2020 - 2021 NFL Weekly Schedule

Are you aware of the 2020 - 2021 NFL Weekly Schedule? If not, it is quite easy to find, as the NFL schedule comes out months in advance of the upcoming season. When it is released, bettors scan the slated games with a fine-toothed comb looking for any advantage toward their betting trends and expectations. Each season, odds are posted regarding a team’s projected win total for the year and the weekly NFL schedule helps bettors hit their mark. Knowing the details of the 2019 NFL schedule can help bettors in a variety of other ways as well.

Between starting times, location of games, bye weeks, and the amount of home vs. road games in a row, there is always hidden information within the weekly NFL schedule. The best bettors know exactly what to look for within the week by week schedule and this page is designed to help you understand exactly what you are looking at. One of the most important details to take note of is who is playing in the primetime games on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night. As some teams are fully prepared for these marquee matchups, others tend to fold when all eyes are on them.

If you are looking for individual NFL team schedules, follow the preceding link.

Super Bowl LIV

Super Bowl 54After all the weeks of preparation, it is finally here for two teams. Two of the best teams in the NFL with very talented rosters. Super Bowl 54 will have so many talented players involved starting with the 2019 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes. Even with the 49ers having a very loaded and physical team, the Chiefs still have a fighting chance with arguably the best quarterback in the NFL. With odds favoring Mahomes (-450) to have more passing yards than Jimmy Garappolo, the 49ers have their hands full. This game could be a game that could possibly go to overtime. High scoring and bettors could cash in big time.

Other Features You Can Use With This Tool

Dates/Kick Off Times - The date on the calendar that a particular game falls on can be found, as well as the time in which the game is slated to get going.

Updates Week To Week - At the conclusion of every week in the NFL, beginning with the preseason and on through the Super Bowl, and weekly updates for the schedule are released to provide ample time for those interested to check them out.

Jump Ahead To Later Weeks - The upcoming week's schedule is not the only thing that can be viewed, as bouncing between different weeks later down the season can be done as well.

Wagering + Betting Lines - Game lines for each matchup on the schedule, including the point spread, money line, and over/under point total come along with each game on the weekly schedule.

Consensus Picks - Not sure which way to go? Take a look at how other bettors are leaning with the consensus pick option and see which way the money is going.

Short Game Preview - Basic game information can be found in a brief preview that includes betting trends and matchup history to review.

SuperGrid Stats Match Up - If you are a fan of statistics, this is the page you want to check out as if provides different statistical matchups for both teams in a matchup.

Full Matchup Comparison - The complete rundown of a NFL matchup including the SuperGrid can be found here, with additional information such as injuries and more.

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