Daily NBA Injury Reports

Anyone familiar with sports and sports betting understands the implications and impact that injuries can have on a team. In the NBA’s season, an injury to a key player could be huge. Unlike football that has 11 players on each side of the ball, basketball requires players to play both offense and defense. And what's more, there are just five players on the court at a time, and 10 or so reserve players. In other words, injuries can go a long way to determining the outcome of a team's season.

But if you are a bettor, injuries should be among the first things that you consult before placing a bet at online sportsbooks in the US. No one likes to have to deal with injuries, whether you are a team, a fan, a bettor, or even oddsmakers. That's because injuries bring in even another element of the unknown. Players who come in to replace injured players can boom or bust, and really oddsmakers sometimes have a tough time figuring it out.

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Notable NBA Injuries

  • 9/23/21 Jamal Murray, ACL (Did not return in 2022)
  • 5/15/21 Kawhi Leonard ACL (Did not return in 2022)
  • 1/19/22 Kevin Durant MCL (Returned for playoffs)
  • 3/27/22 Robert Williams, Meniscus (Returned during playoffs)

What Happens When Teams Try To Hide Injuries?

Probably the most high-profile version of this happening in recent NBA seasons is the Kyrie Irving saga in Brooklyn in 2020-2021. Basically, Kyrie was hurt, the team constantly denied it and downplayed the severity of the injury, and he ended up missing a significant amount of time. Then, when he finally came back, he played for a bit then had season-ending surgery. The thing to understand is that injuries are hard to analyze, and there can be anything from misdiagnoses to teams deliberately obfuscating injury severity that can get in the way of knowing what the starting lineups are going to be. It could be a smart idea to wait until the starting lineups are posted, but the lines will have already been moving by then, so it comes with that tradeoff.

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When using Bovada, bettors can feel confident that they are receiving the freshest and most up to date odds, for all teams and money lines that change due to injury. Even with live betting, Bovada takes factors such as player injuries to determine the odds for games, and change them whenever necessary. Whether a team loses a player to injury, or has a player returning form an injury, Bovada will have odds that reflect the current situation.