Expect College Football Betting Changes With Conference-Only Schedule

PAC 12

The Pac-12 Conference has led the discussion to change football to a conference-only schedule. The schedules of the 130 college football teams have been decided for almost a decade. INDIANAPOLIS – The coronavirus outbreak that has stalled the nation may greatly affect the upcoming college football season. The Pac 12 Conference has resulted in a … Read more

More Than an Asset: LeBron Shows Support For Fair Pay To Play

LeBron James

The NCAA is reportedly studying potential changes in its own policies regarding amateurism. LeBron James’ Springhill Entertainment released the HBO documentary “Student Athlete” in 2018, exploring the exploitive nature of the NCAA. James has been an increasingly active voice in social justice matters ever since the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – … Read more

Is It Time For The NCAA To Embrace Sports Betting?

Is It Time For The NCAA To Embrace Sports Betting?

The NCAA will see their TV ratings increase from legalized sports betting, immediately offering a kickback to the league. With the addition of sponsorships or mandated injury-reports, the NCAA could further benefit from legal sports betting. Though the NCAA “opposes all forms of legal and illegal sports wagering”, they would be foolish not to reconsider. … Read more