NFL Defensive Statistics For 2019 - 2020

There is no question that the NFL has changed into an offensive league, but having said that, it's never good to underestimate the power of a good defense. Teams with solid defenses will oftentimes be able to keep themselves in games that they may have otherwise had no business winning. And when it comes to a battle of the point spread, it can often define a game as a win or a loss from the perspective of the bettor.

Keeping with the theme throughout this site, as it relates to NFL betting, is the wealth of knowledge. Insert defensive statistics as even more information that bettors are able to access through the use of technology. Defensive statistics is a facet of the game that requires only a bit of research on the part of the better. In other words, a little bit of effort to inquire further.

By checking out this page, you have already taken that first step, and will find some useful information below that can be used to compare defenses for an upcoming matchup you are interested in placing a wager on. Defensively, the two most important categories arguably are the total defense, and scoring defense. Total defense describes the number of yards per game a team surrenders. Scoring defense describes how many points per game a team has given up on the year.

Knowing this information can certainly help in the decision making process of which side of a bet to go on. You will find info on defensive stats for NFL teams listed out below. Use this information by itself, or cross reference against other information like offensive stats or betting trends. Often times, a wager on the over/under point total in a game can come down to defensive matchups, and which way the end result might go. Different stats can certainly play into the hands of different bets more so than others.

Simply click on the defensive stat you are most interested in below, and the teams will shift to comply with the request, ranking from top-to-bottom.

In addition to seeing just how a team fares on defense, you may want to study the offensive stats for the team they're facing that upcoming week. Combined, both of these tools should help you make an educated prediction... one that is actually worth risking your hard earned dollar on.

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