2020 - 2021 NFL Offensive Statistics

If you are a serious NFL bettors than a thirst for knowledge and statistics should be ingrained in your make up. And with the NFL moving more and more into an offensive league, throwing the ball all over the field, there are bound to be some big offensive numbers put up. This is where offensive stats comes in, ranking teams in order from a number of different categories. Whether it's the total number of points scored per game, the number of yards a team puts up, or how many yards per play they make, it can all be important. The key here when checking out offensive statistics for NFL teams are matchups. As a bettor, you want to try to find the matchup that can be had in your advantage.

Get the latest offensive numbers for all 32 teams in the NFL, simply by utilizing the tool below. The research and numbers are there for you. The hard part is done. The easy part is up to you, and whether or not you want to use the information available. Finding good weekly matchups for an offensive team going up against an opposing defense, or even how they compare to an opposing offense, can all be important.

Using the information below is easy. Really, there are no further steps required, other than clicking on the category you want to see the teams ranked by. The default setting will be by either yards per game, or points per game, but those can easily be flipped. So too can the rest of the offensive numbers from the page, which will then reorder the structure of teams to give you the top-ranked team for a particular category.

Don't Forget About The Defense!

A good defense can shut an offense down and you should always be looking at the other side of the wager to see what might stand out. Do that by checking out these NFL team defensive statistics and see where the defense of the opposing team ranks versus other teams and the league average.

Where You Can Make Money Off These Statisticss

BovadaWith this information now soaked up, it's time to go ahead and move to making a bet. But where to do so? Betting on an NFL game is as easy as it's ever been before, with many sports betting sites accepting American players and encouraging them to bet with them.

NFL game odds, especially those for the Super Bowl + other big games, will be up days in advance of the upcoming week's matchups, giving bettors plenty of time to research info, like offensive stats.

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