Daily Sports Betting Preview 4/9/2020: Ballina Cup, Political Betting, NCAA Sim Madness

The Ballina Cup

MIKE has +100 odds to win the Ballina Cup tournament outright, and the Final Four is today. Bernie Sanders has withdrawn from the presidential race, leaving Joe Biden the presumptive nominee and with the shortest odds. NCAA Sim Madness is a simulated March Madness tournament with odds available on some major sportsbooks. LAS VEGAS – … Read more

Three Underdog MLB Teams That Could Win Their Division Post All-Star Break

Philadelphia Phillies, Oakland Athletics, Cleveland Indians

The Philadelphia Phillies have been fairly average all year, but have confidence behind youthful Rhys Hoskins and struggling Bryce Harper. The Oakland Athletics are the longshot on the list but have proven their capabilities with a winning record against teams over .500. The Cleveland Indians haven’t had their pitching ace, Corey Kluber, since early May … Read more