Fortnite Streamer Bowl Added Into Super Bowl 54 Props

Fortnite Streamer Bowl

The grand prize of $500,000 will be donated to charity. Duos are made up of one NFL player and one verified Twitch streamer. Fortnite World Cup Champion Bugha and JuJu Schuster-Smith are the favorites to win the Streamer Bowl. MIAMI – Not only has the video game Fortnite become a staple in the gaming community … Read more

Fortnite And eSports Betting Taking The Spotlight

Fortnite And eSports Betting

The Fortnite World Cup handed out $30 million in cash prizes. eSports organizations typically take a cut of the money from players in their teams. There are plenty of opportunities to bet on eSports, but not on Fortnite. NEW YORK – The Fortnite World Cup had a lot of money behind it, but very few … Read more