadelphia Phillies+1500
  • Seattle Mariners+1800
  • Toronto Blue Jays+1800

How To Bet On The World Series Online

As the World Series is the biggest games of the year in the MLB, there are plenty of different ways to bet on it across the different online sportsbooks. Some of the best online sportsbooks for World Series betting include Bovada, MyBookie, and BetOnline. Each of these online sportsbooks for the MLB offers plenty of different World Series odds to choose from. They are very well-known and trusted World Series betting sites for Americans.

Bovada Sportsbook

Offering World Series Betting Bonuses

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada is easily the leading online sportsbooks that is on the market right now. They are well known amongst tons of sports bettors and backing up their name even more is their approach on different World Series betting odds. In addition to the World Series odds that they offer, they also offer great bonuses and promotions to both their new and existing users. For new users, they offer a 75% match bonus of up to $750 on your initial deposit when using Bitcoin. For existing users, they can refer a friend for a bonus.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Mobile And Live Betting The World Series

MyBookie Sports Betting

When looking for a sportsbook that offers loads of different World Series prop bets, MyBookie has you covered in addition to the normal game lines they offer. Aside from the betting lines though, MyBookie has a great mobile betting platform for their users to access their accounts from anywhere right from their fingertips. They have great live betting odds as well to get in on the action during the games. They also have immaculate 24/7 customer service that is available to make betting on the World Series all the more enjoyable.

World Series Betting Age

The age to bet on the World Series would depend on which state you are in and what their rules and regulations are for state regulated online sportsbooks. When it comes to licensed online sportsbooks like Bovada or MyBookie, you can sign up for an account and start betting once you reach 18 years old unless the laws in a specific state say anything otherwise.

World Series Prop Bets

Prop betting is a huge part of any betting line and the World Series is no different. When the World Series comes around, a variety of different prop bets are released and some of them have the potential to offer huge payouts. Some examples include which team will score five runs first, if the total of the game will be odd or even, and single team scoring totals as well. Until 2023 World Series prop bets are released, some examples of prop bets can be found right here.

Team To Score 7 Runs First

  • National League +175
  • America League -230

When Will The Second Run Be Scored?

  • 2nd Inning -110
  • 3rd Inning +330
  • Other +340
  • 1st Inning +600

Will There Be Extra Innings?

  • Yes +700
  • No -1400

Total Home Runs

  • Over 2.5 +115
  • Under 2.5 -150

Major League Baseball Betting at Bovada

World Series Odds History

Year: Team: Preseason Odds: World Series Odds:
2023 Texas Rangers +5000 -165
2022 Houston Astros +1000 -200
2021 Atlanta Braves +1000 +120
2020 Los Angeles Dodgers +385 -210
2019 Washington Nationals +1600 +195
2018 Boston Red Sox +1150 -155
2017 Houston Astros +1175 +150
2016 Chicago Cubs +660 -190
2015 Kansas City Royals +3300 -104
2014 San Francisco Giants +2500 +100
2013 Boston Red Sox +2800 -140
2012 San Francisco Giants +2000 +155
2011 St Louis Cardinals +2500 +135
2010 San Francisco Giants +2500 +125
2009 New York Yankees +500 -200
2008 Philadelphia Phillies +2000 +125
2007 Boston Red Sox +700 -240
2006 St Louis Cardinals +700 +175
2005 Chicago White Sox +2200 -130
2004 Boston Red Sox +400 -145
2003 Florida Marlins +7500 +190
2002 Anaheim Angels +4000 -120
2001 Arizona Diamondbacks +1000 +130
2000 New York Yankees +250 -140
1999 New York Yankees +200 -140
1998 New York Yankees +600 -260
1997 Florida Marlins +1000 -150
1996 New York Yankees +700 +145
1995 Atlanta Braves +400 -165
1993 Toronto Blue Jays +600 -170
1992 Toronto Blue Jays +700 -125
1991 Minnesota Twins +8000 -150
1990 Cincinnati Reds +1600 +260
1989 Oakland Athletics +500 -220
1988 Los Angeles Dodgers +800 +170
1987 Minnesota Twins +5000 -125
1986 New York Mets +700 -220
1985 Kansas City Royals +1800 +180

Major League Baseball Betting at MyBookie

Notes And Betting Trends To Consider When Betting The World Series

  • The National League has won 11 of the last 20 World Series including the last three.
  • The last team to win back-to-back World Series were the New York Yankees who won three straight from 1998-2000.
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers are the last team to lose two straight World Series appearances in 2017-2018.
  • 20 of the last 36 World Series Champions had preseason World Series odds of +1000 or higher.
  • In the last 10 World Series, the favorite - when the series started - has only won half of them.