Super Bowl LVIX Betting Odds + Wager Lines

As the biggest sports betting event across the US, online sportsbooks generate thousands of odds for every Super Bowl. There are betting odds and wager lines for every aspect of the event, with betting opportunities everywhere from the total points scored in the game, to the color of the Gatorade poured on the winning coach.

With all of these betting lines, it can be overwhelming to decide which bets to wager on for the Super Bowl. All of the online sportsbooks tend to have slightly different bets and odds, making it important to have an understanding of the betting types and online books before the big game. The main thing that all of these books have in common is the endless bets that are available. Most of these odds can be wagered on a week before the game, or even live while the Super Bowl is playing out in real-time.

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Best Place To Bet On 2025 Super Bowl

Bovada Sports Betting

For the most coverage of the Super Bowl betting odds you'll find, Bovada Sportsbook is the way to go. Bovada provides users with odds to win the Super Bowl up to a year in advance. Users continue to have the option to wager on Super Bowl lines that are updated weekly along with coin toss props for the duration of the season.

Once the game becomes concrete, the odds really start to flow. Hundreds of betting lines will be formulated by Bovada's online sportsbook up to kickoff. Then even after kickoff, both live betting and in-play wagering can take place for more action. In other words, Bovada Sportsbook offers as many wagering options as any other online sports betting site in the world. It's one of the top choices available out of the sportsbooks that welcome USA players; Bovada accepts residents of most U.S. states however players from Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Nevada are not permitted.

Betting On Game Props

When betting on Super Bowl game props at sportsbooks that accepts US bettors, bettors can wager on very specific game outcomes and propositions. These bets can range anywhere from the winning margin of the game, to the team to score the first touchdown. Most of the offered prop bets are very specific, and will be something like will team A score a touchdown in the third quarter? With this prop bet, bettors can wager on the odds for this happening or it not happening at all.

With the majority of these prop bets, there are wagers for both teams, not just team A or B. For example, if one of the game lines is for team A to score a touchdown first, most sportsbooks would also have odds for team B scoring the game’s first point as well.

Game Prop Examples

Winning Margin

Exact Total Touchdowns

First Coaches Challenge Result

First Offensive Play


First Offensive Touchdown

First Score In Super Bowl Since 1991

First Turnover Of Game

First Turnovers Since Super Bowl 36

Game To Have Exact Three-Point Margin

Only seven Super Bowls have been decided by a three-point margin. However, this occurred in 2021, 2013, 2008, and 2002.

Will There Be A Score In The First 2:20?

The last Super Bowl to have a score within the first 2:20 was when the bad snap flew over Peyton Manning’s head in Super Bowl 48, and the first play of the game resulted in a safety.

Will There Be A Successful 2pt Conversion?

In the history of the Super Bowl, there have only been 10 successful two-point conversions. The last one to occur was in Super Bowl 52 when the Patriots successfully converted two of them and came back to win the Super Bowl from 25 down against Atlanta.

Total Third Down Conversions By Team

During Super Bowl 56, the Bengals had three third down conversions out of 14, while the Rams completed six third down conversions out of 15.

Betting On Team Props

The only difference between game props and team props is the way that the prop bet is formed. Instead of betting on the game having three total touchdowns, team prop bets allow bettors to wager on which team will score first, or which team will have the most penalty yards.

Types Of Team Prop Bets

  • Team To Commit First Penalty
  • Which Team To Score First
  • First Team To Have First Down
  • Team A To Score A TD In The 2nd Quarter

Betting On The Coin Toss

With this famous Super Bowl bet, bettors can wager on to start the betting action by calling heads or tails. When it comes to the winner of the toss winning the actual game, however, there is data from every past Super Bowl.

Coin Toss Result

In the history of the NFL’S 56 Super Bowls, the coin toss has landed on tails 29 times and heads 27 times.

Coin Toss Winner To Win Game

Super Bowl 48-56 saw the team that won the coin toss, end up losing the Super Bowl, yet sportsbooks continue to have standard odds for the bet. With the coin toss being a matter of luck, Super Bowl teams have a chance to break the streak and prevent it from growing past eight seasons in Super Bowl 57.

Will Coin Toss Caller Be Correct?

Super Bowl’s 45-55 saw an even split of the player calling heads or tails being correct.

Betting On The Halftime Show

Every Super Bowl halftime show is different, and sportsbooks generate bets that are more specific than some of the game bets. for example, for Super Bowl 56, bettors could wager on what color Snoop Dogs shoes would be, with blue being the favorite at +275 odds. However, there are some more basic props that sportsbooks generate about the overall halftime show.

Some odds are created because of past halftime show appearances. One of the most popular recurring bets is if there will be a wardrobe malfunction, stemming from the Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake incident in 2004.

First Artist To Be Shown On Stage?

Total Headlining Artists To Wear Sunglasses

Total Songs To Be Played During Halftime Show

Super Bowl 56 consisted of five total artists, and they sang a collective eight songs during the performance. For this particular prop bet, the bettors wagering on the under would have cashed out.

An example from a specific bet type can be used to show the type of prop bets that sportsbooks generate. For the Super Bowl 56 halftime show, a specific bet can be seen below:

Eminem Wearing On Head When First Seen At Halftime

When Eminem first appeared on stage during the performance, he was wearing a hood, cashing out bettors who wagered on the underdog for this [articular prop. Betting on this line would have cashed out $250 on a $100 wager.

Betting On Rushing Yards

With everything that can be bet on during the Super Bowl, bettors can also wager on the rushing aspect of the game. Whether wanting to bet on the specific running backs scoring touchdowns, or the total amount of yards that a running back will have during the game. In 1988, Timmy Smith set the record for the most rushing yards in a single Super Bowl with 204 yards, and that record has still been untouched.

How Many Players From Team A Will Attempting A Rush?

In Super Bowl 50, four players attempted a rush for the Carolina Panthers, and only two players attempted a rush for the Denver Broncos.

Distance Of First Rushing Yard By Player

Super Bowl 53 saw Damien Williams take the first rush attempt for the Kansas Coty Chiefs, running for seven yards.

Total Rushing Yards By Both Teams

Thanks to Frank Gore's 110 rushing yards for the 49ers, Super Bowl 47 had a total of 275 yards rushed between San Francisco and Baltimore.

Will A Specific Running Back Score A Touchdown?

This specific bet type will have odds that vary based on the player that the prop is about. Most sportsbooks will have many of these bet types for a lot of the different running backs that are in the Super Bowl. There were no rushing touchdowns in Super Bowl 56.

Betting On Passing Yards

One of the most popular bets on Super Bowl props is around the total passing yards in the game. There are also opportunities to bet on how many players will throw a pass. The most rush yards hauled in by a single player in a Super Bowl was Jerry Rice with 215 yards. Online sportsbooks have odds for all of these Super Bowl passing yards every single year.

How Many Players Will Attempt A Pass?

Most Super Bowls feature only one player throwing the football from each team, but Super Bowl 56 allowed bettors to cash out on the over. During a trick play in the second quarter, Joe Mixon threw a touchdown pass to Tee Higgins. This made Super Bowl 56 feature three players throwing a pass.

Distance of Quarterback A’s First Pass Completion

This is another bet type that will change for each Super Bowl, depending on the quarterbacks. In Super Bowl 42, Eli Manning’s first completion was for 14 yards and Tom Brady’s was a 7-yard completion.

Quarterback B’s Total Passing Touchdowns

During Super Bowl 45, Aaron Rodgers threw three touchdown passes, while Ben Roethlisberger threw 2. This was a much better Super Bowl performance for the Steelers QB, who threw for 0 touchdowns and 2 interceptions in his Super Bowl 40 victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

Quarterback A’s Total Pass Attempts

In Super Bowl 51, Matt Ryan had 23 total pass attempts, while Tom Brady had 62 pass attempts, during the biggest comeback deficit in Super Bowl history.

Other Passing Yard Bet Types

Who Will Have The Longest Touchdown Pass?

What Will Quarterback B Do First?

Betting On Breaking Super Bowl Records

Many Super Bowl records have been in place for over a decade, and online sportsbooks have odds for these records to be broken every year. These records range everywhere from total rush attempts, passing touchdowns, passing yards, single-team scoring totals, and much more.

Reception Record of 14 Catches

The most receptions to ever haul occurred in 2014, when Demaryius Thomas had 13 receptions for Denver. Even though Seattle demolished the Broncos in this Super Bowl, Thomas shined with 118 total yards and a touchdown.

Single Team Record Of 55 Points Be Broken?

In 1990, the 49ers scored a total of 55 points and set the record for the most points scored in any Super Bowl in NFL history. This is one of the only eight Super Bowls that featured a single team with over 40 points scored.

Passing Record Of 505 Yards Be Broken?

Tom Brady currently holds the top two spots for the most yards thrown in a Super Bowl with 505 and 466 yards from the 2017 and 2018 Super Bowls. In both of these performances, Brady had a total of five touchdowns and one interception.

Receiving Record 215 Yards Be Broken?

Jerry Rice holds the record for the most receptions hauled in for the Super Bowl (33) and has the record for the most yards pulled in during a single game (215).

Combined Team Record Of 75 Points Be Broken?

Being set in 1995, the 49ers and the Chargers hold the current record for the total most combined points in a single Super Bowl at 75. The Patriots and Eagles came the closest of any other team to beat this record, scoring a total of 74 points in Super Bowl 52.

Field Goal Record Of 54 Yards Be Broken?

Super Bowl 57 bettors will have the opportunity to bet if either team's kicker will break the all-time Super Bowl record for the longest kick of 54 yards. The record, set by Steve Christie in Super Bowl XXVIII, was made as part of a losing performance by the Buffalo Bills in their loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Super Bowl 56 saw Matt Gay make the longest field goal, coming in at 41 yards, 13 yards short of the record set by Christie.

Betting On Kicking Props

In Super Bowl history, only three games have been decided by a game-winning field goal. These games took place in 2003, 2001, and 1970, and the two earlier games were won by Adam Vinatieri. The longest of the three was a 48-yard field goal for the Patriots beating the Rams, being one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history and the beginning of Tom Brady’s legacy. With the help of online sportsbooks, bettors can wager on all different types of kicking prop bets, including the longest kick, amounts missed, and much more.

Total Made Filed Goals

Field Goals By Past SB’S

  • SB 56 – 5 FGM
  • SB 55 – 4 FGM
  • SB 54 – 3 FGM
  • SB 53 – 3 FGM
  • SB 52 – 4 FGM
  • SB 51 – 2 FGM
  • SB 50 – 4 FGM

Total Punts

During Super Bowl 50, Carolina had a total of seven punts, while Denver had a total of eight. Five years later, Super Bowl 55 had only seven total punts, with the Bucs punting three times and the Chiefs punting four times.

Will Any Missed Filed Goal Or PAT Hit Crossbar Or Upright?

Will There Be An Onside Kick Recovery?

One of the most iconic onside kicks took place during Super Bowl 44, when the Saints were trailing by four points at the half and started the third quarter with a recovered onside kick. The kick recovery gave the Saints the momentum, and Drew Brees was able to win his first Super Bowl.

Will Both Teams Make A Field Goal Of 33+ Yards?

Other Kicking Props

National Anthem Sports Betting Props

Even though this may not seem like one of the most popular Super Bowl bets, betting on the length of the National Anthem has become a classic for bettors. Depending on who is singing the Anthem, online sportsbooks generate specific odds for how long the song will go on, setting up great betting opportunities for everyone watching from home.

National Anthem Length

Any Scoring Drive Shorter Time Than Anthem Length

Forgot Or Omit A Word During National Anthem

Length Of The Word Brave In National Anthem

Number Of Planes During Flyover

Betting On Super Bowl Commercials

For everyone who only watches the Super Bowl for the commercials, this is the perfect betting type. As each Super Bowl gets closer, online books have odds that specifically target the commercials that are expected to have a slot. For example, the online book will set odds for what word Bud Light will say first, or which celebrity will be seen first in the Pepsi commercial.

How Many Commercials Will Have A Baby In It?

NFL/MLB/NBA Players To Appear In Total

Said First In Michelob Ultra Commercial

Betting On The Broadcast

When betting on the broadcast, bettors get to take a gamble on what the announcers will say, show, and talk about first. Online sportsbooks also have wager types for which QB’S name will be said first, or whose family of that QB will be shown. There are also some more specific bets available. These would look like betting on the announcer comparing one of the starting QBs to an older QB that used to be in the league.

What Will Be Said First In The Game

Will They Show QB 1 Smoking A Cigar?

Will The Commentators Say What A Spread Total Is?

Betting On The Gatorade Pour

As one of the most obscure yet exciting betting types that online sportsbooks offer, bettors get to wager on which color the Gatorade will be on the winning coach. Some trends show what colors have been used in past Super Bowls, but there is value in betting on the underdog for this famous prop bet.

Color Of Liquid Poured On Winning Coach From Sb 56

As one of the underdogs, the color blue came through for bettors during Super Bowl 56, paying out big money for anyone who wagered on the +1200 odds.

Position Player To Pour Liquid On Winning Coach From SB 56

As another underdog, a defensive player for the Rams, A’Shawn Robinson, ended up being the player to drench head coach Sean McVay with Gatorade, with his player position having +140 odds.