Best Ripple Online Sportsbooks In 2024

Ripple LogoThe best Ripple online sportsbooks in 2024 include some of the top overall sports betting platforms in the US. Those XRP betting sites include Bovada, BetOnline, and SportsBetting. They make it easy to gamble on sports online from anywhere, with practically any device. This page reviews the top sportsbooks that accept Ripple and informs readers how to get in on the action with the cryptocurrency.

Top Sportsbooks That Take Ripple

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Reviews Of The Top Online Ripple Sportsbooks

We base our reviews for Ripple sports betting sites based on safety, accessibility, and value for bettors. As sports gamblers here at USA Online Sportsbooks, we feel extremely confident in each of the sportsbooks for XRP that we rank and review below.

1. Bovada Sportsbook

Does Bovada Accept Ripple?

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada is the safest online sportsbook for betting with Ripple and also has the most value to bettors with the crypto because of their odds and bonuses. That safety and value make Bovada the easy choice when ranking Ripple gambling sites for sports. The lone drawback of using Ripple at Bovada instead of other sites like BetOnline or SportsBetting is that it does not directly take XRP. As any crypto trader knows, this is an easy problem to work around. Bovada takes cryptos like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, all of which can be bought using Ripple. By taking this quick extra step, US bettors from 45 states (no NJ, NY, NV, DE, or MD players) can access the highest rated betting site for Ripple.

How To Use Ripple At Bovada

  1. Create an account at Bovada
  2. Select one of the 6 cryptos that Bovada accepts
  3. Opt in or out of the $750 sign up bonus for the crypto
  4. Copy Bovada’s receiver address that is created for that crypto
  5. Go to your crypto exchange and search for the crypto you chose
  6. Buy that crypto with your existing Ripple
  7. Send your new crypto to the receiver address copied in step 4
  8. Crypto deposits are processed by Bovada in 20 minutes or less

2. BetOnline Sportsbook

Best Sportsbook For Easy Ripple Deposits

BetOnline Sports Betting

Easy deposits and tons of betting options make BetOnline one of the top sportsbooks for Ripple in the US. The site takes less than 15 minutes to sign up for, with deposits reaching new users’ accounts nearly as fast. When signing up, BetOnline will also boost players who are betting real money with Ripple. This boost comes in the form of a sportsbook bonus. That bonus can be worth up to $1,000. That’s the biggest XRP bonus on the market, although the 14X rollover is considerably harder to clear than the 5X requirement at Bovada.

3. SportsBetting Sportsbook

Legit Betting Site For All US XRP Gambling

SportsBetting Sports Betting

One of the main reasons that users love betting with Ripple is because it is trustworthy and legit, which it has proven to be since it was initially released as a cryptocurrency in 2012. has proven to be legit and trustworthy the same way that Ripple has, as the popular online sportsbook has accepted American bettors since 1998. has constantly adapted since then, and just recently added Ripple to its exciting list of cryptos that it accepts. We recommend trying out the famous sportsbook, as it has proven to be a legit betting platform for decades.

How To Deposit At Sportsbooks Online With Ripple

Simply put, Ripple sportsbooks want to make the process of depositing with the cryptocurrency easy so that they don’t lose out on new players. Luckily, using Ripple at online sportsbooks that accept cryptocurrency is easy and has the exact same process as using any other crypto. This process for how to deposit at online sportsbooks with Ripple is nearly universal, with the lone step that changes being the third in the list below.

Steps To Use XRP To Bet On Sports

  1. Sign up at an online sportsbook that uses crypto
  2. Select Ripple (or a different crypto if they don’t take XRP)
  3. **If the sportsbook does not take Ripple, use the XRP to buy the crypto from step 2**
  4. Copy the sportsbook’s receiving address
  5. Send your Ripple/other crypto to that address

Deposit Limits For Ripple At Online Sportsbooks

The deposit limits for Ripple at online sportsbooks are wide, with the crypto an excellent way for low and high rollers to bet on sports. Using the same three sportsbooks that accept XRP that we reviewed above, it’s easy to see why Ripple’s wide deposit limits make it one of the most popular sportsbook deposit methods for funding gambling accounts.

Sportsbook Deposit Range Deposit Speed (Max) Deposit Fees
Bovada (all cryptos) $10-$5,000 20 Minutes 0%
BetOnline (XRP) $20-$100,000 30 Minutes 0%
SportsBetting (XRP) $20-$100,000 30 Minutes 0%

Ripple Sportsbook Bonuses

Bonuses are one of the most fun parts of joining XRP online sportsbooks, as all of the best sites offer significant promotions that can greatly increase the starting bankroll for new players. These online sportsbook bonus codes at Ripple sports betting sites typically come in the form of a matched percentage of a new deposit. In exchange for boosting your deposit, the sportsbooks will attach a rollover requirement that players must bet through before withdrawing. It is best to look for a low rollover (more important than maximum value or match percentage) because it is easier to withdraw.

Best Sportsbook Bonuses For Ripple:

  • 75% match (all cryptos) up to $750 (5X Rollover)
  • 55% match (must use code BET55) up to $1,000 (10X Rollover)
  • 100% match up to $1,000 (14X Rollover)

Bet on the NBA Playoffs at Bovada Sportsbook

How To Withdraw Ripple From Online Sportsbooks

Legit sportsbooks that take XRP will also allow users to withdraw with the crypto. In fact, since it is a cryptocurrency, our experts rank it among the best payout methods from online sportsbooks. That’s because the payout steps are very similar to those for depositing and can be completed very quickly.

Steps To Use XRP To Withdraw At Online Sportsbooks

  1. Select Ripple (or another crypto if the site doesn’t do XRP) as your payout method
  2. Go to your crypto exchange and copy the receiving address for the crypto
  3. From your sportsbook, input that address where specified and how much you want to withdraw
  4. Select “Send” or “Withdraw”
  5. Complete any payout verification steps the sportsbook requires
  6. Funds will arrive at your exchange within 24 hours
  7. **If you could not withdraw with XRP, you can buy it in your exchange with your new crypto**

Sportsbook Payouts For Ripple

One of the primary reasons Americans use XRP sportsbooks is because they pay out fast, large, and for free. That is especially true with top sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, and SportsBetting. Their payout information for Ripple proves that is all true.

Sportsbook Payout Range Payout Speed (Max) Fees?
Bovada (all cryptos) $10 Min (No Max) 24 Hours No
BetOnline (XRP) $20-$100,000 48 Hours No
SportsBetting (XRP) $20-$100,000 48 Hours No

Is It Safe To Bet Online With Ripple?

Ripple is safe to use at real money betting sites that have strong histories and high-end user protection protocols. Players will find that those safe sportsbooks that accept Ripple are sites like the ones we reviewed, as they have accepted action from American bettors for over a decade and are still in business. Each site is incredibly well-known and would not have any players left (and we would not review them) if they weren’t safe. It’s also worth mentioning that the Ripple security measures are very effective and hide user information very well.

BetOnline BET55 Bonus Code

What Are The Best Crypto Exchanges For Ripple Betting?

Since it is impossible to buy (and let alone send) XRP straight from the Ripple website/system, finding a good crypto exchange with the currency is very important. From our experience, we have found that the best exchanges for sending Ripple to the XRP online sportsbooks are:

Do Ripple Sportsbooks Have Apps?

Ripple Mobile BettingAmong the Ripple online sportsbooks in the US, none technically have sports betting apps. That sounds worse than it is, as XRP sports betting sites are actually compatible with all devices that have an internet browser. These sportsbooks just don’t make players download any clunky applications, as users can just search for them and then start betting all from their browsers. It does not matter if you are using Google Chrome, Safari, or any other browser, betting from a mobile device with XRP is easy.

Is It Legal To Use Ripple At Online Sportsbooks That Accept It?

It is legal to Ripple betting sites that take US players, as long as they are based internationally. The reason that XRP sportsbooks must be based elsewhere is that no states have sanctioned their crypto sportsbooks. Sportsbooks that take Ripple internationally are legal throughout the US because they are governed in their home countries. This makes them legal via the World Trade Organization’s Free Trade Agreement. That agreement essentially states that all parties must allow e-commerce businesses in others to do business in all other countries that have signed the agreement. That means the online sportsbooks in the US that accept Ripple can do business because of their foreign e-commerce status.