2021 - 2022 NFL Against The Spread Standings

For many bettors who wager against the spread on an NFL game, there is a particular set of standings that should be paid attention to. Certainly the most common standings that NFL fans are likely familiar with are the records of each team's wins and losses. And while these standings can help a bettor when it comes to laying down a wager, there is a record even more important for the single purpose of betting lines for the 2021 NFL season. It is called the "against the spread" standings, and they can definitely help anyone that wants to bet on NFL games. A team's record against the spread directly reflects how they have performed on the game line set down by oddsmakers. This is not the straight-up record, this is for the spread only. A team could very well be 10-2 straight up, but 5-5 ATS. This is information that bettors should want to be equipped with.

Against the spread standings don't simply cover the overall record of every team either. Below you will find a breakdown of records on the betting line for a variety of different aspects. Among the breakdowns include the ATS record home and away, as well as when in the role of the favorite and the underdog. All of these factors add up to information that you can use to take advantage of a betting line, and give yourself the best chance at winning the wager. If there is a team that has fared well against the spread in one aspect, it would be wise to ride that coattail. The opposite can be true as well, in that betting against a team that has done poorly can be equally profitable. As a bettor looking at a point spread, there should be no other record that you want to look for other than that of a team's record on the betting line. That is how important this can prove to be for you.

NFL Teams Standings Against the Spread

There are two common ways to bet on the NFL without having to place a moneyline wager. Betting Against The Spread (ATS) or taking the over or under on a point total is among the most popular ways to bet on NFL matchups every week. Below are the standings for the NFL teams with the best and worst records ATS this season. The point total for professional football games is also commonly bet on and we have the O/U records for all 32 NFL teams on this page.

NFL Teams With The Best Record Against The Spread

Betting ATS is one of the most common ways to bet on NFL games and gives bettors a way to win big at sportsbooks even if the team they’re betting on loses. Betting ATS is a great alternative especially when the money line odds won’t give as good of a return on the wager.

Best 2021-2022 NFL Teams ATS

  • Dallas 12-4
  • Green Bay 12-4
  • Detroit 10-6
  • Indianapolis 10-6
  • Arizona 10-6
  • Tennessee 10-6

Below are the NFL teams with the worst ATS last season. While these teams are not performing well, that doesn’t mean to avoid betting with or against them. The weekly matchups present a new challenge for teams every week.

Worst 2021-2022 NFL Teams ATS

  • Jacksonville 4-12
  • Carolina 5-11
  • Atlanta 6-9-1
  • Washington 6-9-1
  • NY Giants 6-10
  • NY Jets 6-10

Best 2021-2022 Over Teams

If thinking about betting on the Over, below are the best teams in the NFL that hit the over. All have a .600 record against the point total this season or higher. As the season progresses, expect to see some new names hit the list.

  • NY Jets 10-6
  • Minnesota 10-6
  • LA Chargers 9-7
  • Kansas City 9-7
  • Philadelphia 9-7

Best 2021-2022 Under Teams

Not all NFL teams have performed well against point totals this season as the teams below hold the worst over-under record in the NFL. The teams that consistently hit the Under usually have some of the best defenses in the league.

  • Denver 4-12
  • Seattle 5-10-1
  • NY Giants 5-10-1
  • Jacksonville 5-11
  • Pittsburgh 6-9-1

Betting Sites Where You Can Use NFL ATS Standings

When bettors choose to put the betting into motion and look for a game to bet, it's time to check out NFL betting sites. Online sportsbooks that accept USA players will feature great NFL betting sections, which are typically the most popular sections that they will have on site. As such, complete coverage can be expected.

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