Daily NBA Matchups And Previews

For big NBA matchups, a lot of online sportsbooks have matchup previews available, to help bettors receive a more in-depth insight to all of the factors that would affect betting. Located in these reviews as well, is information on games such as the date of the games and the time that they will tip off are available. This lets the bettor know right away when the game will get underway and how much time is left to place a bet on the matchup if the game is currently live. Also, within each matchup box on the page there will be the betting line listed. This will have the point spread tabbing the favorite and the underdog, plus the game total.

Before placing any major bets at USA online sportsbooks, it is important for bettors to find information on both teams, including the records, against the spread records, and other information. In addition to that, other relevant betting trends can also be found. Matchups between the two teams can show team A's offense put up against Team B's defense to see how they compare, and vice versa. This is essentially a breakdown of the specific situation that both teams are in, whether it's a home game or a road game.

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Why Do Matchups Matter?

This is an interesting question. Many people refer to basketball as a game of matchups, and the phrase “matchup nightmare” gets tossed around a lot, but what does it actually mean? Put simply, many players have specific, specialized skills, and some teams are uniquely qualified or uniquely unqualified to deal with those skills. For example, a team with Kawhi Leonard on it is well equipped to handle a team with LeBron James (as well equipped as anyone can be) because of how well Kawhi matches up to Lebron defensively. An example of a player who can be matchup dependent is perhaps DeMar DeRozan, who is a tall shooting guard who uses his height aggressively to score over smaller players. An example of a player who creates impossible-to-win matchups is Kevin Durant, who can score over anyone.

On a team level, matchups refer more to systems and styles. The Houston Rockets experimented with an incredibly small lineup during 2020, and it created unique matchup problems both for them and for their opponents. In this situation, it could be seen that they were going to get destroyed on the boards, and they needed the opposing team to not be able to go as small as them. Their opponents, meanwhile, faced matchup problems of their own – the big lumbering centers who were excellent rebounders might be played off the floor by the speed and skill of the Rockets' small lineup.

So, how do you use this information during the season at online sportsbooks for the NBA? Well, you’ll want to look at the previous matchups the teams have played, and see if you can note any trends that are worth putting your money behind. After evaluating all of the information available, and taking a look at the matchup previews of big games, bettors will be able to place knowledgeable-based wagers at online sportsbooks.

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Bovada Sports Betting

For most NBA games, Bovada will have a matchup preview that can be located with all of the prop bets for the game, that show how each team has played this season, performance statistics from the season, Tweets that involve the game, and more. With all of this extra information it becomes easier to place wagers on online sportsbooks, especially after seeing Lebron’s record when playing at home.