NBA Against The Spread Results

Most bets made on a game center on game lines and betting the point spread. This is a wager made on the favorite/underdog to cover the installed betting line. Knowing this, wouldn't it be helpful to know how a team's fared on the point spread in each matchup prior to the one upcoming? It certainly would, and that's how NBA against the spread (ATS) standings enter the equation. What you'll find on the table below is a breakdown of each NBA team and how they have performed against the spread.

The straight up record of wins and losses is shown under the column 'Record', which is the base from which the rest of the numbers are derived, and from which all of the records can then be compared. The second record that is on the table is the overall record against the spread. This is the record of how many times they've covered against how many times they have not covered. A team's ATS record can look quite different from their straight up record on the season in the standard standings, and if you think you're going to wager at any of the online sports betting sites for U.S. players, you have to know how those teams have fared versus the oddsmakers... not just other teams.

This table takes the ATS record several steps further though, and breaks it up such that the standings become even more specific to the matchup. For example, whether or not the team is at home or on the road can have a huge impact on how they play the spread. A team’s ATS record at home and on the road is both covered, which will show the differences.

Of course the second part to a record against the spread is how they are in the role of the underdog versus how they perform when in the role of the favorite. The table below has this information as well.

The other section of the game lines that is covered is the game total, and how many times the over total has won versus the under total. This is another element of the standings, and while it doesn't relate directly to the point spread, it is part of the game line.