Online Sportsbooks That Accept Ripple

Ripple LogoWith most online sportsbooks offering crypto deposit options, Ripple is one of the many currencies to be accepted from these online books. When depositing with Ripple, online sportsbook do not charge any fees, and guarantee and same day processing time, and deliver a stress free experience. You can use the digital currency known as XRP that sits alongside the Ripple network, or you can deposit and transfer any other currency instead. Using XRP is a faster and streamlined method whereas using other currencies take longer

  • Bovada – Ripple can be used through Bovada, by bettors converting the currency into one of the accepted cryptos, and then making a deposit with the online sportsbook.
  • BetOnline – Being one of the few online sportsbooks that accepts Ripple directly, bettors can make a deposit with the crypto in a matter of minutes after acquiring the popular crypto.
  • SportsBetting – As one of the most experienced online sportsbooks on the market, BetOnline understands that bettors want a variety of cryptos to choose from when depositing, and added it to their selection when Ripple took off.

More Sports Betting Sites That Take Ripple

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How To Get Ripple

Getting XRP is very easy and all a bettor has to do is go to a cryptocurrency exchange or the Ripple platform. A lot of the technological know-how is no longer required in the cryptocurrency world, and Ripple is no exception to that. You can use traditional payment methods to acquire Ripple and they will be stored with you until you are ready to transfer them to somewhere else such as a sportsbook. Purchasing XRP is simple, and that is, in fact, what it is designed to do - be purchased, and serve as a medium of exchange between two parties that might not be able to exchange otherwise.

Best Crypto Exchange Sites For Buying XRP

  • Coinbase
  • Binance.US
  • FTX.US
  • Kraken
  • Robinhood

How Ripple Works For Online Sports Betting

When using Ripple through an online sportsbook, bettors are either depositing using XRP or depositing using another currency. If you are using XRP you must purchase XRP from Ripple. Once you purchase the cryptocurrency, you can then instantly transfer that money through the Ripple network. Online sportsbooks that accept Ripple as a payment method have their own RippleNet account. You will transfer money from your own RippleNet account to the sportsbooks RippleNet account. The XRP transfers seemingly instantly from account to account.

If you are using another currency, the process is identical but the processing time increases. Ripple uses a process known as digital IOU’s that will instantly complete the transaction while the money is actually being transferred. This allows you to instantly wager on sports even though your money has not been processed yet. However, one should be aware that all transactions on the Ripple network are final, and there are no chargebacks. You can also use XRP on the Ripple network to purchase other cryptocurrencies immediately, which opens up the ability to transfer your XRP into Bitcoin and then use all of the sportsbooks that support Bitcoin as well.

Are Online Sportsbooks That Accept Ripple Legal?

The online sportsbooks that accept Ripple as a payment method are indeed legal. These sites are regulated outside the US but they are indeed regulated in their country headquarters. These sites follow strict guidelines and are able to accept Ripple bettors legally because of that. No one will face legal ramifications for betting using Ripple at any of these popular sportsbooks. Ripple as a cryptocurrency is legal as well as the sportsbooks that accept the currency.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Use Ripple

Luckily for sports bettors, there are many online sportsbooks that accept Ripple as a deposit method. Funding your betting wallets through Ripple is a fast and easy way to get in on the action. In most cases, sports betting sites will offer free bonus funds for those who use it, and the money is put into accounts almost instantaneously. As equally fast, the payouts offered by these Ripple sports betting sites can be money in your pocket the same day depending on how your crypto wallet works.

These sports betting sites are tested and have a strong reputation for paying winning bets. In other words, you can reassured that they are trusted are they accept USA players.

Bovada Sportsbook

Betting With Crypto Made Simple

Bovada Sports Betting

As one of the top online sportsbooks in the US, Bovada has helped make crypto into an easy and convenient deposit and withdrawal method for bettors, offering promotions and no fees for transactions that involve the currencies. Depending on the crypto that a better is trying to deposit into an online sportsbook, the Bovada customer service team will help either convert the crypto or deposit the crypto directly into a funds account.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Easy Ripple Deposits, Fastest Payouts

BetOnline Sports Betting

BetOnline accepts Ripple as a payment method and bettors will find lines for all major sporting events throughout the year, resulting in plenty of betting action. Offering wager types such as the Moneyline, spread, over/under, or parlay bets, BetOnline ensures that a Ripple deposit will unluck the potential for all the current favorite bet types. This online sportsbook has offers for first time depositors, with extra bonuses with that deposit being through Ripple, through their crypto bonuses that are offered.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

Same Day Payouts On Ripple Withdrawals

SportsBetting Sports Betting

SportsBetting is one of the best online sportsbooks that accept Ripple, with their live and future betting being featured. You can easily deposit into your SportsBetting account through Ripple, as the online sportsbook is one of the simplest sites to navigate both on a computer or a mobile device. The site offers some of the best odds and betting lines available, for all major and not as known US, and international sporting events.

Best Bonuses When Using Ripple At Online Sportsbooks

Many online sportsbooks that accept Ripple offer bonuses for people to use it and other cryptocurrencies at their sportsbooks. These bonuses are available on their websites when depositing, so make sure you check for the bonus before depositing. For example at BetOnline, you can get a bonus when making your first deposit in cryptocurrency. You can also get reload bonuses at some online sportsbooks when you make cryptocurrency deposits. Basically, not all sportsbooks accept Ripple, but you can use XRP on the Ripple platform in order to acquire other cryptocurrencies that they do accept. Beyond that, there are a couple of online sportsbooks that do accept XRP, so it’s really just a question of how you want to handle your deposits.

Sportsbook Bonus Name Bonus Code Percent Match Rollover Eligible Time For Bonus
Bovada $750 Welcome Bonus BTCSWB750 75% 5x 1st Crypto Deposit
BetOnline 100% 1st Time Crypto CRYPTO100 100% 14x 1st Crypto Deposit
SportsBetting 1st Time Crypto Bonus 100CRYPTO 100% 14X 1ST Crypto Deposit

Ripple Explained

RippleRipple is a platform for a cryptocurrency that is known by the same name and represented on exchanges as XRP. The basic idea with Ripple is that it is a cryptocurrency with extremely low transaction fees, lower power usage than Bitcoin, and serves as a sort of value storage and transaction medium between other forms of currency.

For your use purposes, the thing you need to know is that some sportsbooks accept XRP as a form of currency, and that means that you can treat it like any other cryptocurrency. One other thing to know about XRP is that it does not run on a blockchain like many other cryptocurrencies do, but instead uses what is called RCPA, which is a consensus management algorithm, allowing ripple users to affect changes only when in agreement with everyone else.

Using Ripple For Live Betting

Many online sportsbooks that accept XRP do so while also being sportsbooks that offer live betting. Live betting is a great way to get involved in all of your favorite sports and esports, from the NBA to the LCS. The basic idea with live betting is that you can react to the events in the game as they happen. Lebron gets hurt? You can bet on the Lakers’ opponent, hopefully before the sportsbooks manage to update the odds. Live betting provides a sustained, high octane betting experience, and allows you to really get involved in the action of a game. Using Ripple for live betting can be very effective since Ripple deposits are handled almost instantly. This means if you don’t have enough money in your account to bet on something happening live, you can load your account and get your wager in faster than any other transaction method.

Betting With Ripple On Mobile Devices

Ripple Mobile BettingA lot of the people who find this page are going to be a little tech-savvy - you don’t end up looking for XRP sportsbooks without having some prior knowledge. That means that a lot of you are going to want to place wagers on your phone, or other mobile devices. The good news is that you can, of course, do this. Almost every major online sportsbook will let you access their website via your mobile browser. When you do this, you will see a mobile version of their website, that will look and feel like an app, but won’t require you to download anything. This is an elegant solution and should be a great way for you to place wagers on your mobile device, no matter what it is. Checking your Ripple account from your mobile device is also an option so long as you have an internet connection. This means you can have convenient oversight of your Ripple funds and sports betting account all from the palms of your hands.

Limits For Ripple Deposits And Withdrawals

Ripple is a commonly accepted crypto at online sportsbooks for deposits and withdrawals and sportsbooks do not charge any fees for processing the payment method. Online sportsbooks that offer XRP transactions process every deposit and withdrawal within 24-48 hours. This payment method is secure and can be trusted by sportsbook players in all 50 states in the US. SportsBetting and BetOnline are the best online sportsbook that offer XRP transactions with the limits below:

  • $20 minimum for deposits
  • $100,000 maximum for deposits
  • $20 minimum for withdrawals
  • $100,000 maximum for withdrawals
  • Ripple payouts can be requested from credit card deposits after seven days and a 1x rollover has been met

Ripple Sports Betting FAQ