Daily NBA Matchups And Previews

The matchup’s portion of the NBA betting section on the table below is quite extensive. That's because each individual game comes with a variety of things that need to be considered before placing any type of wager.

Looking at the entire page though, there are some basic things relayed to the bettor from the onset. Information on games such as the date of the games and the time that they will tip off are available. This lets the bettor know right away when the game will get underway and how much time is left to place a bet on the matchup if so desired.

Also within each matchup box on the page there will be the betting line listed. This will have the point spread tabbing the favorite and the underdog, plus the game total.

Located directly below the betting line information are three individual links that will take bettors to other pages for further analysis of the game. You should see 'Matchup", 'Supergrid', and 'Preview'.

The matchup link will transport users to a page where there is a ton of statistics thrown at them. While it might appear overwhelming, it's actually extremely well organized. Users will be able to find information on both teams, including the records, against the spread records, and other information. In addition to that, relevant betting trends are also located on this page, which will be specific to the matchup at hand. Furthermore, head-to-head details, overall last five games results, plus a 'smart chart' covering statistics on the season can be found. In other words, this is your page for well-rounded coverage.

The supergrid link will take users to a series of matchups between the two teams. Team A's offense will be put up against Team B's defense to see how they compare, and vice versa. This is essentially a breakdown of the specific situation that both teams are in, whether it's a home game or a road game.

The final link is the preview page. This will be a small write up that has recent information on how a team has fared over the course of their last several games not just in terms of win/loss but also in terms of how those who risk money at USA online sportsbooks have done betting on them during that span. If a team is performing particularly well or poorly, it will + definitely should be be noted. These NBA previews will be geared towards betting, but will not be in the form of statistics and charts.

Why Do Matchups Matter?

This is an interesting question. Many people refer to basketball as a game of matchups, and the phrase “matchup nightmare” gets tossed around a lot, but what does it actually mean? Put simply, many players have specific, specialized skills, and some teams are uniquely qualified or uniquely unqualified to deal with those skills. For example, a team with Kawhi Leonard on it is well equipped to handle a team with Lebron James (as well equipped as anyone can be) because of how well Kawhi matches up to Lebron defensively. An example of a player who can be matchup dependent is perhaps Demar Derozan, who is a tall shooting guard who uses his height aggressively to score over smaller players. An example of a player who creates impossible to win matchups is Kevin Durant, who can score over anyone.

On a team level, matchups refer more to systems and styles. The Houston Rockets have been playing an incredibly small lineup this year, and it has created unique matchup problems both for them and for their opponents. For them, the obvious one is they need to not get destroyed on the boards, and they need the opposing team to not be able to go as small as them. Their opponents, meanwhile, face matchup problems of their own – the big lumbering centers who are excellent rebound getters might be played off the floor by the speed and skill of the Rockets small lineup.