Super Bowl 54 Betting Odds + Wager Lines

Super Bowl 54 betting odds and wager lines will bring out all of the sports bettors, both experienced and casual. In other words, it's a game in which there are more odds formed, and more money wagered than any single football game of the entire season. There are few sporting events that are categorized as a 'mega-event' but the Super Bowl is certainly one of them. There are a ton of different betting lines on the Super Bowl formed that bettors are able to wager on days, weeks, and even months out before the matchup is even known.

Learn about Super Bowl betting odds below, which will include the types of betting odds that are formed, plus the different wagers that can be made on the game. This includes not only the game line and point total but the hundreds of other Super Bowl wagering lines such as prop bets and futures. Betting odds and information about this year's Super Bowl can be found too including practical examples and details about the big game.

Vegas Odds To Win Super Bowl 54 - February 2th, 2020

BetOnlineThe Super Bowl is on February 2, 2020, and betting odds from the 2019-2020 NFL season have been narrowed down. Though the conference championships were not the most exciting games, the Super Bowl is sure to be with the number of extras involved. These extras also allow for a variety of betting lines, such as prop bets on the national anthem, coin toss, and more. With Super Bowl 54 being played between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, the NFL will see a champion that hasn’t been crowned in some time. Heading into the game, the Chiefs are slightly favored and the over-under sits at 54.5 points.

This means that Tyreek Hill and Deebo Samuel are expected big games for their respective teams. The question is what can these defenses do to stop these two high powered offenses if they can. Nick Bosa will play a huge part in this and is favored (+250) to get the first sack in the game. Sacks would help both teams and Chris Jones (+300) would need to help out the Chiefs. These sacks could put these two teams behind the chains stalling the drive so these points that the over/under has acclimated in the game would stall out. The defense may cause some turnovers that could turn into touchdowns which could shift this game in so many ways. Prepare for a game that will have you on the edge of your seat and expecting to earn big dollar bills.

Live Super Bowl 54 Lines Player Props | Team Props | In-Game Lines

In addition to the SB 54 lines, all of these amazing sports betting sites will already have the futures up for Super Bowl 55 by February 3rd. This is a great opportunity to see if you can predict who will make it to the end of the season early, and catch a giant payout. Players who wagered on the Chiefs at this moment in 2019 are sure to be exited and licking their chops. To no surprise, the Chiefs are favored to win Super Bowl 55 as well.

2019-2020 Super Bowl Betting Odds from Bovada

Best Place To Bet On 2020 Super Bowl

BovadaFor the most coverage of the Super Bowl betting odds you'll find, Bovada Sportsbook is the way to go. Bovada provides users with odds to win the Super Bowl up to a year in advance. Users continue to have the option to wager on Super Bowl lines that are updated weekly along with coin toss props for the duration of the season.

Once the game becomes concrete, the odds really start to flow. Hundreds of betting lines will be formulated by Bovada's online sportsbook up to kickoff. Then even after kickoff, both live betting and in-play wagering can take place for more action. In other words, Bovada Sportsbook offers as many wagering options as any other online sports betting site in the world. It's one of the top choices available out of the sportsbooks that welcome USA players; Bovada accepts residents of most U.S. states however players from Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Nevada are not permitted.

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Wager Types + Betting Odds Used When Betting On Super Bowl 54

The full kitchen sink is open to bettors who are interested in wagering on the Super Bowl. Online sports betting sites will formulate a variety of lines the week of the matchup, but even before that there is live action that can be wagered on as well.

Super Bowl Odds In Vegas To Win Championship - Super Bowl futures odds are the direct line to the Super Bowl. These are the betting lines that will have a team’s Super Bowl odds throughout the year. From the top favorite to the largest underdog, futures odds will update with the turn of the weekly NFL schedule.

Super Bowl Game Lines - Game lines formed for the Super Bowl will be released following the AFC and NFC Championship game. This will give bettors two weeks before the matchup to bet, as there is a week off in between the conference championships and the Super Bowl. The game lines will include the point spread, money line, and point total. The spread will set one team in the role of the favorite and the other in the role of the underdog.

The money line has no spread, as it is the corresponding payout for a team to win the game straight up, with no spread. As for the point total, it's the combined total of both teams scored in the game, with a wager made on the actual total gong above or below the installed game total.

Super Bowl Player Props - There will be more player prop odds formed for the Super Bowl than you'll find across the board for an entire week's worth of games during the regular season. Players that are normally left off prop odds during any other game, now suddenly have four or five formed based on their performance. Player prop odds will take players from both teams on offense and defense and set performance odds for them. The odds will be specific to their position, whether it's yards for a player on offense, or tackles for a player on defense. There can be a number of different prop lines installed for a single player.

Super Bowl Team Props - Team prop odds take on a similar role as player props when betting on NFL games including the Super Bowl but instead of focusing on individual performance, these can encompass game + team statistical categories. Formed in the two weeks leading up to kickoff, team props are where the AFC Champion and NFC Champion go head-to-head on various betting lines. Examples would be something like the first team to score 10 points or the first to score a touchdown are often popular examples of what can be found.

Misc. + Wacky Super Bowl Prop Bets - The Super Bowl is famous for its halftime show and other performances. As a result, oddsmakers get in on the action as well. The miscellaneous prop odds formed cover things from the half time show to the Gatorade bath of the winning head coach. These fun and wacky prop odds further demonstrate the extensive coverage that online sportsbooks will put towards the matchup.

With these different prop bets, commercials will be shown and will try to race to be the first commercial shown during the Super Bowl. Expect online sportsbooks to have all these prop bets available. Brands are doing what they can to get their commercials to grab the most attention of all viewers. Cheetos will be one to watch for as MC Hammer is part of this year’s commercial set up. Is that enough for them to be first? Does that do enough for them to get the most viewers? These are questions and prop possibilities that end up on online bettings sites.