NBA Referee Statistics

It's often said that penalties and referees can affect the outcome of a game. But what about using the information on a ref to your advantage? That is exactly what can be done using the referee statistics for the NBA. Here, bettors can look at individual refs for the NBA, and identify any trends that will be able to help gain an edge for a matchup on the schedule.

It works by listing out the referees for the current NBA season. From there, information on how teams have fared can be found. The table doesn't break down with individual teams, but is specifies home team records, home team records against the spread, home scoring average, road team scoring average, and the all-important issue of calling fouls (home vs. away).

Let's talk about each of these a little more in depth, beginning with the home team records straight up and against the spread. Any noticeable trend here where a home team has much better record or a record against the point spread can be quite significant when looking to bet at any U.S. sports betting website.

It's easy to research the refs for upcoming NBA matchups, as several news outlets around the Internet will be able to give you that information. Once the names of the refs are known, this is where the information comes in handy.

While the straight up and ATS records can be useful on the money line and against the spread, the scoring statistics can be great for the game total.

The foul calls against the home team and road team can be interesting as well, because it can let a bettor know the tendency of how the game will be played out. It's not always about comparing the home versus the road though; sometimes it can be about how many fouls are called in the game in general. Some refs have tendencies to call more than others, which is something that bettors can use. The more fouls called, the more free throw attempts, the longer the game is stretched out. There are a ton of variables that can come into play, which makes this one of the most interesting pieces of information to use.