NFL Betting Trends

NFL LogoIf you are betting on the NFL, it is imperative to take note of NFL betting trends. Every game will yield results that are documented and as the season progresses, certain trends will start to form. This can help predict going forward how well a given team or player will perform. These trends can be both positive and negative trends. For example, if looking to bet on if a QB will hit the over in total passing yards for a game, bettors can check and see how often they have hit the over, how often they throw for the set total, and how often the opposing defenses give up that many yards to QBs. Subsequently, if bettors want to wager on if a QB will throw an interception in a given game, NFL trends can show how often a pick is thrown by said QB.

Trends for betting on the NFL are one of the main tools that bettors can use at online sportsbooks. For every betting line available, there are betting trends that will support any decision. Using NFL betting trends can be the difference between winning constantly and rarely cashing in on wagers during the NFL season. All NFL bettors should look at betting trends this NFL season to come out big winners.

Where You Can Put These Trends To Work ...

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NFL Teams 2022 Record Against The Spread

Spread betting is an important trend, and some teams are better against the spread than others. Here are the best teams in the NFL by record, compared to their record against the spread in the 2022 regular season – some may surprise you!

Team: Games Played: Record: ATS:
Philadelphia Eagles 17 14-3 8-9
Kansas City Chiefs 17 14-3 7-10
Buffalo Bills 16 13-3 8-8
San Francisco 49ers 17 13-4 11-6
Minnesota Vikings 17 13-4 7-9-1
Cincinnati Bengals 16 12-4 12-4
Dallas Cowboys 17 12-5 10-7
Los Angeles Chargers 17 10-7 11-5-1
Baltimore Ravens 17 10-7 8-9
New York Giants 17 9-7-1 13-4
Seattle Seahawks 17 9-8 7-10
Detroit Lions 17 9-8 12-5
Pittsburgh Steelers 17 9-8 10-6-1
Miami Dolphins 17 9-8 9-8
Jacksonville Jaguars 17 9-8 8-9
Washington Commanders 17 8-8-1 8-8-1
Green Bay Packers 17 8-9 8-9
New England Patriots 17 8-9 7-9-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17 8-9 4-12-1
Cleveland Browns 17 7-10 8-9
New York Jets 17 7-10 8-9
Tennessee Titans 17 7-10 9-7-1
Atlanta Falcons 17 7-10 9-8
New Orleans Saints 17 7-10 7-10
Carolina Panthers 17 7-10 9-8

Notable NFL Betting Trends

Fans can take note of previous NFL betting trends from last season to help prepare for the upcoming season. Many of these trends could predict how teams will perform next season.

Best NFL Teams ATS During 2022 Season + Playoffs

  • NY Giants 14-5-0
  • Detroit 12-5-0
  • Cincinnati 13-6-0
  • San Francisco 13-7-0
  • LA Chargers 11-6-1

Best 2022 NFL Teams To Hit The Over

  • Minnesota 12-6-0
  • Chicago 10-7-0
  • Detroit 10-7-0
  • Philadelphia 11-9-0
  • Arizona 8-7-2

Worst NFL Teams ATS During The 2022 Season

  • Tampa Bay 4-13-1
  • Chicago 5-11-1
  • LA Rams 6-9-2
  • Indianapolis 6-11-0
  • New England 7-9-1

NFL Teams That Hit The Under The Most 2022 Season

  • Washington 5-11-1
  • NY Jets 5-12-0
  • Tennessee 5-12-0
  • LA Rams 6-11-0
  • Denver 6-11-0

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What Are NFL Betting Trends?

Betting trends for the NFL are patterns that can be found throughout each regular season and used to help place smarter wagers on future games. For example, the Dallas Cowboys played five games during the 2021 season on the road as the favorites and covered the spread in all five games. This trend can be used when contemplating betting on them covering in 2024 when playing under the same circumstances. There are other types of trends that are more specific for each team or player. This would look Tom Brady never facing a loss to the Falcons in his entire career in the NFL. Other types of trends can be found below:

  • Spread Betting
  • Over/Under Total Betting
  • SU Betting
  • Betting Against The Public

How To Use Betting Trends

The first trend indicates that the Patriots are uniquely suited to handle Patrick Mahomes out of the gate - no other team has accomplished this feat against Mahomes. It might be something that pushes a bettor to bet the first half Under, for example. The second trend indicates that the Chiefs, generally, score a lot of points, and that the sportsbooks haven’t properly accounted for that necessarily. What it does not tell you is that the Over will hit. The most important thing to remember when using NFL betting trends is that past results are not a guarantee of future performance. The more general a trend is in terms of scope, and the more limited the sample size of a trend is, the less useful it tends to be. For example, take a look at the following:

  • The Tennessee Titans are 2-6 ATS this season.
  • The Tennessee Titans are 8-8 ATS this season.

The key thing to understand here is variance. There is a range of expected outcomes that could happen on the way to going 8-8 ATS on the season, and it’s important not to get fooled by low sample size trends. Going 8-8 ATS on the season isn’t something that happens via a normal distribution. You don’t go 0-1, 1-1, then 1-2, then 2-2, then 2-3, then 3-3. Losses and wins ATS happen much more randomly than that. Does it matter that the Titans are 2-6 ATS? Yes. But you need to examine how and why those results have occurred, not simply look at that 2-6 ATS number and assume that they will be a bad spread bet. It is entirely possible for a team that is 2-6 ATS in Week 8 to be 8-8 ATS by Week 17.

Trends With Added Variables

One thing that you’ll see a lot is trends like this:

  • Under is 3-1-1 in Raiders last 5 games after putting up under 90 yards rushing in their previous game.

What does that actually tell you, though? At first glance, it looks like it’s saying “The Under does well when the Raiders are coming off of a bad rushing game”, but does that actually make sense? What connection does the Under have with the Raiders not being able to run the football well in a previous game? The answer is that there honestly might not be one - the sample size is so low, and the stat itself is so specific, that results like this could and do occur at random. It genuinely might not mean anything that the Under is 3-1-1 when the Raiders are held under 90 yards in a previous game. It might simply mean “The Raiders aren’t very good at scoring points and so they hit the Under a lot” because teams that aren’t good at rushing aren’t good at scoring points either. So, when are these trends useful? Generally, the answer is something like “when the trend applies to the upcoming game, not the previous one, and not much has changed about the teams in question.” So, for example, something like:

  • Raiders are 0-4 ATS in their last 4 games @ Kansas City.

This is an example of a trend that might hold up the next time the Raiders play Kansas City. The Raiders have not managed to cover the spread in their last four attempts against KC. Not much has changed about the composition of the teams in recent years - Patrick Mahomes has been running the Chiefs for a bit now, and Derek Carr is still under center for the Raiders. The big thing you should take away from this is that trends can inform your betting process, and give you a jumping off point to think about the matchup, but they do not hold a ton of predictive value. They are not a substitute for doing your own legwork and analysis on a matchup.

How To Wager With NFL Betting Trends

Bovada SportsbookAs the most popular sport for betting in the US, there are betting trends that can help each player for every week of NFL action. Between spread records, win/loss records, and over/under total records, bettors can use past statistics to set themselves up for possible success. There is money to be made when knowing these trends because there could be value in betting n team ATS but not straight up. For example, the Detroit Lions recorded the second worst 2021 regular season record of 3-13. The Lions managed to stay in each game and were not favored for a single game but ended up finishing the 2021 season with an 11-6 spread record.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Take NFL Trend Bets

There are many online sportsbooks that can be used to bet on all different types of props and betting lines. Betting with these sportsbooks can be elevated by understanding betting trends for all 32 NFL teams, based on ATS records, over-under betting records, and more. These sportsbooks also have many different bonuses available for betting on the NFL trends for the 2024 season.

Bovada Sportsbook

Best Book For Betting Lines

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada Sportsbook offers the most NFL betting lines for every single week out of all the sites in the US. With so many trends for betting on the NFL available, using the sportsbook with the most NFL odds is vital. As spread betting is one of the most popular forms of betting on the market, Bovada offers not just standard game lines but alternative spreads that can be chosen for each game. If the Bills are only three-point favorites over the Dolphins, Bovada players can choose to wager on them to win by 1 to 10-point range for longer odds and higher payouts at the online sportsbook. Players can find every team’s ATS records each week and place spread bets accordingly at Bovada.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Bet On The NFL With Crypto

BetOnline Sports Betting

With 17 different types of cryptocurrencies at the sportsbook, BetOnline helps their players hop onto various trends with easy crypto deposits. BetOnline offers all of their betting lines and odds for players that want to deposit with crypto and the online sportsbook does not charge any transactional fees. Betting with Bitcoin or various altcoins makes it easy for players to jump on a trend last second, with crypto a processing time of 48 hours at the longest at BetOnline. Crypto can be used to bet on player and game props, total over/under betting, spread betting, and much more.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Bonuses For All Betting Trends

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Whether betting on an NFL spread or placing a wager on the over for the Chiefs in the regular season, MyBookie has bonuses that can be redeemed by new and existing players. The online sportsbook’s reload bonus has no limit for the max bonus available, through a 25% deposit bonus match. For new players, MyBookie offers a 100% deposit bonus match that has a max bonus of $1,000 up for grabs and requires a minimum deposit of $50. Both of these bonuses can be used to boost every player's sportsbook bankroll and help place wagers on all of the best NFL betting trends.

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