Sports Betting Strategies

A lot of sports bettors think they have a way to beat the system, and a lot of sports bettors are wrong about this. There are some strategies that can help, but short of a dedicated analytics team and years of experience, sports betting tends to not be the kind of thing you can do as a full-time job - unless you’re absurdly talented, or lucky, or both. That said, it is absolutely the kind of thing you can get better at, and getting better means doing strategic research.

If you are a sports bettor, whether the occasional player or the avid enthusiast always looking at the latest lines, this page can certainly help you. From novice bettors to middle-of-the-roaders, all the way to advanced sports bettors - everyone can benefit from added information. There is no player out there who wins 100% of the time, in sports or in sports betting. Sports betting is unpredictable, and the goal isn’t to win 100% of your bets, it’s to be profitable.

Those of us who place a wager down during 2021 on a game in any of the major sports leagues likely do so for a couple of reasons. We are looking to make the game more interesting, or looking to win money, or perhaps both. On this page, we discuss some strategies that one can incorporate in their sports betting ventures. Having a game plan going into how you want to bet a game can certainly help you win, and there are a variety of angles you can attack from.

Useful Wagering Strategies To Use When Betting On Sports

Below are a few strategies we'd recommend to anyone that is just beginning to dabble in the world of handicapping and wagering on sporting events. These are simply designed to keep your head in the game and not get swept off your feet by a wager that looks good on the surface but is really a trap for anyone that goes near.

Many of the strategies we mention could essentially double as a betting tip... and they should because sticking to these will keep you from getting derailed. Ask anyone you know that is successful when wagering, or in sports for that matter, and they will affirm that fundamentals are what works, not all the fancy hyped-up rigamarole.

Spread Your Wagers - Don't Put Your Eggs All In One Basket...

In a perfect world, we could lay down all of our money on one bet for one game, win, and double up for a huge stack. But this is a far thing from a guarantee, and when it comes to betting on sports, certainly not a smart way to approach it. As a result, we suggest that spreading out your wagers is a smart way to go. The more you are able to spread your bets across different wagers, the better chance you have to win more bets. Will you make a huge profit off of one win? Probably not. However, this is a proven theory that diversifying your bets can be quite profitable over a period of time, and is an effective strategy.

The reason you want to do this is because luck is a big part of betting on sports, and it can go both ways. You want to minimize the role of luck and maximize your skill, and the best way to do this is by increasing the sample size of bets you make. If you’re a 60% successful sports bettor on average, but you hit a bad luck streak, you can easily lose money hand over fist. For this reason, placing large numbers of bets across different wagers is generally a good idea.

Why This Strategy Works:

This ensures that there is no one bet that will break your bank, and send you into the red. Spreading your wagers out helps ensure that one loss won't destroy you, and that you have other wagers to fall back on. Moreover, this helps to ensure that you won’t run into problems with your bankroll - when you focus so heavily on bankroll management, it’s much harder to be irresponsible with your gambling.

Failure To Learn From The Past Means You Could Be Doomed To Repeat It

When it comes to researching a bet and doing your homework, there is one thing that you should pay particular attention to. This would be betting trends. Betting trends are statistics that have already happened, with research putting them together to form how a team or player has fared for the upcoming betting line in question. In other words, is there a variable in the betting trends to pay attention to that will help you in your process. Hot and Cold betting trends are formed as well, which are wagers that have hit or missed at least 80 percent of the time.

The nice thing about betting trends like these is that they can be found at sportsbooks, and other handicapping betting sites around the Internet. Oddsmakers and handicappers have done the work for you and will issue these for free. These betting trends don't guarantee a winner, which is why they can be easily found, but at the same time, they can provide a nice indication about which side of the betting line it might go.

Why This Strategy Works:

Essentially, the proof is in the pudding. Betting trends play off of real results, and things that have actually happened over the recent history of a series or matchup. Betting trends can cover a range of different topics, providing a full-circle analysis for the bettor. It's arguably the best research you can attain for making a wager.

Betting Blind Is When Sports Wagering Becomes "Sports Gambling"

The strategy of randomly picking a game and the side of a wager without knowing anything about the teams and players involved is not a good way to bet. Sure, you could hit on it and claim your winnings. But this is certainly no long-term practice for sports wagering. You want to make sure that you are informed about the parties involved, so that you can make a well-informed betting decision. Sometimes it's hard to think that you put the time into research a game and still lost, but trust us, if you keep doing this it will pay off more in the long run than if you randomly pick games for no reason.

Why This Strategy Works:

It's rather easy to figure out why not betting blindly would be better than randomly placing a wager. This is more of a strategy to avoid, than something that works.

Injuries Can Play A Key Role In Games & In The Results Of Your Wagers

It might not be an idea to place an entire betting strategy around, but injuries to a team can certainly have a huge impact on the outcome of a game. Oddsmakers know this as well though, and adjust betting lines accordingly. Still, there is an inherent advantage that the bettors have over the oddsmakers when it comes to injuries. This is because back up it's very, very difficult to predict how a backup player will perform, especially in a key position. That means that oddsmakers might be guessing a bit more than usual.

Why This Strategy Works:

Knowing what key players are injured, and how it can affect a team can certainly help your prospects when it comes to picking a betting line. Or just as important, avoiding a betting line that you aren't very sure of what the outcome will be. Sometimes not making a wager can be just as smart as picking a winner.

Parlays Aren't Just For "Suckers" Anymore

Players who look for the big payout, but don't want to risk a lot of money can go for parlay wagers. These bets are more difficult to win, but the risk/reward could very well be worth it. Players can lay down $5 or $10 to win upwards of thousands depending on how many games they pick to go in a parlay. Essentially, a parlay is a linked bet that ties multiple outcomes together. For the parlay to win, all of the outcomes involved in the wager must hit. It just takes one outcome to not hit for the parlay to be done.

Many bettors like to go with this type of strategy because the chance to make a nice profit is there with relatively small wagers poured into the sportsbook. But like we said, these payouts are high, because the outcomes are less likely. But having said that, there are certainly positives to trying a parlay strategy and a user doesn't have to hit on 10 outcomes to make a big profit. It can be done on as little as two or three outcomes.

Why This Strategy Does NOT Always Work:

Instead of telling you why this is the strategy does the trick, we want you to know that this strategy is largely dependent on where you make wagers. Not every bookmaker will let you parlay bets within the same game, like when wanting to parlay the spread and total, and some will not let you parlay game lines based on quarters, halves, periods, etc. of games in particular sports. Knowing the parlay rules will be key when implementing this betting strategy.

We recommend that those reading this page stick to the reputable bookmakers we have listed below. The U.S. online sportsbooks usually have liberal parlay rules across most major sports. Some do happen to fall into a few of the scenarios we listed out above, but for the most part, these bookmakers allow you to wager how you want. Perhaps the most important thing is that these are trusted meaning they won't be here today and gone tomorrow.

Betting On Tilt

Though more of advice than a sports betting strategy, it is still vital information to know. Never bet on tilt or bet when you are emotional (and generally losing). Losing sports wagers is a part of betting, gambling more each play as combining it with alcohol can be a recipe for disaster. Betting on tilt is how some gamblers lose big, because they let emotions dictate their next bet and bet amount rather than logic.

Best Sites For USA Sports Bettors

With solid sports betting strategy in mind, it is now time to decide where to place your bets. There are dozens of sports betting sites that advertise to US sports bettors but only a few should be in your regular rotation. BetOnline, Bovada, and MyBookie are excellent US-friendly sportsbooks for every level of sports bettor. You can research your picks prior to laying money down, take advantage of flexible betting limits, and boost your bankroll with worthwhile bonuses. There is no going wrong with any of these sites, and it only takes a few moments to create your account at each. – Stellar Overall Online Sportsbook

Bovada is more or less the industry standard when it comes to online sportsbooks. It has an amazing website, an incredibly easy to use betting tool, and great odds. Bovada is known for its ease of use and customer service acumen as well, and this makes them an excellent all-around choice for your general sportsbook needs. One thing that is worth highlighting with Bovada is how sleek and well designed their online and mobile experience is, with betting being as simple as clicking and checking out. The website is extremely well designed as well and makes the betting experience not only simple but visually pleasing.

Check out their promotions, which are constantly changing but give bettors a great incentive to get started wagering. There are bonuses for signing up, playing at the casino, or even placing a losing wager. From the risk-free bets to the mobile bonuses, betting at Bovada comes with some of the best promotions. When you sign up, you are given a bonus without any work required from you. Just make your deposit and they will boost your bankroll. – Accepts Residents Of All 50 States; Bonus Up To $1,000

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