Sports Betting Strategies – Online Book Reviews And Advice For All Bettors

With over 50 online sportsbooks on the market, it is important for bettors to either develop or already have some type of sports betting strategy. There are also hundreds of different betting variations that can be placed each day, and it is important for bettors to understand what online sportsbooks are offering. Between eight game parlays, betting on the total puck line for the second period, or hedging a bet to guarantee some type of payback, online books make it easy for each person to bet uniquely and profitably, however every online bettor still needs a sports betting strategy.

No matter if you are opening up an online sportsbook for the first time, or you are opening on your seventh book on the computer or phone tab to find the best game lines, it is crucial to have some type of strategy, and not just keep placing wagers without all of the relevant information. For example, if Jonathan Taylor scored a touchdown in nine straight games, it would not be smart to bet against his scoring chances in the next game. This page covers the seven best betting strategies, to help take advantage of all the best bet types offered by US online sportsbooks.

Best US Sports Betting Sites

Bovada Sportsbook

The Best Place For Money Line Betting

Bovada Sports Betting

By having one of the cleanest and easiest to use websites and mobile platforms, Bovada allows bettors to browse the money line of every single game, form the ease of their phone. They always have odds for every NFL, NBA, MLB game, and odds for individual money lines for UFC fighters or Olympic athletes.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Ideal For Spread Betting

BetOnline Sports Betting

Betting on the spread is one for the most classic betting types, and BetOnline has odds for spread betting across hundreds of events in the US alone. BetOnline sets the spread for each game taking place, and bettors can wager on if the favorite will be capable of covering the spread or not. When betting against the spread, there is usually a high payout.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Betting With Bitcoin

MyBookie Sports Betting

Although they have credit card deposits available, the best way to put money into your MyBookie bankroll is through Bitcoin, or another popular cryptocurrency. With Bitcoin, MyBookie allows bettors to deposit fast, helping bets be placed quickly with no fees attached, leaving bettors time to focus on finding the best wagers.

Xbet Sportsbook

Never Too Late To Bet Live

Xbet Sports Betting

With constant live games to bet on, XBet is an online sportsbook that has a large live betting section that can be browsed through and wagers can be placed at any time. Whether a bettor misses the beginning of the game, or simply wants to check for any tempting odds, XBet will always have a game line or spread to bet on.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

25 Team Parlay Action For All 50 States

SportsBetting Sports Betting

Being one of the only online books that accept bettors from all 50 states, SportsBetting is also one of the only books to not cut bettors off at a 10 or 15 team parlay. By allowing parlays up to 25 teams for a single bet, SportsBetting gives bettors a chance to win huge, on a small bet that has a small percentage chance, but a massive potential payout.

Seven Best Sports Betting Strategies

Parlays Are Still Paying Out Big

Parlay betting is extremely popular because it is low risk, high reward, and it makes bettors involved with online sportsbooks and multiple sporting events. Parlays combine multiple money lines (traditionally but could be other betting types) and every line has to hit for the bet to win. With all of this risk, online sportsbooks offer high rewards, that can turn $60 into $4,322.99. In fact, that happened to a bettor with all seven of the game sevens that took place in May of 2022, and resulted in all seven legs of the parlay hitting and the bettor multiplying his bankroll by 7,000.

Keeping Money In The Bankroll

Although it can be tempting to empty out a bankroll in a weekend of bets, it is always smarter to pace yourself accordingly, in order to avoid losing every bet, and facing an empty bankroll. It is just like how if a person only had $200 in their bank account, they would not spend all $200 over the weekend, they would minimally swipe their card and make it last until payday. This is the same concept for sports betting, and is important for becoming a successful and consistent bettor, who can take advantage of odds from online sportsbooks, in a patient manner.

Always Spreading Out Wagers

Although people can use past statistics/data to have an understanding of how a home game could unfold, sports are too unpredictable for bettors to not spread their wagers out, no matter how high the level of confidence. Instead of betting $100 on the Bengals to win super Bowl 57, it is smarter to bet on various prop bets or the money line in each quarter. Since the Bengals lost the Super Bowl 57, it would have been more efficient to spread that money in smaller increments across various bets.

Spreading Out Wagers Example ($100 total)

  • $25 – Odell Beckham scoring a touchdown.
  • $30 – Matthew Stafford passing for over 300 yards
  • $5 – Either team having a safety
  • $40 – Aaron Donald recording over 2.5 sacks

By spreading out these old Super Bowl bets as an example, it can be seen that there can be much higher rewards and odds for winning big when bettors do not wager all of their bankroll in one place. This process can consist of placing these smaller bets at one online sportsbook, or across four different online books, depending on which sites have the best odds.

Get An Upper Hand With Line Shopping

With over $100 billion bet on sports since 2018, there is certainly a market for the hobby, but bettors tend to find the most success placing these wagers, when browsing various online sportsbooks and placing bets where the best odds reside. Line shopping starts with viewing the run line for the Tampa Bay Rays against the White Sox. If a bettor is going to bet on the Rays to win the game, they would want to find an online sportsbook with the highest odds, in order to receive the highest possible payout. If a bettor only ever uses MyBookie, and the Rays have +100, they could be missing out on Bovada having the odds set at +112. Having funds in multiple different sportsbooks is crucial, to fully engage with what these online sportsbooks have to offer.

Research-Heavy/Trend Betting

Research should be conducted before wagers are placed through online sportsbooks, in order to find the best odds and money lines. For example, say Texas locals want to bet on the magic of Luka and the Mavs during the regular season. The bettors see that the Mavs won 24 of their last 30 games in the regular season, so they assume they scored a lot of points and bet on the over without more information. In reality, the Mavs did win those 24 games during the last 30 games of the 2022 regular season, but only hit the over in 9 of those 30 games. When diving even deeper, it can be seen that they successfully covered the spread in 17 of the last 30, and is another example of a greater bet type than betting on the over.

Fading The Public

This is a classic online betting strategy that gets its name from betting against the public, in order to have a chance to win big. Because betting on the favorite does not usually offer high payouts, finding the perfect underdog to wager on, is the best way to make a decent profit. It basically works with online sportsbooks making the money lines tempting for a heavy favorite, which gives bettors who want to take a chance at the underdog a chance for a large potential payout, with minimal risk involved.

Do Not Chase Your Losses

For people who take online sports betting very seriously, there is a learning curve and deciding what to bet on and how much to bet takes skill, that is learned and improved over time. Jumping right into the action, and never fixing previous mistakes, is not going to help online bettors win big. It is easy to feel like “it will hit next time” but the smartest strategy is to try something new. If you have bet on the Phoenix Suns money line four games in a row, and they have dropped every single game, is not smart to keep betting on them until they finally win. Instead, bettors can look at other bet types like if the Suns have hit the total points over under, or if they have covered the spread in those games. Whether the team is having chemistry issues, Booker is hurt, or they have not had a day off in a week, it is better utilize one of these other bet types, of find another team or sport to bet on alltogether.

Parlays Aren't Just For "Suckers" Anymore

Players who look for the big payout, but don't want to risk a lot of money can go for parlay wagers. These bets are more difficult to win, but the risk/reward could very well be worth it. Players can lay down $5 or $10 to win upwards of thousands depending on how many games they pick to go in a parlay. Essentially, a parlay is a linked bet that ties multiple outcomes together. For the parlay to win, all of the outcomes involved in the wager must hit. It just takes one outcome to not hit for the parlay to be done.

Many bettors like to go with this type of strategy because the chance to make a nice profit is there with relatively small wagers poured into the sportsbook. But like we said, these payouts are high, because the outcomes are less likely. But having said that, there are certainly positives to trying a parlay strategy and a user doesn't have to hit on 10 outcomes to make a big profit. It can be done on as little as two or three outcomes.

Betting On Tilt

Though more of advice than a sports betting strategy, it is still vital information to know. Never bet on tilt or bet when you are emotional (and generally losing). Losing sports wagers is a part of betting, gambling more each play as combining it with alcohol can be a recipe for disaster. Betting on tilt is how some gamblers lose big, because they let emotions dictate their next bet and bet amount rather than logic.