Betting On 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics + Wager Lines

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are obviously over. This page will continue to exist, however, just in case people want a record of what things looked like at the time of the games themselves. The Olympics are a massive competition, and if you’d like to wager on them, you can check out our pages for online Olympic betting! The 2024 Olympics are in swing, while qualifications for the 2026 Olympics are underway as well. But with that out of the way, let’s get back into this page, which still retains its content from 2014.

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Is It Legal To Bet On The 2014 Winter Olympics?

Unlike some of the more controversial laws in Russia that deal with sexual preference, don't expect anyone to come beating down your door if you decide to bet on the U.S. to win the gold medal in whatever sport... that's patriotic if you ask this writer! All jokes aside, there are many solid reasons behind this and it is all explained in our article, 'is sports betting legal in the United States?' If you'd like to get more information about the legality of betting on the Olympics, we definitely understand your concerns and ask that you please read our related materials.

Ways To Bet On The Sochi Winter Olympics

The Sochi Winter Olympics are long over, but the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics betting odds are still around. When really digging into the ways that exist to bet on the Olympics, it is all cut and dry for the regular sports gambler; the only thing that changes are the sports they wager on. But if this is your first rodeo, we'll break down the ways that online sportsbooks are taking wagers on the Winter Olympics.

Future Betting Lines

These are the most common form of wagering when odds are released for the specific events that make up the 98 different sets of medals to be awarded this year. Wagering takes place on a "future" event which in most cases will be the odds to win the gold medal. Future odds to win can be for an entire team or an individual athlete depending on the sport, event and discipline.

Game Lines

Most commonly found when wagering on men's + women's ice hockey, these lines are the exact same thing as if you were betting on the NHL with one exception. Like pro hockey wagering, Olympic hockey game lines include a spread (goal spread), moneyline or the odds of winning a game outright, and the over/under total number of points (goals) scored in a game, but one difference is the 3-way betting lines which do not exist in the NHL because there are no ties. Since playing to a draw is possible during group play, 3-way lines allow those betting on the straight up winner of a game to put money specifically on a draw or tie.

Other sports that may have game lines include: Men's + Women's Curling

Proposition Wagering

Because every wager doesn't have to be on a country/individual to win a gold medal, some sportsbooks have issued prop wagers that ask for a yes or no answer to whether a particular country will medal in a certain event. Other forms of prop wagers work as future odds... say what? For example, a future prop might be something like 'Who will score the most goals in the 2014 Winter Olympics,' (Bovada) followed by a long list of players + payouts.

Where To Bet On The 2014 Winter Games

Knowing which online sportsbooks have the Winter Olympics betting odds you're looking for is important but it fails in comparison to not even knowing where to wager in the first place. For this reason, please forgive this bit of advertising before we jump into all the different varieties of sports and the betting odds for those events. Plus, one of our recommended websites has a lot to do with our ability to broadcast live betting odds for the Olympics so we do not mind giving them a bit of recognition sooner than later.

Bovada Sportsbook

Provides All Live Olympics Odds Feeds

Bovada Sports Betting

Not only is Bovada one of the most professional sports betting sites online today, it stays in tune with current events and what its users want. Right now, those users are wanting Olympics betting odds and thus Bovada's online sportsbook has provided numerous lines including odds for figure skating, curling, ice hockey, skiing, snowboarding, and many others. Each of these not only provides the opportunity for an athelete to win a gold medal, but it also gives those who wager the chance to win some extra cash which is always a sweet deal!

If you've never wagered with Bovada before, don't worry because it only takes a minute to get started and you'll never spend a penny during the registration process. In fact, there is no commitment to Bovada just because you sign up for an account and it is on the user to decide when he/she wants to fund their account. Americans from 46 states are accepted here; excluded: DE, MD, NJ, NV residents.

What To Bet On - Sports At The 2014 Olympics

If you're expecting wall to wall sports stacked on top of sports like you get with the Summer Olympics, you're probably going to be disappointed. While the Winter Games do have plenty of action (both for spectating and wagering) the Summer version of this event brings almost four times as many athletes and about 2.5 times the number of nations to the competition.

The sport that is sure to dominate much of the attention will be men's ice hockey. Though sports fans can see this sport played year-round by pros in one country or another, it will be the most watched game likely because it is so familiar. Please consult our guide to the different sports below for more details about each:

Dates Sport Venue / Arena Live Betting Lines
2/8 - 2/23 Ice Hockey BOLSHOY Ice Dome / SHAYABA Arena Game Lines - Future Odds
2/16 - 2/23 Bobsleigh Sliding Center Sanki Futures - Jamaican Bobsled
2/6 - 2/20 Figure Skating Iceberg Skating Palace Future Odds To Win Gold Medal
2/9 - 2/22 Alpine Skiing Rosa Kutor Alpine Center Future Odds To Win Gold Medal
2/8 - 2/22 Speed Skating Alder Arena Future Odds To Win Gold Medal
2/8 - 2/22 Biathlon Laura Cross-Country Ski & Biathlon Center Future Odds To Win Gold Medal
2/10 - 2/20 Short Track Iceberg Skating Palace Future Odds To Win Gold Medal
2/6 - 2/21 Freestyle Rosa Kutor Extreme Park Future Odds To Win Gold Medal
2/13 - 2/15 Skeleton Sliding Center Sanki Future Odds To Win Gold Medal
2/10 - 2/21 Curling Ice Cube Curling Center Future Odds To Win Gold Medal
2/6 - 2/22 Snowboard Rosa Kutor Extreme Park Future Odds To Win Gold Medal
2/12 - 2/20 Nordic Combined RusSKI GORKI Jumping Center Future Odds To Win Gold Medal
2/8 - 2/23 Cross-Country Laura Cross-Country Ski & Biathlon Center Future Odds To Win Gold Medal
2/8 - 2/13 Luge Sliding Center Sanki Future Odds To Win Gold Medal
2/8 - 2/17 Ski Jumping RusSKI GORKI Jumping Center Future Odds To Win Gold Medal

More On The 2014 Winter Olympics - Sochi, Russia, February 6th thru 23rd

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia is six years in the making. After it was announced that Sochi won the games on July 4, 2007, over $51 billion have gone into making the games a realization in the country. Sochi 2014 will be the first Olympics that the Russian Federation since the break up of the U.S.S.R. (Moscow).

The Sochi Winter Olympics will consist of 17 days of competition with some premliminary rounds of the games beginning on February 6th before the opening ceremony to be held on February 7th. The Olympic flame will be extinguished on February 23rd; the same day several big events like hockey conclude.

2014 Winter Olympics - Quick Facts

  • Sochi is located in the southwest corner of Russia on the shore of the Black Sea
  • Venues will be split into 'clusters' consisting of the coastal + mountain regions
  • Sochi has the highest average temperature of any city to host the Winter Olympics
  • Over $50,000,000,000 was spent to get Sochi ready for the 2014 Winter Games
  • 98 sets of medals will be awarded across 15 different disciplines
  • Medals awarded on Feb. 15th will contain a fragment of the Chelyabinsk meteor
  • There will be athletes from 85+ countries + territories in attendance at Sochi
  • Paraguay, Malta, Togo, Tonga and Zimbabwe are participating for first time