2020 - 2021 NFL Betting Trends

Betting trends can be invaluable to an NFL bettor looking to wager on a game. Why is this? Well, betting trends cover a wide range of topics, and are based on actual results from the past. These pieces of information are able to put together an overall scenario of how a particular game might play out. Bettors who choose to do research on trends give themselves a much better chance of winning the wager, versus going in without. The fact that a team has fared well in one aspect of the betting line over another could very well be the difference when betting on NFL games, for which betting trends are designed to be an indicator.

With betting trends being so important, we have put it on ourselves to bring bettors the best and latest information for the games. The table that you see below covers a wide range of sports, and continually changes every day for the most up-to-date betting trends.

It's very easy to follow and use. Simply find the sport and game that you are interested in betting on and click. From there, you will be able to view betting trends for each matchup. The trends will be divided into three different types, though the number of each type will vary based on the matchups that week. Bettors will find 'hot trends', 'cold trends', and then standard trends. A hot trends describes the way a team has gone when it hits at least 80 percent of the time. On the flip side, a cold trend is a bet that hit 20 percent of less. Your standard trends might not be hot or cold, just relevant information for the upcoming game.

How To Use NFL Betting Trends To Your Advantage

Bovada SportsbookBettors can use this information and choose to act on it and place a bet, or could use it to steer clear of such a wager. Either way, the design of betting trends are to paint as complete of a picture as possible for a matchup that you are interested in.

Once a particular side of the wager has been chosen, the next step is to place a wager. There are a variety of great USA betting sites that take wagers on NFL games out there to take advantage of. These sportsbooks will feature odds for every game on the schedule, both in the preseason and the regular season, so betting trends formed for each can certainly be expected and important to review.

Where You Can Put These Trends To Work ...

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